An elevator shaft with no elevator.

A locked door.

A barrel.

A fence.

Four computer monitors tracking the current status of the room.

A Resistance-styled teleporter.

A generator.

A closed gate.

A Resonance Cascade simulator with more computer monitors.

Another closed gate.

A pulled down ladder.

A bit of a wall.

*rewinded tape*

An elevator shaft with no elevator.

*fast-forwarded tape*

This place wasn't touched by a human hand for over seventy years. It lied under the rubble of destroyed but at some level rebuilt City 17. The place didn't even retain its name as everyone started calling it „Vance Subprime Incorporated".

But then some activity showed up. The teleporter started, the computer monitors flashed and an Overwatch-like (just more computer-like and less seductive) voice made an annoucement.

Final sequence. Commencing. Now.

The whole teleporter lit up. After ten seconds, the whole place flashed as an unknown girl and an unknown guy appeared.

„I wonder if this place has less Aperture Science," the guy commented.

They went into the room, and looked at a monitor. It showed that the „portal" „succeeded".

But another computer monitor was more interesting. It showed some text and the robotic voice that the two who teleported knew from the whole beggining made another announcement. It happened as the time started flowing backwards to the unknown but awesome.

Half-Life 2: Episode Three. The Combine Trolling Continues.