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Author's Note: Wrote this a while ago... Never really finished. Might continue if I see a cute Finn moment on Gleee!

Finn was never the cleverest. He used to get away with everything when he was popular and a football player. (Hey, it's not his fault the school is so obsessed with athletics even though they suck.)

Finn has always had a hard time with big or tough words. So the first thing that comes to mind when he is basically blackmailed into glee (Come on, he's not that dumb.) was:

"What does glee even mean?"

He goes to Rachel (She's smart right? He just wants to find out what it means. There's no other reason. Pshhh...) and she's just looking at the floor when he greets her. (He wonders if his hair is looking okay.)

He drops his voice a little lower and smiles. (He tries to look manly.) "Hey Rachel, what does glee mean?"

Her eyes widen (She's so cute...) and she's suddenly grinning crazily, "Glee means joy. It makes sense right? I love Glee so much, and it makes me so happy!"

He smiles, (Come on Finn, think sexy.) "Yeah, Glee is cool." (He hears little squeals and giggles. It freaks him out a little because they're coming from fangirls.)

Rachel's crazy grin turns into a normal, sane smile and she looks so pretty that Finn wants to kiss her again right this instant. "I have to go to science now." She sticks out her bright pink tongue and laughs, "I'll see you after school."

Her hips swing as she walks away and Finn has to think of the mailman before he walks to his next class.

Finn ponders to himself and he remembers the time Rachel called them a cliché so he calls her on his phone. (His palms are sweating and he's trying to keep his voice and breath calm.)

"Hello?" Her voice sounds sharper and business-y on the phone, "Who is this?"

He takes a deep breath in and Rachel sounds nervous, "Who the hell is this? Is this a prank phone call or something? I don't want to give you a blow job! Nor do I want to buy anything!"

Screw being calm. Finn speaks squeakily, "Rachel, it's Finn."

He can her her embarrassment over the phone, "Uhm... forget what I said earlier..."

He laughs trying to sound carefree, (WHO FUCKING WANTS HER TO GIVE THEM A BLOWJOB?) "It's okay Rachel. I was just wondering what... cliché means."

She sounds a little out of breath, "It means that something has been played out. Why do you want to know?"

He stutters, "N-no reason. English... assignment. I got to go."

"Okay, bye Finn!"

(He hangs up and decides that he's not ready to talk her on the phone just yet.)