Second Best

Author: Jennn11

Rating: K

A/N: Just a random drabble that came into my mind…

When Chuck asked Jenny to marry him she knew he was settling for her as the closest replacement he could find for Blair. The Princess rather than the Queen he truly loved and wanted. Besides, she was settling for him since she couldn't have his best friend. This way she'd at least always have some connection to Nate – as the wife of his best friend. They understood each other, and it was an equal match as far as not being in love – though they did care for each other as much as they were still capable of.

Blair smiled as she accepted Carter's proposal. Her cool Queen B smile, rather than a genuine one. He was the best substitute for Chuck. She understood he wanted her best friend and had asked her as a way to make sure Serena would always be in his life in some way, since she'd always be in Serena's life. Again, and equal match. Neither could be hurt, since neither had their heart involved. But he cared enough to keep his flings – always tall, long legged blondes – discreet, so she wouldn't be embarrassed.