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Courting Spazzes Omake 1: Hanai/Tajima

"Okay, what's the catch?" Hanai asked, approaching Tajima in the locker room.

"I have no idea what you're talkin' about." Tajima raised an eyebrow and stuffed his shirt into his bag.

"I'm supposed to bat clean up in the next game. You didn't whine about it, so you already knew," Hanai deduced.

Tajima shrugged. "Maybe I just don't want to next game."

"You're not hurt, are you? If you are--"

"Dude, I'm fine." Tajima rolled his eyes.

Hanai frowned and gritted his teeth. "Tajima, if there's any reason..."

"Ever think I was just trying to be nice? I mean--" Tajima smirked as Izumi and Mihashi came into the locker room, "--you did give me that awesome hand job last night."

Both of the players turned to look at Tajima in astonishment.

Tajima sidled up to Izumi, still grinning. "Pitchers, man." He mimed jacking-off. "Awesome with their hands."

"Cut it out, Tajima, or I'll tell Abe and Hamada you made Mihashi freak out." Izumi shrugged Tajima's arm off of his shoulder and shoved him towards Hanai. Mihashi had, in fact, ran out of the club room.

"You're no fun." Tajima stuck his tongue out.

Izumi shrugged and followed Mihashi outside.

Hanai gripped Tajima's shoulder. "Seriously. Tajima, you love batting cleanup. You throw a fit when you're in any other position. If there's something going on..."

"Hanai, chill. Like I said, I wanted to do something nice. Since you're... you know, giving me a chance."

Hanai sighed. "You don't have to do that. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't want to be."

Tajima shrugged again, pulling out of Hanai's hand to lean against the lockers.

"You don't have to do this. I can go talk to Momo-kan, and you can be cleanup... You won that bet..." Hanai tipped Tajima's chin up.

"I bet you want to bat fourth too much to make her change it."

Hanai blushed and turned away, beginning to change.

"Just accept it, dude. Besides, the game's on our one month anniversary. Think of it as a present."

"Our one month anniversary isn't for another week I thought..." Hanai looked confused.

"Dude, we got arrested a month ago." Tajima grinned cheekily.

"That's not our anniversary!" Hanai growled as Tajima walked out of the locker room.

"Is too!" Tajima called from outside.

Hanai threw open the door and started chasing the smaller boy down the hallway.


"Dude, no fair!" Tajima squirmed from beneath Hanai. "Lemme up!"

"I don't think I will!" Hanai, shirtless and panting, had caught up to Tajima finally near the baseball field and was now sitting on his back, pinning his hands above his head. "I don't particularly want to remember our anniversary as the day we got arrested for breaking and entering."

"I like to think of it as the day I first saw your junk."

Hanai flicked Tajima's cheek. "Idiot."

"Oh, come on, when the grandkids ask how we got together, do you want to tell them you asked me out when we were surrounded by a bunch of nine-year-olds, or do you want to tell them an action-packed story about how we were dragged naked to the police station and cavity searched and--"

"We weren't cavity searched," Hanai said exasperatedly. "Wait. Grandkids?"

"I was kidding, unless you've got some parts I didn't know about, but I'm pretty sure I've seen everything."


"So I've been told! Now, c'mon, lemme up. My mom'll kill me if I get grass stains on this shirt too."

Hanai stood over Tajima, still pinning him, before springing away the moment he let go. Tajima was still quicker, wrapping a hand around his ankle and dragging the captain to the ground.

"Ouch," Hanai muttered around a mouthful of grass.

"Serves you right."

Hanai pushed himself up on his elbows. "Are you still coming over tonight?"

"Yeah. Why don't your parents trust you to watch your sisters alone for one night again?"

"Beats me. I think the better question is, why do they trust you?"

"Hey! I'm trustworthy."

"Whatever you say."

"Jerk. I'm not letting you up now."

"You forget that I'm bigger and stronger than you."

"You know you like having me on top of you," Tajima teased, leaning down to nip Hanai's earlobe.

Hanai turned his head and caught Tajima's lips with his own. "Well, on my back isn't really how I like you on top of me."

"Oh really?" Tajima slid his hands up the captain's back, kneading and pressing the muscles.

"Damn it, Tajima..." Hanai melted against the ground.

"Still don't like me on your back?"

"Like that, yes," Hanai groaned.

Tajima smirked and hopped off. "Go finish changing. I'll meet you at the bike rack."



"Tajima-nii, Tajima-nii, Tajima-nii!" The Hanai twins danced around Tajima, their hands clasped, trapping him in a circle. "We missed you!"

Tajima chuckled and knelt between them. "I was just here the day before yesterday."

"Too long!" they chimed and hugged his arms.

"Unnatural," Hanai said, shaking his head. "They usually hate everyone, especially my friends."

"Tajima-nii isn't your friend," Haruka said.

"He's your boyfriend!" Asuka added.

"Yeah, Azusa-nii. I'm your boyfriend." Tajima grinned, sticking his tongue out.

"Don't call me that." Hanai rolled his eyes.

"Tajima-nii, let's play a game!" Asuka put her head on his shoulder.

"What do you want to play?" Tajima petted her hair.

"We want to play hopscotch, Tajima-nii." Haruka put her head on his other shoulder.

"Guys, you can't play outside. It's raining." Hanai put his hands on his hips.

"But, Azusa-nii, we want to..." The girls pouted.

"No, because then you'll get sick, and you're not sleeping in my bed when you're sick."

"Okay..." They detached from Tajima and scuttled over to hug their brother's legs. "How about you make cookies?" Each twin looked up with sparkly eyes.

"You know how to make cookies?" Tajima raised an eyebrow.

"If you don't, we'll be sad," the twins said in stereo.

"Fine," Hanai grumbled. He grabbed Tajima's hand and dragged him into the kitchen.

"Don't be bitchy," Tajima teased, standing on his tiptoes to nip Hanai's earlobe.

"I don't like baking. Makes me feel like a housewife."

"Ooh, if you'll be my housewife that means I don't have to learn to cook or clean or anything."

Hanai elbowed him. "Shut up. You're totally the wife."

"Am not, you're the one who bakes and is good with kids."

"You're the one who likes kids."

"You're more domestic. That makes you the wife."

"I still top."

"You've never topped. We've never had sex."

"Well I will when we do."

Tajima rolled his eyes.

"Big brother, we want cookies now." Haruka and Asuka stood in the kitchen's entrance.

"Chill out. You can't eat any until after dinner anyways." Hanai began pulling things from cabinets.

"But, big brother!" they whined.

"Go play outside!" Hanai snapped.

"But, Asuza-nii," Haruka began.

"You said we couldn't," Asuka finished.

"Tajima, will you help them get their rain coats and boots on?"

"Sure." Tajima hopped down from the perch he'd taken on the counter.

"Stay in the yard, and don't get muddy," he warned as Tajima led them towards the closet.

A few minutes later Tajima returned to the kitchen, wrapping his arms around Hanai's waist from behind. "You know what'd be really sexy? You baking cookies in a frilly little pink apron and nothing else."

"Keep dreaming."

"Especially from behind." Tajima pinched Hanai's rear through his uniform pants. "I'd drop things just to watch you bend over to pick them up."

"Tajima, shut up or I won't let you have any cookies."

Tajima sniggered. "Dude, you are so the wife."

"You just keep saying that because you don't like that you're going to bottom."

"I," Tajima raised his voice in a dramatic fashion, "have no problems with my masculinity."

"Whatever." Hanai turned around. "Do you plan on following behind me the whole time I'm baking?"

"Maybe." Tajima smiled.

Hanai leaned down and planted a kiss on the corner of Tajima's mouth. "Go get the eggs for me."


"Thank you for making dinner, Azusa-nii!" Haruka and Asuka chorused as they took their plates to the sink.

"May we have," Asuka began.

"Cookies now?" Haruka finished.

"Fine, but after that you have to get baths and go to bed."

"We can sleep with Azusa-nii and Tajima-nii, right?" they asked, pulling cookies from the wax paper Hanai had set them on to cool.

"We'll see," Hanai said vaguely as the twins scampered into the living room.

Tajima walked over to Hanai with his plate then, rinsing it off and placing it in the dishwasher before reaching for the other dishes they'd dirtied making dinner.

"It doesn't bother you, does it?"

"Huh?" Tajima blinked, looking up from the pot he was filling with water.

"My sisters?" Hanai glanced at the freckled boy.

"Sleeping with us?" Tajima shrugged. "Not particularly. Except they hog you. And we can't even make out." He blinked. "I'm not complaining or anything."

"No, I mean... me too. I might make them sleep in their room, actually."

Tajima cocked an eyebrow. "Won't they throw a fit?"

"They'll get over it." Hanai leaned over and gave Tajima a quick kiss. "Feels like forever since we've been able to fool around without worrying someone was gonna walk in."

A crash came from the living room.

"Haruka! Asuka! What did you two break?" Hanai shouted.


Hanai threw the dish towel in his hand onto the counter and started towards the living room.

"Dude, chill, I'll go. You stay." Tajima grabbed the back of Hanai's shoulders and re-routed him back towards the sink.


"Stay." Tajima wagged a finger at Hanai and left.

"Okay, you two, tell Tajima-nii what happened."

The girls peeked out from behind the curtains. "We bumped into the coffee table and it fell over and the lamp broke..."

"That's not so bad." Tajima went over to the table and righted it. "Neither of you got hurt, right?"

They shook their heads, watching Tajima pick up the pieces of lamp that littered the floor.

"You're not mad?" They stepped out of the drapery.

"Well, I'm not. I can't say your brother and parents won't be..." Tajima glanced at them over his shoulder.

The girls sighed and looked at the floor.

"Oh, don't do that."

"We don't want Azusa-nii to be mad at us..."

Tajima stood up, several big pieces of the lamp in his hands. "Stay right there until I get this cleaned up."

The twins looked at each other from the corners of their eyes as Tajima left the room.

"Haruka, do you think Tajima-nii's really not mad?"

"Yeah, and I think he's going to try to convince Azusa-nii to not be mad too, Asuka."

"Maybe I will, but you have to do something for me in return." Tajima returned, holding the dustpan.

"What?" The girls were back in sync.

"Well..." Tajima knelt to sweep up the remaining glass shards. "I won't be able to get him to... overlook this if you're there. That will just make him more irritated... But if you slept in your bed... maybe I could talk to him..."


"Good night, Azusa-nii!" Haruka and Asuka chorused as their big brother turned off the lights and partially closed the door.

"This is so weird! They never ever... oh..." Hanai's jaw dropped.

"Close the door, would ya?"

"Uh huh..." Hanai said, dumbfounded.

Tajima pushed himself up with one hand, the other wrapped loosely around his cock. He smirked. "You gonna get over here or am I going to have to finish myself off?"

Hanai pushed the door closed behind him. "My sisters--"

"They promised they'd stay in their own rooms if I got them out of trouble for breaking the lamp."

"They broke a lamp?"

"Never mind that! I'm naked here!"

Hanai was very much aware of this; the tightness in his pajama pants wouldn't let him forget. "What exactly is going to happen here?"

"Whatever you want to happen. I'm flexible."

"Maybe--" Hanai crawled over Tajima, intertwining his fingers with the hand on Tajima's cock, "--I'll have to figure out exactly how flexible you are."

"Please do." Tajima palmed Hanai through his pajama bottoms.

"With pleasure." Hanai brought Tajima's sensitive earlobe into his mouth.

Tajima groaned and gripped the hem of Hanai's shirt. "Off."

"Me or my shirt?" Hanai teased.

"Shirt. Now."

Hanai scooted back so Tajima could sit up, then lifted his arms and let Tajima pull his shirt over his head. The cleanup hitter tossed the shirt to the floor and attacked Hanai's nipples with his mouth, his hand falling into Hanai's lap and slipping past the waistband of his pajama pants.

"Fuck," Hanai gasped, tangling his fingers in Tajima's hair.

"That can be arranged," Tajima said with a smirk, righting himself and leaning up for a kiss.

"We've been dating for a month," Hanai pointed out as Tajima pushed him onto his back.

"So? You said when we had a real relationship we could have sex. We spend every waking minute together, your little sisters love me, we actually plan on celebrating our one-month anniversary... We know each other's spots, for God's sake!"

Hanai blinked. "And?"

"And... I'll let you top?"

"Let me," Hanai scoffed. "Not good enough. What else?"

"And I'm letting you bat cleanup next game?"

"That doesn't count. You said you were doing that to be nice. What else?"

"A-and..." Tajima blushed and looked down at Hanai. "And I love you..."

Slowly, a smile found its way onto Hanai's face. "You know, I've never seen you blush like that before."

Tajima glared. "I tell you--I tell you that and that's all you have to say?"

Hanai pushed Tajima back so he could sit up. "Even your chest is red." He leaned in and stole a kiss.

It was Tajima's turn to shove Hanai now. "I'm being serious!"

"I know." Hanai gathered the cleanup hitter into his arms and kissed his forehead. "I love you too."

Tajima flushed. "Yeah, well. You're lucky I'm still considering letting you have sex with me."

"Oh, like you'd say no if I offered."

"Do I pass?"

"Pass? Oh. With flying colors. I wasn't expecting you to say that at all."

"I'm full of surprises. So I love you, you love me, can we have sex now?"

Hanai raised an eyebrow. "Unless you just said it to get in my pants."

"Hey. That's kind of low. I'm not that much of an asshole."

"I'm just messing with you. Chill out." Hanai pushed Tajima down and once again crawled over top of him.

"So," Tajima started as Hanai trailed kissed over his neck and chest, "you do know what you're doing, right?"

"Of course I do. I have to be able to take care of my wife after all."

"We've been over this already. You're totally the wife."

"Am not."

"Are too!"

"Oh really?" Hanai grinned, rather evilly, as he slipped a hand past Tajima's groin and pressed a finger to his entrance.

"Nngh--" Tajima's back arched. "There's--get off for a second, I have lube in my bag--"

"Dude. You carry it around with you?"

"Just in case! It's definitely gonna come in handy right now." Tajima stuck his tongue out. "Besides, I don't just jerk it when I, you know, help myself."

Hanai blinked. "You've--"

"Yeah, a couple times."

"Did you like it?"

"Yeah, and it's really good if you... Well, would you rather me show or tell?" Tajima knelt next to his bag.

"Prostate, right?" Hanai snatched the lube from Tajima's outstretched hand and rolled his eyes.

"Spoil sport."

"Get over here," Hanai ordered, sitting back on the bed.

"Yes, Sir!" Tajima mock saluted and hopped onto the bed in front of Hanai.

"Only a couple of times, huh?" Hanai eyed the half-empty bottle in his hand.

"Compared to how often I get friendly with Mrs. Palmer and her sons, that is a couple."

"Point made." Hanai flipped over the cap and squeezed some onto his fingers. "Ready?"

"Do you even need to ask?" Tajima leaned back, propping himself up on his elbows, his knees spread apart. Hanai swallowed and scooted forward, one hand resting on Tajima's knee, the other pausing at his entrance.

"If I mess up or I hurt you or anything, tell me, okay?"

"Okay, but stop freaking out or you're gonna mess up. Relax. I'm relaxed, and I'm the one who has to fit that Anaconda of yours up my--"

"Shut up, Tajima."

"I think the point is to open me up." Tajima smirked.

"Wrong end." Hanai smirked back as he slid a finger into Tajima.

Tajima keened. "Dude, gimme a warning or something next time." He pouted at the captain.

Hanai's expression changed at the pout. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"Uh...no?" Tajima raised an eyebrow.

Hanai didn't say anything in way of an answer. His cheeks colored a bit as he tried to find somewhere to look.

"Quit that," Tajima's exasperated voice caught Hanai's attention.


Tajima pushed himself partially up and wrapped a hand around the back of Hanai's neck, drawing him down for a kiss. "Keep going," Tajima ordered in a murmur, pulling away from the kiss briefly. "It feels good, I swear."

Hanai nodded and pressed their lips together again, pushing a second finger inside Tajima. The cleanup hitter moaned against Hanai's mouth, his hips grinding down further onto Hanai's fingers.

"God," Tajima groaned. "If you weren't so frickin' huge I'd tell you to skip it."

"Someone's impatient."

"You'd be impatient too if you were--" Tajima cried out, his hips bucking. "Fuck, oh my God, tell me before you do that next time!"

Hanai smirked and rubbed Tajima's prostate again. Tajima gave a keening wail. "Keep it down, dude, my sisters will hear."

"Then tell me before you do--" A sharp gasp this time. "Damn it! You're doing it on purpose!"

"Maybe, or maybe I'm just trying to teach you to be quiet?" Hanai quirked his fingers again, making Tajima shiver.

"You suck!" Tajima growled.

"You suck better." Hanai dragged his tongue over Tajima's earlobe as he pushed his third finger inside.

"You just enjoy torturing me." Tajima whined as Hanai's free hand wrapped around his waist, keeping him from thrusting back to meet Hanai's fingers.

"You're one to talk. You constantly tease me at school, when I can't do anything about it..." Hot breath rushed over Tajima's ear as Hanai's tongue curled around it and the digits stretching him brushed tantalizingly close to his prostate again.

"Hey," Tajima said, breathing hard, "I have no problem with blowing you in the bathroom during lunch hour."

"That could be arranged." Hanai spread his fingers apart, and for the first time a twinge of discomfort showed on Tajima's face. "You okay?"

"Yeah. Keep going."

"You sure?"

"Hanai. Buttsex hurts. We're not going to get through this without it hurting, but I don't care, okay? I want this."

"I don't want it to hurt." Hanai leaned down to place a kiss of Tajima's forehead.

"I knew it was going to hurt a little bit..." Tajima soothed with a smile. "But, ya know, your sappy crap's kind of a turn on."

"See, you're totally the wife."

"Shut up and fuck me already!"

"No way! Are you crazy?"

"Well yes, but if you don't hurry up, we're not going to get a chance to get past this part."

"Oh..." Hanai looked down to Tajima's lap. "S-sorry..."

"Don't apologize for being a good boyfriend. Just pick up the pace a little."

Hanai nodded and went back to preparing Tajima, using his free hand to stroke Tajima's cock until it was fully hard again.

"How do I know--"

"You can. I think I'm ready."

"You think."

"Just do it."

Hanai still looked doubtful. "Hang on."

"What are you doing?"

"Getting a condom."

Tajima blinked. "A condom? What the hell do we need a condom for?"

"B-because!" Hanai flushed as he pulled one out of his nightstand. "What about infections and stuff...?"

"I don't have anything, and I don't think you do..." Tajima tilted his head as Hanai rolled on the condom.

"I don't, and I know, but... I'd just rather be responsible about this, okay?" Hanai cupped Tajima's face, leaning forward to kiss him gently.

"Ready now?" Tajima asked.


"Cool." Tajima laid back.

Hanai scooted between the batter's legs. "Tajima.."

"What?" Hanai could tell he was getting a little irritated.

"Promise me one thing?"


"If It hurts, tell me to stop."

"I promise. Now, would you chill out already?" Tajima smiled disarmingly. "Think of it like baseball. Runner on third, right? 'Cause we're headin' for home."

"You're the catcher," Hanai murmured, pressing a kiss to Tajima's knee. "Give me a sign."

Tajima thought for a moment. "Fastball," he said with a smirk. "Down the middle."

Hanai smiled back and nodded, then slowly pushed inside, pausing when the head of his cock breached Tajima's entrance. Tajima cringed.

"It hurts, doesn't it?"

"I'm fine. Keep going."

"We should stop. I don't want--"

"If you stop I will break up with you." Tajima pulled Hanai down and kissed him. "I love you. I don't care if it hurts a little."

"I care..." A hand cupped Tajima's jaw.

"Move, Hanai," Tajima ordered.

"Are you--"


Hanai pushed in, carefully watching Tajima's face. Tajima was careful to keep his face calm.

"You...you okay?" Hanai asked, voice strained as he sank into the smaller boy.

"Yeah." Tajima let out a shaky breath. "Feels good."



Hanai paused when he was completely buried inside his boyfriend. "Tajima. You really feel kind of incredibly amazing, I need to move. Can I move?"

"Fuck yes you can move," Tajima growled.

Hanai drew his hips back, his arms nearly giving out, and pushed back inside slowly, hesitantly. "Hurt?"

Tajima's answering moan was a good enough answer for Hanai.

"Better than by yourself?" Hanai asked between thrusts.

"Ngh!" Tajima groaned as Hanai seated himself fully inside again. "Way better!"

Hanai grinned, pleased with himself, and sped up his thrusts.

Tajima's hand crept towards his dripping cock as Hanai found a pace.

"Quit." Hanai's hand swatted Tajima's hand away before curling around the erection.

Tajima's hands instead found purchase in the sheets as Hanai struck his prostate, making him cry out.

"Shh, sisters," Hanai grunted as he neared completion.

Tajima brought his hand to his mouth as Hanai continued to hit his spot.

"Close?" Hanai asked, smoothing his thumb over the head of Tajima's cock. He didn't expect to get a cry of ecstasy and a very sticky hand in answer. Tajima clenched around him, and it was over.

"That...was good..." Tajima panted into Hanai's neck. Hanai nodded against Tajima's hair.

"Are you sore?" Hanai mumbled.

"No. Not yet, at least." Tajima shifted; Hanai breathed in sharply. He was still inside his boyfriend. "Sorry..."

"'S fine." Hanai slowly pulled his softening length out of Tajima, smiling at the displeased sound the cleanup batter made. He removed the condom, tossed it in the direction of the wastebasket, and rolled to his side, pulling Tajima with him. "Love you."

"Love you too." Tajima yawned and cuddled into Hanai's chest.

Two frantic knocks sounded at the door.

Hanai and Tajima both jumped up and pulled on their boxers. Tajima wiped off his stomach before going to the door.

"I thought I told you girls to stay in bed?"

"We heard the monster! He was eating Tajima-nii and Azusa-nii!"

"The monster wasn't eating us. We were slaying him!" Hanai appeared at Tajima's side as the freckled boy gave the explanation.

"Really?" Haruka and Asuka looked at him wide-eyed.

"Y-yeah, really." Hanai smiled, hopeful that they'd accept the explanation.

"Oh... Okay... Goodnight, Tajima-nii! Goodnight, Azusa-nii!" They ran back down the hall to their room.

Tajima shut the door with a relieved sigh.

"You suck," Hanai grumbled.

"First off, that can be arranged." Tajima reached over as they situated themselves under the blankets to grope his boyfriend. "Second, you really never tried telling them that you just... killed it?"

"Shut up." Hanai nipped Tajima's earlobe as they snuggled together again.

"Love you too, Azusa." Tajima yawned teasingly, drifting to sleep with Hanai as a pillow.

"I love you too, Yuuichirou."

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