OKay, this is the Mika/ Juice prequel. It's not gonna run as a smooth story, it's more like a series of one shots that were important in getting them togther. Hope you all enjoy! please read and review.

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Teller Morrow garage was busy as I swung my car into my usual parking space and climbed out. I leant against the cool metal for a few minutes, tying my hair into a loose bun at the top of my head and surveyed the scene in front of me.

It was Friday afternoon and my shift in the bar was due to start in two hours. I had just left my other job at the local library and I always needed a little time to adjust myself from one role to the other; upstanding young lady by day; daughter of the toughest biker in town by night.

The garage wasn't usually this busy, I thought as I watched a tall, thin blonde press her hand to my brother's chest and giggle before climbing into her newly fixed car and driving off. Something was up with the club, I decided, because there were at least three out of towners that I could see.

"Hey baby, what are you doing here so early?"

I lifted my sunglasses off my face and smiled up at my father.

"I finished early and decided to come on over. I need a shower though, any dorms free?"

"Not right now. Happy and Koz are up from Tacoma and we got ourselves a new prospect. Jax'll let you shower in his room."

I fell into step beside him as we headed into the cool shade of the bar.

"I know." I replied dryly. "But I stepped on so many dirty, skanky panties last time I showered in Jax's dorm that I don't think I want to do it ever again. There's just some things a sister don't need to see."

Dad chuckled, a low sound that made me smile. "You might wanna avert your eyes then. Wendy's out tonight."

"Whore." I muttered and dad laughed again.

"You are your mother's daughter." He smirked and I grinned in response.

"She raised me right. She in the office?"

He nodded and I reached up to drop a kiss on his rough cheek before heading to see my mom.

She was bent over the table, her glasses perched on her face as she read over some papers. There was a cup of coffee by her elbow and I grinned slightly at the sight of her bag flung half heartedly behind her, open to show her keys, phone and purse.

Not like anyone was gonna try and steal Gemma Morrow's bag unless they were on a suicide mission.

"Hey mom." I greeted, throwing my bag next to hers and settling myself into the seat beside her. "What's happening?"

"Not much. How was work? That bitch you work for still got that stick up her ass?"

She didn't look up from her paperwork to see my smirk. My mom asked the same question every time I finished a shift at the library. She and the lady who ran the library, Mrs Felix, had hated each other since they were kids and Mrs Felix never let me forget it.

"It was replaced with an even bigger one today." I told her, stealing a drink of her coffee. "I think her husband demanded sex last night and she was sulking."

"Sex with that oaf? Can't say I blame her."

I chuckled and rested my feet on the arm of her chair. She continued to work on her paperwork and I closed my eyes, content to relax for an hour and listen to the sounds of the garage.

"Hey, Mrs Morrow… I got that stuff off the computer you wanted."

"You call me Mrs Morrow one more time, Juice, and I'm gonna put a bullet up your ass."

I choked back laughter and leant my head back to look at the newcomer. This had to be the new prospect, I decided. His head was shaved and he wore big, dark glasses over his eyes.

"Sorry Mrs… Gemma. Sorry Gemma."

"Just set it on the table. Mika, this is the new prospect, Juice. Juice, this is my daughter Mika."

I gave him a little upside down wave, smiling as his lips turned up in a grin.

"Nice to meet you." He commented. "So you're Jax's baby sister, huh? Tig told me your were hot."

He left with a grin and a wave and mom and I stared at him.

"Is he touched in the head?" I asked finally. "Who says that?"

"I don't think he's the brightest but he seems like a good kid. He's coming over for dinner on Monday."

I nodded and stood with a stretch. "Alright, I'm gonna ask big bro if I can shower in his dorm."

"Don't take your shoes off in there. Wendy was here last night so God only knows that sort of diseases she's left behind her."

I laughed as I left, closing the door behind me. Juice was standing alone at the bar, watching the other guys laughing and joking around a table. He looked wistful and for a second I felt sorry for him. It had to suck being the new guy around here, looking at how close everyone else is and wondering if you'd ever fit in and be considered one of the guys.

He was a good looking guy, I decided. Wide shoulders tapering into thick, muscular arms, shown off in a black wife beater. He had some ink on his upper arm but I was too far away to see what it was. His jeans were, naturally, baggy and hanging half off his ass. And damn it was a good ass.

He caught me staring and smiled brightly at me and I found myself smiling back before I could help myself. I strolled towards him and slid on to the stood next to him, swinging my legs lightly as I watched Chibs smack Jax over the back of the head lightly.

"So, Juice, right? You got a real name?" I asked after a few seconds of silence.

"Sure. Carlos. But I hate people that call me that." He replied easily. He had a faint accent but I couldn't place it.

"So can I call you Carlos?" I shot him a cheesy smile.

"I guess so… your dad might shoot me if I say no to you, huh?"

"Oh I don't think it's my dad that'll shoot you, buddy." I warned him jokingly. "The Morrow women tend to look out for themselves."

"Okay, I get it. Sure, Mika, you can call me Carlos. But I won't like it and I may not answer." He smiled. He had a really nice smile, I decided. It went with his super nice ass.

"Oh you'll answer." I said softly, shooting him one last, flirty smile before pushing myself away and heading towards Jax. He had left the table and was heading towards the slim blonde that sat amongst the other crow eaters. I had to stop him before he decided to take part in some afternoon delight and I didn't get my shower.

"Hey, Jax-ass." I stopped him with a hand on his chest.

"Hey brat." He retorted. "Saw you talking to the prospect. You know you can't tap that, right? Clay would kill him."

"There's only room for one whore in our family, Jackie boy, and you already hold the title." I grinned. "And I have a boyfriend, remember?"

"A boyfriend, sure. Okay. If you can call that skinny asshole a boyfriend."

I scowled up at him and the familiar argument.

"I actually didn't stop you to fight." I told him. "Can I borrow your dorm for twenty? I need a shower."

"You insult me and then ask for a favour? You're one of a kind, Mika." Jax chuckled, reaching into his pocket. He handed me a key and I slid it into my jeans. "Hey, Wendy's coming for dinner on Monday. You think you could manage to be civil?"

"I think if you buy me those shoes I saw in Lodi I could manage to be downright friendly." I told him with a smirk. "Leave the money in mom's."

I could hear his laughter as I headed towards the back, smiling at the people I knew as I passed. Juice was now talking to one of the regular crow eaters, a smile on his face as she slid a hand under his shirt. I shook my head in disgust as I passed. Another one bites the dust.

My shower did wonders for my mood and by the time I had washed the musty library smell from my skin, I was singing along to the radio and dancing into my jeans. I had another hour before my shift and had nothing to do to kill the time. Mom would still be working, Jax had probably left to go to Wendy's and I didn't like interrupting dad during club business. I couldn't invited my boyfriend to spent the hour with me because Brett did not get along with anyone in the garage or bar.

Brett belonged to my civilized young lady persona and didn't fit in with my family or the club. He visited me during my library hours and we went on dates to the cinema or bars outside town. He took me to fancy restaurants and sent me flowers and chocolates, buying me expensive jewellery on my birthday and Christmas.

But he didn't come to family diners and he didn't come to the birthday party or the Christmas party that the club threw. He had met my dad once, my mom twice and Jax a handful of times. They hadn't spoken for long but it had been long enough for my family to forge a deep dislike of Brett and for Brett to forge a fear and disapproval of my family. It bothered me but I pushed it to the back of my mind and continued to try and keep them apart. If it bothered Brett that I never invited him to family events, he never let on and I knew for a fact that mom and dad were happy that I never invited him.

The bar had gotten even busier while I'd been showering. Old ladies sat to one side, talking and laughing with each other while sending glares to the younger crow eaters that were mixed in with the boys. Jax sat at a table with Chibs and Opie, Wendy on his knee.

Dad was sitting at a separate table, a cigar in his mouth as he watched Tig describe something with his hands. Happy sat on the other side of Tig, a bemused look on his face. Bobby sat with them, looking at Tig over the rim of his glasses.

I headed across the bar towards the office again. Mom was packing her things up, throwing her glasses into her bag, as I slipped inside.

"You leaving or hanging around for a while?" I asked.

"I'm gonna meet Luanne at the studio and we're gonna have dinner with Billie." She muttered. "You were supposed to be there too but Clay had to put you down to work."

I frowned a little before sighing and shrugging. "Nothing to be done, I guess. I'm thinking of making the prospect serve the crow eaters, though. Just don't think I could stomach it tonight."

"Those whores'll eat that boy alive. You keep an eye on 'em." Mom pointed a finger at me and I rolled my eyes. Great, the prospect already had a fan in my mom.

"I'm sure he'll be fine, mom." I assured her. "In face, if he gets any from the crow eaters, I'm sure he'll be great."

Mom chuckled and grabbed my chin with her free hand, twisting me so that she could kiss my cheek.

"I'll see you tomorrow for brunch, baby."

"You got it mom."

I stayed in the office after she left, staring through the open door into the garage. Some of the non club mechanics were still working and talking loudly. Every so often a member of the club would pass and silence would fall. It always amazed me how comfortable the mechanics were with the guys in the club, despite the fact that they knew how dangerous they could be.

"Hey, baby, you wanna start a little early? We got a real crowd in here."

I looked up as my dad came into the office, closing the door a little behind him.

"You okay?" He asked. I nodded and smiled.

"I'm fine dad. Let's go."

I took his arm and he led me into the bar. Juice was already behind the bar, looking stressed as he served Happy, Tig and Bobby. They smiled as I approached.

"Finally, someone who actually knows what they're doing." Tig exclaimed with a sly smirk. "This guy can't even get the bottle open."

"Did you teach him that?" I asked. "Since you couldn't get it off on Tuesday."

"Honey, I can always get it off." Tig smirked.

I took the bottle out of Juice's hand and opened it easily, passing it across the bar to Happy, ignoring Tig.

"There you go, handsome." I winked. Happy grinned at me.

"Thanks, beautiful."

Happy was my favourite out of town biker. Despite the fact that he was also the scariest person I had ever met in my life, Happy was a pretty cool guy. He was sharp as a knife and sarcastic as hell. He also had a raspy voice that I could listen to for hours on end. I told him that when I was drunk once and he'd never let me forget it. We flirted back and forth when he came to Charming but nothing ever happened because he scared the shit out of me. Way too intense.

"Don't I get a beer, beautiful?" Tig asked with a lecherous grin.

"You get my fist in your face if you call my daughter beautiful one more time." Dad announced from his seat next to Bobby.

"You trying to say I'm not beautiful, dad?" I asked with a grin.

"I'm trying to say that creepy old man better not be thinking anything of the sort." He retorted. I laughed and handed him a beer, quickly sliding two more across to Bobby and Tig.

"I'm hurt that you'd think I'd take advantage of Mika that way." Tig said, mockingly placing a hand over his heart.

"Mika's her mom's daughter… you couldn't take advantage of her if you tried." Bobby chuckled. I grinned widely at Tig, winking exaggeratedly.

"So, prospect," I said, turning to him when the boys had left the bar. "It's time you learnt the ropes."

He smiled at me and I found myself smiling back.

"Alright, you know how to pour drinks, right?" I asked. He nodded eagerly and I pursed my lips.

"Not much more to it then. Pour the drink, try not to spill it, don't fuck up my stuff under here, it's organised, and don't believe any of those bitches who tell you they have a tab set up. And no, flashing their tits at you does not count as payment."

"You sound like a school teacher." He commented. "A hot school teacher. I could totally picture you with a ruler and a…"

I looked at him and smiled. "Do you think before you talk?"

He blushed and it was the most adorable thing. "I got this problem. It's stupidity. I'm kinda dumb."

"Oh yeah? Then why are you prospecting? Sons aren't really known for being a charity that takes on stupid people." I told him, helping myself to a glass of Jack and coke.

"I guess I'm kinda good with electrical shit. Computers and stuff." He looked proud of himself and I smiled.

"Oh really? See I got this laptop and it's giving me real hassle. You take a look at it for me?"

"Sure. Whatever you need." He grinned at me again and I returned it before shaking my head and getting back to work.

By the time we left later that night, with Juice seeing me safely to my car, I decided that he had a fan in me as well.