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25 February, 2028

San Francisco – The Benson Household

Carly sat alone in the living room of her home, her raven black hair hanging around her face in ribbons while she cried steadily, clutching desperately at a lone photograph in her hand. She knew that she was probably ruining its filmy texture, but the tears just wouldn't stop no matter how hard she tried. It was as if a floodgate had opened up inside and every other emotion she possessed was pouring out of her body in a tumultuous landslide. She knew that she shouldn't have gone ahead without Freddie and Carly, but it was too late now. And all that was left was a dull ache in the region of her chest where her heart would normally be located.

Freddie must've broken at least a dozen traffic violations on his way home, but right now he didn't care that much. He couldn't shake that nagging feeling that something was wrong. He had tried calling Carly all day and she hadn't picked up the home phone or her cellphone once. He knew it was her day off, and she wasn't supposed to have any plans save for the ones she had made with him and Carly. So he had cancelled his afternoon appointments and driven home at the first opportunity, intent on finding out why his wife was avoiding his calls.

It had begun raining rapidly by the time he pulled into the driveway. He covered his head with one hand while rummaging in his pants pockets for the house keys as he sprinted forward. He unlocked the front door hurriedly and stepped into the house, which was devoid of light and eerily quiet.

"Carly!" Freddie called out loudly, listening anxiously for any sounds.

He then sped up the stairs and first checked in his daughter's bedroom, then his and Carly's bedroom. He darted downstairs once more and checked the kitchen. There wasn't a single soul in sight. Just when he had resolved to take out his cellphone and try calling Carly again, he caught sight of a figure completely rain sodden in the garden. He pushed open the patio doors and stepped outside tentatively, the rain pelting down mercilessly on him from overhead. Carly sat on one of the swings in the garden, her head bowed amidst her mass of wavy black hair, which was completely wet from the rain. Judging by the way that her shoulders were shaking convulsively, Freddie could tell she was crying, and quite hard too.

"Carly?" he called out gently, moving towards her slowly.

Carly looked up at him sharply as if she hadn't been aware of his presence just a meter away, her eyes wide and moist.

"Freddie!" she exclaimed in horror as she began wiping away her tears hastily.

"What are you doing out in the rain?" Freddie demanded worriedly, gesturing around at their surroundings.

"I'm sorry, Freddie. I didn't want you to see me like this." Carly confessed slowly.

"Where's Carly?" Freddie asked anxiously while gazing back at the house.

"I picked her up from school and dropped her off at your mom's apartment for the day." Carly answered truthfully, finally looking Freddie in the eye.

A few months into her new relationship with Dr. Hamilton, Marissa surprised Freddie, Carly and her granddaughter one night during dinner a year ago by announcing that she was considering on moving out of their home and getting her own apartment in the city. Her reasons for doing so was that she was finally ready to start living her own life apart from her son's and that the three of them needed to be a family without her constant input and interference. While the abrupt absence of Marissa in their home had taken some getting used to, the three Benson's were supportive of Marissa's decision throughout. And Marissa seemed genuinely happy with the new friends she had made and the new social projects she was currently involved in. Plus, her having an apartment 15-minutes away from them meant that Carly Marissa could still visit and spend time with her grandmother quite regularly, thereby allowing Freddie and Carly more time to themselves as a married couple.

"Carly, what's going on? You're scaring me." Freddie stated vehemently while gripping Carly's shoulders tightly.

"I went to Sam's grave without you and Carly." Carly declared seriously.

Freddie didn't respond, but waited for her to continue.

"I woke up this morning feeling like there was a dark cloud all around me. I thought it would be okay after you went to work and I dropped Carly off at school. But then I got home and started sifting through some of our old iCarly stuff and I just went to pieces. Before I knew it, I had gotten into the car and started driving to Colma. I thought that if I went there alone and dealt with my emotions by myself, then I'd be able to pull myself together by the time I picked Carly up from school and you got home from work. But I just felt worse after being at Sam's grave. After I dropped Carly off at your mom's, I just came home and shut myself up in the house. That's when I started watching the old home videos of the three of us back in Seattle…" Carly trailed off.

"Oh no, not the old home videos." Freddie lamented sympathetically.

"It's not even her anniversary, Freddie. But for some reason or other, I just really miss Sam today." Carly admitted soberly while the rain continued streaming down her face.

"Why didn't you call me, Carly? I would've come with you." Freddie stated gently.

"Because…I hate you seeing me like this and I didn't want you to worry. I thought you'd be upset with me when you found out that I went to Sam's grave without you and Carly. We were supposed to do it together and I ruined everything." Carly responded grimly.

"You think that's what I'm upset about? Carly, if you want to go visit Sam's grave by yourself, that's fine with me. But to do it when you're so upset and I didn't even know is what concerns me the most. I'll admit, I was feeling kinda down about Sam today too. So when I called you and you didn't pick up your phone, I panicked, thinking that something had happened to you and Carly while driving in this weather. How could I not be worried, Carly?" Freddie asked evenly.

Without speaking, Carly leant forward and enveloped Freddie in her arms, hugging him closely to her chest. Freddie arms wove around Carly's waist while he rubbed her back soothingly while she continued crying against his chest.

"I'm so sorry, Freddie." Carly whispered fiercely through her sniffles.

"Don't ever do that to me again. I've already lost Sam; I can't lose you too." Freddie responded seriously while running his hands through her wet hair.

When Carly finally pulled away from Freddie, she looked calmer than a few minutes before.

"I think it just finally hit me today. Sam's gone, Freddie. She's not coming back. Why am I only realising this now? It's been 10 years already. How did you deal with it all those years ago when…I wasn't around?" Carly asked tentatively while cupping Freddie's face in her hands.

"I didn't. It was still so fresh then and Carly was just a baby; I felt like I couldn't breathe, like someone was dunking my head in cold water and I couldn't come back up to the surface for air. So I just buried it deeper in the back of my mind as time went on and busied myself with other things like work and raising Carly. But every single day was hard, until you came back into my life. For the first time, I felt like it was okay to breathe, to be happy again after grieving for so long. You made me feel alive again, Carly. And it's gotten easier to deal with Sam not being in mine or Carly's life anymore because of you. You saved me, and it kills me that I can't be here for you when you feel the exact same way about Sam." Freddie answered sincerely as his eyes began stinging relentlessly.

"No, Freddie, listen to me. You are here for me; not just when I'm feeling sad about Sam, but every other day too, when I have a rough day at work or when I feel like I'm not doing a good enough job with Carly. You're always there, and I'm so grateful for you. I couldn't get through those days (even today) without you, Freddie. That's why I didn't want you to worry, because you have enough to worry about as is without me breaking down over some stupid home video." Carly reasoned emphatically.

"It's not stupid, Carly. And I don't ever want you to feel like you can't talk to me about anything. You and Carly are everything to me; the two of you will always come first. Like it or not, I'm never gonna stop worrying about you. I love you, Carly." Freddie returned sincerely.

Carly closed her eyes and enveloped Freddie's lips with hers, her hands caressing the back of his head painstakingly as they sat together in the rain.

"I love you too, Freddie." She murmured amidst the soft pitter-patter of the rain all around them.

"Good. Now let's get inside before we both catch pneumonia. Come on." Freddie implored gently, getting to his feet and holding out his hand to Carly.

A small smile formed on Carly's face before her hand found Freddie's, allowing him to pull her to her feet and lead her inside, his arm draped tightly around her shoulder. He closed the patio door and the two of them walked upstairs together, hand in hand. Carly didn't say anything when Freddie left her in their bedroom, letting go of her hand and walking into the bathroom across the hall. She heard the soft patter of water flowing swiftly from the faucets that was easily distinguishable from the rain outside. Freddie entered their bedroom a few seconds later, wearing an unfathomable expression on his face.

"Let's get you out of those wet clothes." He murmured gently while clasping her cold and clammy hands softly.

All I wanna say is you're the satellite

In my life

You don't have to lie

You don't have to cry


After kicking off her pumps, Carly lifted her hands above her head, allowing Freddie to pull her heavy cardigan above her shoulders and over her head before tossing it onto the floor. Then came her sopping T-shirt, which clung stubbornly to her wet body as Freddie's hands moved towards her stomach and began rolling it slowly upwards before pulling it over her head too. Then his hands moved towards the belt on her jeans as he began unfastening them gently, leaving her button and zipper exposed. Carly stared down wordlessly at Freddie as his cold fingers moved towards her button and opened it before pulling the zipper down at an agonisingly slow pace. This time, Carly's own hands moved towards her jeans as she began pulling them down before kicking them off of her ankles. Carly shivered slightly when Freddie moved behind her suddenly as he began unclasping her bra, his breath tickling her clammy back and shoulders. Both their hands moved over Carly's panties, dragging them down past her waist, then down her thighs, past her knee caps, and finally over her ankles as she kicked them away.

Carly turned to face Freddie once more, her eyes giving nothing away. Freddie stood completely still as Carly moved closer towards him, her hands going towards his chest. She wordlessly began unbuttoning his rain-sodden dress shirt before removing the parts tucked into his pants. Then she parted the rest of his shirt, peeling it away as if it were a curtain as Freddie's bare chest came into view, rolling the sleeves away from his shoulders, his forearms and finally his wrists before throwing it down onto the ground. Her eyes drifted down towards his pants as she began unbuckling the belt, pulling it slowly through every single loop. Then her wet fingers moved towards his button, unclipping it gently before dragging his zipper downwards while Freddie kicked off his shoes at the same time. Freddie leant ever so slightly over Carly as he bent down to pull his pants down his legs and away from his body. Then when he had righted himself, Carly moved right into his personal space as her hands moved towards his boxers as she began rolling them down his waist, past his pelvic bones, down his thighs, past his legs and finally over his ankles. Once Freddie had taken his socks off and tossed them onto the ground, he and Carly stood unclothed together, gazing wordlessly at one another.

"Do you want to take a shower with me?" Freddie asked softly of Carly.

She glanced up into his eyes and nodded quickly, entwining their hands together and walking behind him into the bathroom.

Without letting go of Carly's hand, Freddie opened up the glass door, a hazy cloud of steam enveloping them instantly as he pulled her into the shower with him. Carly closed the sliding door with a gentle click and turned to face Freddie once more. Using his hands, Freddie steered Carly into the centre of the small cubicle till she was directly under the shower nozzle. She gasped slightly at the feel of the sudden heat hitting her shoulders and dripping over the rest of her body. A few seconds later, she closed her eyes and savoured the sensation of the hot water warming up her frigid skin.

"How's the water?" Freddie asked tenderly.

"It's good. Perfect." Carly answered truthfully, closing her eyes as the water overhead rained down onto her face.

Freddie grabbed a sponge and squeezed some shower gel into it. Then he rubbed his hand against the sponge till it made a thick and rich lather, which he began rubbing along Carly's arms, shoulder blades and neck. Carly gasped ever so slightly when the sponge made contact with her breasts as Freddie began lathering the foam around the peaks and the curvy mounds before dipping lower towards her stomach and navel. Then he knelt in front of her, carefully lifting each of her legs in turn to lather them in soap. Carly giggled softly when Freddie tickled the underside of her feet with the sponge as he placed her legs back down onto the tiled floor.

Then Freddie moved around her and began washing her back: first the back of her neck, then her shoulders and finally down towards her posterior and the backs of her legs. Carly automatically arched her head backwards and shut her eyes at Freddie's gentle touches, feeling warm and tingly all over. She shivered in pleasure when Freddie's hands found their way into her hair, sifting through the strands with his fingers. He grabbed the shampoo bottle located on the metallic stand beside him and squeezed a small portion into his palm before massaging it through Carly's hair with loving strokes. Then Freddie's fingers made their way towards Carly's forehead, pulling her back gently, causing her to lean against his chest while the water overhead washed through her hair while he removed the remaining shampoo residue with his fingers.

When Freddie was through, his hands moved just above Carly's breasts as he held her close in the shower. Carly's hands moved towards Freddie's resting on her body and gripped them tightly as she continued resting her back against his chest while his lips grazed her collarbone tentatively.

Carly turned around in Freddie's arms and hugged him tightly before she gently took the sponge away from him. Freddie glanced down at her movements as Carly put more soap onto the sponge and began lathering his chest in a circular motion. Then she began lathering a pathway up towards his neck, travelling towards his shoulder blades, his forearms and then his hands. Then she knelt down before him and tenderly lathered his thighs, legs and feet, rubbing soap along every curve and line with tentative measures. Then Carly got to her feet once more and placed her hands on Freddie's shoulders, gently steering him to turn away from her so that she could wash his back. Freddie craned his neck forward as he felt the sponge and Carly's hands making soapy patterns along the planes of his skin, dipping lower towards his posterior and ghosting over the backs of his thighs and calves. Then Carly placed the sponge back onto the metal rack as her hands crept around Freddie's waist from behind him, resting on his toned stomach and six-pack while her lips moved tentatively against his back.

Freddie finally turned around to face Carly and enveloped her in his arms, his chin resting on her shoulder blade. Carly lifted Freddie's chin away from her shoulder blade, looking at him with a silent flame dancing in her brown orbs right before she enveloped her lips with his and kissed him passionately. Somehow, they both ended up underneath the hot spray of the shower nozzle overhead, the water spilling down all around them, making the door white with a thick layer of steam. Their bodies became intertwined together as Carly's hands moved painstakingly through Freddie's wet tresses as her lips moved over his. Freddie's tongue traced Carly's upper and lower lips in succession as he caressed her neck and back. Carly's hands then slipped down towards Freddie's wet chest, tracing small patterns around the nipples and the hard pecks, causing Freddie to moan in pleasure.

"Oh God, Carly." Freddie hissed in ecstasy.

"Freddie…" Carly trailed off hoarsely, panting beneath her words.

"I need you."

Freddie opened his eyes and glanced down at Carly.

"Are you sure?" Freddie asked tentatively.

Carly looked Freddie dead in the eye and nodded slowly.

"But you're vulnerable right now. I don't want to take advantage of that." Freddie persisted seriously.

"You can't take advantage of a willing participant. You're my husband and I want you to make me feel better, more alive. Please, Freddie." Carly implored urgently.

And then I hear you say

Let's live for the moment this time

Why don't you just make up your mind?

Freddie bowed his head till his forehead was resting against Carly's.

"I'd do anything for you," he murmured seriously before planting a chaste kiss on Carly's lips.

While his eyes remained locked on Carly's, Freddie reached behind her and closed the shower faucets, plunging them into sudden silence in their confined space. Without taking her eyes off of him, Carly opened the shower door and stepped back into the bathroom, her hand still in Freddie's. It only took them a few minutes to dry themselves off with their towels before they wordlessly exited the bathroom together and entered their bedroom once more. It was impossibly dark all around them with the drapes shut, the sound of the rain still banging relentlessly against the windows as their lips crashed together in unison.

All that could be heard a few seconds later was the faint popping sound of Carly's lips leaving Freddie's before she lay down on the bed, pulling him on top of her. Freddie in turn covered their bodies with the duvet and tilted his head so that he could have better access to Carly's supple neck and collarbone as he peppered kisses all around her soft skin. Carly cradled Freddie's head in her hands and closed her eyes, drinking in every sensation of their bodies touching.

'Cause you make my head spin

You make my head spin


She sucked in a breath as Freddie's head moved lower down her body, slipping his tongue briefly into her bellybutton, then kissing and nipping gently at her knees sensually before parting her legs. He placed himself at her entrance, which was already moist with anticipation. Then Freddie's mouth began trailing slowly and deliberately along Carly's inner thigh before his tongue found its way inside of her wet folds. Carly gasped suddenly at the unexpected pleasure of Freddie teasing at her inner walls as he began a slow and torturous rhythm, pushing in and then pushing out in time with her hoarse panting. Carly's thighs closed of their own accord more tightly around Freddie's head as her fingers wound their way into his hair, gripping him and holding on for dear life as Freddie suckled on her like his very life depended on it. Freddie hit that spot deep within Carly that set her core alight, causing her eyes to roll in their sockets as she felt herself climaxing slowly.

"Freddie, I'm so close," Carly moaned as her head thrashed against the pillow.

Freddie made no response except to drive his tongue harder and deeper into her dripping centre. Then he used his index finger and thumb as he began stroking rapidly at Carly's bundle of nerves, causing her to whimper keenly, digging her nails into the sides of Freddie's neck in ecstasy. Her hips bucked impatiently against Freddie's body as she pushed his face further into herself, her orgasm rolling through her body like a tornado.

"Freddie!" Carly cried out, a gasp escaping her lips as she arched forward into his embrace.

She clutched at his head and clawed frantically at his back as numerous sparks of pleasure shot up her torso, leaving her feeling tingly all over when it finally ceased. With a grin on his face, Freddie crawled back up Carly's body and kissed her hard on the lips. Carly groaned into the kiss, loving how she tasted on Freddie's mouth as she cupped his face gently.

"Oh God, Freddie, that was incredible. Please don't stop," Carly begged earnestly amidst her rapid breathing.

"I couldn't even if I wanted to," Freddie murmured, matching her tone as he enveloped her in yet another searing kiss.

I'm not perfect

I'm not perfect

Oh, no one is

I'm not perfect

I'm not perfect

Carly began caressing Freddie's back with gentle touches as he aligned their sexes together beneath the covers. Freddie attached his lips to Carly's once more as he plunged into her core at the very same time, swallowing up Carly's moan as he hit one of her erogenous zones deep within. Carly felt herself arching off the bed, pushing herself deeper into Freddie's chest as he continued driving into her with practised strokes. Her hips were moving in time with his now: up and down, in and out, as Freddie placed one of her legs over his shoulder and continued thrusting into her.

Carly grabbed hold of Freddie's hair and tugged on it sharply, feeling unspeakable pleasure coursing through her bones as Freddie continued igniting this slow flame inside of her, threatening to overtake and overwhelm all her senses in one fell swoop. She was amazed when yet another orgasm began creeping up on her slowly, beginning at the point where hers and Freddie's bodies were connected together in agonising bliss.

"Oh, Freddie, what are you doing to me? I can't even think, I can't even – oh God, more!" Carly implored vehemently, arching into Freddie's chest and nipping at his shoulder blade with her teeth, causing Freddie to howl with pleasure.

"Urgh, I'll give you more, Carly! Urgh! I'll give you…everything." Freddie panted hoarsely, on the verge of exploding himself as the muscles in his posterior clenched and unclenched amidst his ministrations.

That silent flame, which had been growing since the start of their lovemaking, turned into an inferno, burning away at skin, muscle and bone as they writhed together in torturous ecstasy. Freddie buried his face deeper into Carly's chest, his teeth grazing her breast as his orgasm erupted through his body, making his heart pound with sudden adrenaline. Carly clutched at Freddie's posterior in turn, elevating her legs ands hips even more as Freddie drove into her with a final onslaught of measured thrusts. The breath literally died on Carly's lips when she finally climaxed hard against Freddie's body as they both came down from their mutual highs.

'Cause you make my head spin

You make head spin


Why do you?

You make my head spin

You make my head spin

The wild thumping of their hearts and panting were the only sounds that could be deciphered from the pitter-patter of the rain outside as Freddie left Carly's heated centre and opted for laying against her chest and neck, the duvet still covering their lower torsos. In an effort to steady her own breathing, Carly began playing with strands of Freddie's hair while her other hand snaked around his back and held him close, content to listen to him breathe.

"That was wonderful, Freddie. God, I love you so much, I need you to know that." Carly murmured vehemently before kissing Freddie softly on the forehead.

Freddie glanced up at her with a small smile on his face before leaning in and kissing her lavishly in turn.

"I did already know, but it's always good to hear it. And in case you were wondering, I love you too, Carly." Freddie responded sincerely, his eyes locked on hers all the while.

"I'm so sorry about today. I should've waited for you to come home so that the three of us could go to Colma together." Carly apologised meekly, her hands gently caressing Freddie's neck all the while.

"It's okay, Carly. But I want you to promise me that you'll call me the next time you feel like this; it doesn't matter if I'm in a meeting or out of the country. You don't have to feel like you're going through this alone. Promise me, Carly." Freddie urged painstakingly, his finger tracing a curvy line along her jaw.

"I promise, Freddie." Carly replied without hesitation.

"Good. Now let's just lay here a little while together. We'll pick Carly up from Mom's apartment, and then we'll go out." Freddie stated calmly.

"Where are we going?" Carly asked curiously of her husband.

"I think we need a break away from the house, away from all this sadness and grief just to embrace life, as a family. Let's do something fun tonight, just the three of us. There's the annual Street Performer's Festival happening near Pier 39." Freddie suggested nonchalantly.

"I thought that wasn't for another month," Carly remarked in bewilderment.

"I guess they moved the dates up," Freddie returned with a casual shrug.

"Well, whatever the case, that sounds perfect." Carly agreed earnestly as her lips found Freddie's in the dark once more.

"But we don't have to rush off just yet, right?" she asked tentatively while cradling Freddie's head in her dainty hands.

"Of course not, there's no rush at all. We've got all the time in the world." Freddie answered truthfully, his forehead touching his wife's.

"I like the sound of that," Carly murmured in a husky tone before crashing her lips against Freddie's once more, holding him close all the while.

Musical References:

"Headspin" by Lukas Rossi

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