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Courting Spazzes Omake 2: Abe/Mihashi

"Truth or dare?"


"How good in bed is Abe?" Tajima grinned wickedly.

"In bed? Like...sex?" the red-head whispered.

"They've never had sex, Tajima." Izumi rolled his eyes.

"They better not have!" Hamada peeked into the living room from the kitchen.

"Down, boy." Izumi threw a pillow in the blonde's direction.

"You have to cut Abe some slack, man. He's been a great boyfriend to Mihashi." Tajima coiled an arm around the confused pitcher.

"I don't care how great he's been, they better not be having sex or we're gonna have problems," Hamada snapped.

Tajima rolled his eyes. "Like you and Izumi haven't been doing it for years. Hypocrite."

"That's different! Mihashi's delicate."


Tajima patted Mihashi's head. "He is not. Seriously, Mihashi, have you really not fucked him yet?"

"N-no! Of course not!"

"Good." Hamada nodded.

"B-but, Hama-chan, I want to..." Mihashi whispered.

The other boys stared at him.

"I mean eventually! N-not right now or anything." He waved his hands defensively.

They laughed at their spastic pitcher and continued their game of truth or dare.


"A-Abe-kun?" Mihashi said the next evening as they laid on his bed, books spread in front of them.

"Yeah?" Abe pressed a kiss behind Mihashi's ear.

"Are we ever going to have sex?"

Abe blinked. "...Huh?"

"W-well... We've been dating for a really long time... but we've never talked about it..." Mihashi flushed. "Do you... want to?"

"I--" Abe frowned. "Yeah, I mean, of course I do. But it's not like we have to rush it. Have you been talking to Tajima again?"

"It--it's not just Tajima-kun..." Mihashi ducked his head. "I--I want to do it... if Abe-kun does..."

"Are you sure?"

Mihashi nodded vigorously.

"Then... sure. But after the season's over, okay?"


"Can't have you practicing with a limp."

"B-but I don't think Abe-kun would give me a limp..." Mihashi thought over what he said and saw Abe starting to get red. "Because he'd be careful! " he shouted, "No-not because of s-s-size..." Mihashi rolled and tucked himself up against Abe's chest.

"I'll make you a deal, Ren..." Abe could tell Mihashi was flushed by the heat seeping through his shirt. "The next game we have is Friday. There's a two week break before the game after that. If we win on Friday, then we'll have sex." Abe rubbed Mihashi's back soothingly. "Sound okay?"

Mihashi nodded, satisfied with the answer.


"He what?"

"Nice job, dude!" Tajima raised his hand for a high five, which Mihashi returned shyly.

"Oh, no. Mihashi, you can't do this!" Hamada demanded.

"Leave him alone, Hamada," Izumi said, rolling his eyes. "Why is it such a big deal?"

"Because!" Hamada pulled Mihashi against his chest, hugging his head. "I don't want that lecher of a catcher to corrupt my innocent little brother!"

"Mihashi suggested it, dude, I don't think he's as innocent as you think," Tajima pointed out. "Let the poor kid go, you're gonna go Momo-kan on his head if you keep that up."

Mihashi squawked something that might have been "Hama-chan!" before his head was released, though he was still pressed tightly against the cheerleader.

"Be careful, Hamada, Izumi might get jealous of little Mihashi," Tajima teased, knowing the other boy was packing together his things and no longer paying attention.

Hamada pulled Izumi into the embrace too. "Let go. I'm not jealous. Mihashi's like everyone's little brother."

"Then why aren't you trying to protect him from evil catchers with bad intentions?" Hamada whined.

Izumi pinched the blonde's arm, making him yelp and let go of both of them. "Because I trust Abe with Mihashi, and you should too. This is Mihashi's choice, not ours."

"Ready to go, Mihashi?" Abe came into the locker room.

"Y-yeah! Bye guys!" Mihashi waved and scampered after the catcher.

Abe laced his fingers with Mihashi's. "Are you still okay with our deal? We did win..."

"Mhm." Mihashi nodded.

"Where do you want to go?"

"I-I--" Mihashi paused. "We can go to my house... I don't want your family to... hear..." He flushed.

"You sure about this? You seem nervous."

"I-I'm sure!" Mihashi nodded vigorously. "I really want to with Abe-kun... because I love you."

Abe flushed. "Sap." He kissed Mihashi's forehead. "I love you too. Come on, we'll miss the bus."

Mihashi was jittery the whole bus ride, as Abe expected.

When they got to Mihashi's house, and up to his room, Abe asked him one more time. "Do you still want to do this? We don't have to..."

"I-I want to..."

Abe unzipped his baseball bag and pulled out lube and condoms. Mihashi turned as red as the font on his jersey.

"Have you done any... research?" Abe asked.

"No... B-but Tajima-kun tells me... t-things..."

"I figured." Abe rolled his eyes. And Hamada thought he was the one corrupting Mihashi's innocence.

Mihashi looked at Abe uncertainly for a moment, then stepped forward and leaned up for a kiss. Abe returned it, wrapping his arms around Mihashi's waist and pulling him close.

"Why'd you ask about this?" Abe murmured, undoing the top button of Mihashi's uniform shirt. "It was pretty sudden."

Mihashi shrugged, helping Abe undo his belt. "I want to... D-don't you too? Because... because you don't have to... If you don't want..." Mihashi pulled his hands away from Abe's shirt quickly.

"No, no, I do." Abe pulled Mihashi back against his chest. "Calm down, or we're not going to be able to do this no matter how much either of us wants to." He pressed kisses to the pitcher's jaw and tugged his jersey from his pants, flinging it aside. "I was just curious."

"Tajima-kun talks about it a lot," Mihashi said quietly, gasping as Abe's hand reached into his underwear. "I--oh--Abe-kun--"

"What about Tajima?"

"H-he made me think--oh--it--it sounded--fun and--" Mihashi's knees gave out, and he collapsed against Abe, who held him up with one arm wrapped around his waist. "And--Abe-kun!" Mihashi practically mewled as Abe cupped his balls. "Tajima-kun talked about... what it was like... how he felt... with Hanai-kun... I wanted that."

"Bed?" Abe slipped his hand from Mihashi's pants, smiling softly.

Mihashi nodded, mind fuzzy with arousal. The pitcher's pants were off when they reached the bed, as was Abe's jersey and undershirt.

"Last chance to say no..." Abe said as he stripped off his pants. Mihashi shook his head lightly as it cleared from where he was stretched across the mattress.

Mihashi whimpered as Abe's tongue swirled around his nipple and a hand reached down to stroke him through his underwear. "A-Abe-kun--?"


Mihashi looked away. "I-I--c-can I do that?"

Abe blinked. "Sure, if you want."

Mihashi pulled himself onto his knees, facing Abe. Realizing the pitcher didn't know exactly what to do, Abe tugged him into his lap, kissing him. Mihashi 's hands found purchase on the vice captain's shoulders for a moment and trailed to his chest as Mihashi's kisses moved to Abe's jaw and neck.

When Mihashi's fingers finally touched the elastic of his waist band, Abe gave him a low moan of encouragement. The last article of Abe's clothing was removed, and Mihashi took a curious hand to the erection before him.

Abe shuddered at the touch and cried out as Mihashi stroked him firmly from base to tip.

"Abe-kun?" Mihashi looked up in concern.

"It felt good," Abe reassured. "Keep going."

Mihashi smiled and nodded, then gave the length in his hand a few more pulls before Abe stopped him.

"N-not good?"

"No, it was great," Abe said, "but if we want to go any further than this..."

"Oh...Oh!" Mihashi blushed.

Abe smiled lopsidedly, reaching over and snagging the bottle of lube from where it lay next to Mihashi's pillow. "Lay back, knees up, feet flat," he directed, helping the pitcher swiftly moved into the position he wanted him in. "This won't be comfortable, but if I do it right, it shouldn't hurt either... Okay?"

Mihashi nodded. "Abe-kun w-won't hurt me."

"I hope not. It doesn't feel good, but I'll be careful." He brushed Mihashi's hair out of his face.

"H-how does Abe-kun know?" Mihashi's brows furrowed.

"I...practiced..." Abe flushed brightly. "I wanted to make sure I wouldn't hurt you."

"Y-You did that for me?"

"Don't sound so surprised." Abe tapped Mihashi's forehead lightly with his fist. "Spread your legs a little."

Mihashi obliged, his knees parting. Abe nudged them apart further and slicked his fingers with the lube, then slid his middle finger slowly inside the pitcher.

"Feel okay?"

"Y-yes..." Mihashi blinked curiously up at him. "It's strange..."

"Do you want me to stop?"

"N-no! P-please don't!"

"Okay." Abe's shoulders shook in vague amusement. "I'm going to add another one now..."

Mihashi nodded and grimaced as Abe twisted another finger into him.

"You okay?"

Mihashi nodded. "Y-yeah."

"How about I make it feel better..." Abe crooked his fingers, searching for the little nub inside the pitcher that he had by chance come across inside himself. "Right there."

Mihashi keened loudly.

"Like that?"

Mihashi nodded vigorously. "Wh-what...?"

Abe shrugged. "Ready for a third?"

"I... I think so..."

"It's going to hurt a little more."

"I-I'm fine."

Abe nodded and pressed a third finger inside Mihashi, frowning at the pained look on his face. "You sure you want to keep going?"

"I-I'm sure! I know it'll start to feel good... Abe-kun will take care of me, he always does..."

Abe ran a hand over Mihashi's thigh. "Try to relax."

Mihashi reached for Abe's hand.

"Warm..." they whispered together as their fingers laced.

Abe shifted his fingers, noting the prone boy's hiss of pain, and peeked at where his fingers disappeared to make sure Mihashi wasn't bleeding.

"I'm okay, please, keep going..."

Abe searched for Mihashi's prostate again as he stretched the tight passage. He smiled when Mihashi whimpered and his hips bucked. He was going to make this good for his boyfriend.

After a few minutes of twisting his fingers inside Mihashi and occasionally prodding his prostate, Mihashi's hisses of pain had turned into pleasured mewls.

"It feels good?" Abe breathed.

"Y-yes!" Mihashi cried, wiggling, his body pushing down on Abe's fingers.

"Do you think you're ready?"

"I-I--well, it doesn't hurt anymore..."

"I want to get you to the point where it's not going to hurt. I'm bigger than my fingers."

"I know," Mihashi said quietly. "I--I think I'll be fine, Abe-kun."

"Let me know if I'm hurting you, Ren. I mean it. We don't have to stop, but I want to know if it hurts so I can give you time to adjust, okay? I won't get mad or anything."


Abe removed his fingers from Mihashi and snagged a tissue from the box on the nightstand. When he finished wiping off his hand, he turned to find Mihashi with a condom in his hand.

"C-can I..."

Abe felt himself twitch involuntarily at the thought. "Y-yeah..."

Mihashi fumbled with the foil packet, managing to get it open with the help of his teeth, and scooted towards Abe. To Abe's surprise, Mihashi put the condom in his mouth, and leaned down to roll it on with his lips. Abe squirmed.

"Wh-what was that?"

Mihashi blinked. "T-Tajima-kun said that's how you're supposed to do it!"

Abe sighed. He was going to kill Tajima. Or hug him. "You don't have to do it like that. But you can. If you want."

"D-did you... like it?"

"Hell yeah."

Mihashi smiled brightly.

"Wait! Tajima taught you? With what?" Abe grabbed Mihashi's shoulders.

Mihashi blinked.

"How did he teach you?" Abe ground between his teeth.

"H-he showed me once, and then told me how, a-and then I practiced until I did it right..." Mihashi squeaked.

"Y-you and Tajima--!"

"I-I did something bad?" Mihashi pulled his legs up to his chest. "I-I just wanted to--do something... I didn't want Abe-kun to have to do all the work..."

"You could've done that without hooking up with Tajima," Abe snapped.

"I--but--I don't understand what I did..."

"You idiot! How can you not see that it's wrong to do that to someone else?"

"I-I didn't do anything to anyone else, though!" Mihashi whimpered.

"How the hell else would you practice putting a condom on someone with your mouth!"

Mihashi blinked. "Cucumber..."

"Huh...?" Abe blinked. "You... mean... Damn it why'm I such an idiot?" He smacked his own forehead.

"Abe-kun shouldn't hit himself..."

Abe gathered Mihashi back into his arms, kissing him and nuzzling him gently before laying him back onto the pillow.

"Are you ready, Ren?"

Mihashi nodded. "I'm ready, A-Abe-kun." He wiggled his hips.

Abe snagged the lube one last time and smoothed some over his condom-covered erection. Then, positioning himself between Mihashi's legs, he pressed his length against the pitcher's entrance.

"It'll probably hurt."

Mihashi shook his head. "I trust you..."

Abe smiled and brushed a lock of hair out of Mihashi's eyes. "I love you."

"I love you too!"

As slowly as he could, Abe pushed in so just the head of his erection was inside Mihashi. "Are you okay? Does it hurt?"

"It--it--" Mihashi inhaled deeply and exhaled. He reached for Abe's hand, gripping it tightly. His hand was warm. That was something. "I'm... okay... Hurts a little..."

"It'll get better," Abe promised, leaning down to kiss Mihashi, who nodded.

Mihashi took a another breath and wiggled experimentally, legs trembling. "I-I'm okay now..."

Abe slid in a little more, watching carefully for any sign that he should stop, and before he realized it he was completely buried inside Mihashi.

"You still okay?" Abe smoothed Mihashi's hair from his face.

"Y-yes..." Mihashi blinked, bit his lip, took a few trembling breaths. "Feels... kind of... good? Really--f-full."

"Is it okay for me to move?"

"I-I think... T-try, a little..."

Abe nodded and pulled his hip back, just a couple centimeters. Nothing had ever been so difficult, this remaining still when his body was telling him to move. To his surprise, Mihashi breathed a small moan, eyes falling closed.

"Did... that feel good?" Abe managed through the haze of lust that was beginning to overtake his brain.

"Mm...mhm." Mihashi nodded slightly, squeezing Abe's hand.

Abe pushed forward those few centimeters and watched Mihashi's face contort into another quiet moan. He took Mihashi's erection into his hand, stroking as he pulled out, a bit further this time.

Mihashi thrust his hips up at the new sensation, whining and gasping as Abe found something of a rhythm. Mihashi's grip on his hand was almost painful now, the pitcher's other hand fisting the bedsheets.

After a few minutes of slow, shallow thrusts, Abe felt it was safe to pick up the pace a little, and Mihashi seemed to be getting a little impatient anyway. He angled his hips a bit differently, rocked his hips forward faster, further, and Mihashi responded with a keening wail.

"Are you okay?"

"D-do that again?" Mihashi breathed hopefully. Abe chuckled. He snapped his hips forward again.

Mihashi cried out loudly. Abe wasn't sure exactly what he'd said, but it sounded similar to "Takaya."

Abe couldn't help but smirk as Mihashi panted.

"Don't stop..." Mihashi whimpered.

Abe squeezed Mihashi's hand and returned to thrusting, allowing the lusty haze from earlier to completely dictate his actions.

Neither of them lasted long. Soon Mihashi was getting louder, his breathing more erratic, and then his back arched and white fluid splattered on his chest. The tightening of his muscles around Abe's length sent Abe over the edge as well.

Suddenly exhausted, Abe pulled out of Mihashi and rolled to the side, pulling the pitcher against his chest.

"Hey... are you okay?"

Mihashi mumbled incoherently and inclined his head.

"Not sore?"

"A... little..." Mihashi buried his head in Abe's chest. "B-but I... liked it…"

Abe reached over to Mihashi's nightstand for a tissue to clean them off.

"I can do that..." Mihashi tried to take the paper from his boyfriend.

"No, be still." Abe bent down and pinned Mihashi to the bed with a kiss.

Sitting up, Abe removed the condom. It was rather gross, as fluid had started to seep from the bottom. Mihashi watched Abe tie the condom and toss it in the direction of his trashcan. It hit the door instead. Abe thought about going to get it but decided against that and twisted to retrieve another tissue when he felt something warm and soft surround his cock. His fingers sank into the pitcher's strawberry blonde hair, and he groaned lowly.

"Renren!" The door was thrown open and Ruri took a step into the room. Her face turned red then and she looked at the floor.

Mihashi quickly rose into a sitting position, flailing. "Ruri!"

The braided girl turned on her heel and walked out, a squishing noise accompanying her retreat. When she shut the door she started shouting. "Ew! Renren, next time at least make sure it lands in the trash, that's so gross! And why didn't you lock the door!"

"A-Abe-kun?" Mihashi stuttered, peering over the edge of the bed he'd fallen off of. Abe sighed and got up, locking the door. He walked to the side that Mihashi had fallen over and pulled him up.

"Come on, you need to rest." Abe tucked Mihashi against his chest, tangling their legs together, ignoring the screaming girl outside the bedroom. "I love you, Mihashi Ren..."

"I love you too, Abe Takaya..." Mihashi mumbled against Abe's neck as he fell asleep.

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