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I couldn't stay here, I had to get home to my friends who were in danger - there was no time to wait. With a jolt I remembered that back on Olympus I had been declared 'God of Time' - I would have to be able to get back home somehow.

Concentrating as much as I could, I thought of my friends and of my family.

And then I began to feel like I was falling...

After what felt like an eternity, I was back on the ground and was in the midst of a battle. Fighting was all around me and it was obvious that monsters had stormed the Camp. I drew Riptide and prepared to fight, barely sparing a second to feel relief that it had worked.

I was pulled backwards by someone, and I was about to start shouting at them when I realised who it was. 'Mr. D'.

"What are you doing?" I yelled, angrily and he said nothing for a while, simply staring at the carnage behind us.
"You can't get involved anymore. This is a fight for half-bloods, not immortals..." There was a harsh look in his eyes and I gulped.

No way was this a reward as they had said. Ignoring what he said, and risking the wrath of more than just monsters, I stepped into the fight...