A/N: I don't particularly know where this chapter came from… I think it may have appeared in my brain while I was watching Lord of the Rings last night. Short chapter, this one, but I've got 3rd chapter fresh in my mind that I think is really funny. No offence to short people or tall people, it's just those freaking hobbits that put this in my head!

'Rainbow Feather Duster' Chapter Two – Of Midgets and Giants

It was one of those days when the Doctor let her into the TARDIS library (the one with the pool!), and Ponella once again ended up getting completely lost in it until she ended up finding her favourite armchair and sitting down to read one of her favourite books. Today was no different, except for the fact that he was the only one reading. In flip-flops. Ponella had her back to him, sitting in the chair with her legs dangling off the armrest.

"Doctor, if we found a giant and a midget and got them to have sex, the outcome would be that their child would be a normal sized human, right?" Her eyes danced with scientific curiosity, but the giddy smile in her words still showed through

He didn't look up from his book, "It all really depends. What if it was just that one of them has a disease that makes up for their height? If they were a proper giant and midget, then of course your theory would be the most possible."

She moved about in the chair to look him in the face, "Can we please find a giant and a midget? I'm getting rather interested in this now, even if it is a load of silly rubbish!"

He glowered at her "It was your load of silly rubbish in the first place," that made her pout "but yes, I suppose. I mean, if it's for scientific analysis…"

"Oh yes, of course it is, scientific analysis. Not for a laugh?" she stood up to walk away.

"Where are you going?"

"I have to see a man about a love potion. We're never going to get a midgant at this rate if we don't get a midget and a giant to shag willingly, are we?"