Epilogue …Getting Back to the Heart of the Matter…

SG1 filed out of the briefing room and followed Major Carter to her lab.

Once the door was closed, Jack turned on Daniel, "What the hell was that?"

"What do you mean?" He seamed innocent as he asked.

"You were bordering on insubordinate," Jack sounded shocked.

"And that's different than the way you act most of the time, how?" Daniel asked sarcastically as he slouched down into one of the extra chairs in Sam's lab.

"You remembered something, Daniel Jackson," Teal'c observed.

Daniel shrugged, "I think it'll take a small amount of time for everything to settle."

"Why's that, Daniel?" Sam asked as she sat in her usual chair.

"Because of the Quickenings that I've had in the past," he explained.

"Quickenings…" Jack echoed with a frown.

"Yes, Jack, Quickenings," Daniel's tone dripped sarcasm.

"How's that work?"

The Immortal sighed as he looked at SG1 and scratched the back of his head. "Well, Jack," he began slowly. "Whenever an Immortal takes the Quickening of another Immortal, all the memories and power are absorbed as the essence passes to the recipient. So, in other words, I have jumbles of other Immortal's memories rumbling around in my head."

"That seems…" Sam began, but stopped as realization dawned on her.

"You're a quick one, you are," Daniel said as he smiled at her.

"I try," Sam said in a flirty tone of voice.

Daniel smirked, his hazel eyes sparkling.

"Oh, for crying out loud," Jack said as he looked at Daniel. "So, does that mean that you have to sort through other people's memories as well as your own?"

"Yes, Jack," Daniel said with a smirk, "that is exactly what I'm saying. Even though my own memories and consciousness are dominant, I still have other memories that I have to process and absorb. It's almost like having a fresh Quickening."

"Is that why you're not acting like yourself?" Jack asked.

"Oh, I'm acting like myself," Daniel said with a smile.

"But the sarcasm, the non-protocol, the lack of respect," Jack noted, "How is that acting like yourself?"

Daniel pursed his lips as he eyed all the other members of the team and sighed, "It seems to me that Daniel Jackson was meek and humble… a geek, if you will." Daniel then turned to Jack, "I had amnesia," he spoke as though he were speaking with a small child, "I did not know who I was. Obviously," he said with a roll of his eyes, "I would not act like myself."

Jack was so frustrated he wanted to attack the other man.

"Shut up, Daniel."

Daniel smirked at the gray haired man, "Anyway, it will take a while for me to process everything, and then I may wind up back to normal… or whatever passes as that."

"Do you need anything, Daniel," Sam asked as she tried to be diplomatic.

"I need to be in a safe place, away from here," he said as he eyed the dark cave-like ceiling.

"Well, we do have two weeks of down time," Jack said. "We could order pizzas at your place, and hang out. Ya know, keep an eye on you until you're back to normal. Hopefully it'll only take that long."

"Yeah," Daniel agreed with a snort, "hopefully."

- Author's Note: I know someone who started life with blue eyes. She got amnesia from blunt trauma to the head and it actually turned her eyes green.