Chapter 1 (Finding the unknown immortal)

The camp had been on the move for a while now, almost 2 months on the road nonstop, not even to put on a show here and there, where ever Mr. Tall wanted to go he wasn't going to let anything or anyone get in his way of reaching his destination.

Finally after what felt like an eternity on the road, the Cirque De Freaks came to a complete stand still. It wasn't the best looking place to of stopped, surrounded by trees, and the faint sounds of water in the distant. This place reminded me far too much of the place where I first met Sam, if I couldn't hear the water in the background I would have sworn this was the exact same place.

Evra and me was kept extremely busy when the cirque first stopped, helping put up tents, helping cook, putting up more tents, cutting down fire wood, finding food for the little people, putting up more tents, the list was endless, things wasn't all bad though, I got to catch up with people who had been on separate trucks to myself and Evra. It was nice to be able to stop and catch up on the latest news.

I often found myself wondering how they were going to move Mr. Crepsley's coffin whilst he was still in it, so I decided to ask one of the chef organisers David, who told people where to set what up where.

"Well to be honest we normally don't move his stuff until he is up and about. It stops little accidents like before." David scratched the back of his head nervously and smiled sheepishly.

"Why what happened before? What accident?" I had to know I would stop at nothing to find out.

"Well we 'use' to have a worker here, Lee the strong man I think his name was, he foolishly, one day decided it would be a good idea to carry Mr. Crepsley's coffin with him still inside it I might add, to where it needed to go, anyway to cut a long story short, he somehow managed to drop the coffin, and sent Mr. Crepsley flying out into a lovely patch of sun, I was only an apprentice at the time for the chef organiser before me but I remember it so clearly" David stared off into the distance a while replying the event in his mind, giggling to himself.

I was speechless "Wow…What happened to this worker Lee?"

"Well rumour has it." David lent in closer to me and spoke in an almost undetectable whisper, "Mr. Tall was so angry at Lee for so foolishly endangered the life of one of his closest friends, that he told the little people to 'dispose' of him" David stood back up straight and looked around. "Others say that Lee was worried as to what Mr. Crepsley would do to him come night fall, he high tailed it out of here and never looked back." David let out another nervous laugh "who could blame him, I would have ran for the hills as quick as possible and found a nice tropical place to hide." We both shared a laugh, but I could tell he was being completely honest.

David had to return to his duties, leaving me with so many questions I thought I was going to explode, when someone tapped me on the shoulder.

"Hay daydreamer, what's up you look like you have a lot on your mind." Evra looked worried at first but when I reviled the story David had just told me, he too was bursting with questions.

"Wow…imagine that." Evra looked at me confused. "Hang on are you sure you heard the clumsy workers name right?"

"Ye I'm positive; it was Lee the Strong man, why?" I asked puzzled.

"There has only ever been one Lee the strong man ever to of worked here and that was over 150 years ago." Evra looked a bit alarmed.

"How in Paradises name do you know that?" I had recently discovered that after spending so much time handing around the old red clothed vampire I myself was starting to talk like him. Dame it all.

"I was helping Mr. Tall sort out some old 'workers files' shall we say and I saw a drawing of him, and it was dated at the bottom 1850, which was 150 years ago."

"Hold on if that's true, how was David there to witness it, He said he was only an apprentice when it happened, that's imposable, and there is no way in paradise he is that old!" I was desperately trying to sort out what was going on, "maybe I should ask Mr. Crepsley when he wakes up?" I looked up at the sun trying to judge how long I would have to wait till I got any answers, if any.

"Or…" Evra had a plan forming in his head and I knew I wasn't going to like it; I didn't even need to look over to him to know he had a chilling smile plastered across his face. "Maybe we should ask David ourselves."

The hunt was on for David; Evra was taking this really seriously, ducking behind tents and vans, whereas for me I was just casually walking around asking people along the way if they had seen David and if they knew where he might be.

"Pissssst…Darren…Over here." Evra was underneath one of the vans.

"Evra come out I'm not getting under there you know. I only managed to get this suit cleaned a few days ago." I looked down and admired my clean cloths, being with Mr. Crepsley for so long had really started to take its toll.

Evra emerged from under the van, after the way was safe and was covered head to toe in mud and dirt, I hid my smile. "Have you found him yet?"

"Evra, why are you running around like a member of the S.A.S? His not a terrorist you know." I was trying so hard to hold in my laughter my face was turning red.

"We have to make sure no one sees us, they might go to David and tell him we are looking for him."

"What do you need boys?" Evra jumped 6foot in the air and dashed back under the van, I shook my head and pinched the bridge of my nose, another Crepsley habit, I have to put a stop to this and soon, "I heard you were looking for me."

"Ye sorry, Evra has been jumpy all day. Must be a snake thing." I giggled

"Well you found me; well really I found you but let's not knit pick, what…"

"DAVID, WHERE YOU WANT THIS!" Bellowed an extremely loud man, he was carrying a rather big box with a couple other people.

"Boy, if they ever ask you to be an organizer Darren, run, run for your life." We both laughed. "My work is never done…Hay, do you and Evra mind giving me a hand with this I might need your nimbleness." He put his hand on my shoulder.

"Ye sure I'll just get Evra from under." As I bent down to look under the van his was gone. "Wow he moved fast, well it looks like it's just you and me then."

"That's fine, I don't think a jumpy Evra would be much use with this the stuff in the box is VERYYY fragile." He looked at me and shot me a look of 'so don't you dear drop it.'

I didn't have a clue what was in the box but it was heavy, REALLY heavy even for me, paradise knows how the humans are picking it up, David on the other hand didn't look effected by the weight at all, and would occasionally carry his end of the box with one hand, whilst directing other people where he wanting things going. Finally with grunts from all including myself we put the box down in David's tent at the far end of the camp site. I decided I would ask him about it.

"Hay David." I looking around to find him kneeling next to the box messing with the side I couldn't see.

"One second Mate this bits delicate work." He stuck his tongue out to the side and bit down a sure sign he was concentrating, so I stood perfectly still and just watched him fiddle around. After a short time he emerged his hand above the box. He was holding a small glass vile full of water. I looked curiously at the vile 'he went through all of that for some water…strange'

"Whatever you do Darren please don't drink ANY water that comes from this crate understand." He wasn't nasty about what he said but he said it with enough force so I knew he wasn't joking.

"Ok I'll leave the water to you and I'll stick with blood then." I was trying to make light of this unusual situation, luckily David smiled "Just as smart as your maker ay." I didn't know if I should have been offended or pleased that he compared me to Mr. Crepsley, but he said I was intelligent so it must be a good thing, I smiled in reply.

"Thanks I guess."

"Any way what was you looking for me for you need help with something?" he said down in a very comfortable looking chair and sipped from his vile.

He looked at me with a cheeky grin when he realised I was still standing, "Take a set, I don't bite, same can't be said about yourself but what can you do ay" he was trying to cover up his laughter as best he could, I giggled and sat down in the chair next to his. He handed me a vile of blood and I thanked him and uncorked it.

"So finally with no more interruptions, what was it you were looking for me for?" he sighed a breath of relief he would at long last be able to find out what Darren wanted.

"I just wanted to ask you something about the story you told me with Lee the strong man?" I looked at my vile of blood nervously.

"Oh…let me guess you want to know how I could of possibly been there as an apprentice when it was over 150 years ago when it happened."

"Well yes I only realised when Evra told me Lee use to work here in 1850 I think it was. And if I may say so you don't look 150 years old" I awaited his response eagerly.

He laughed and patted my on the arm, "I'm glad I've managed to keep my devilish good looks over the years. However Evra is spot on it happened on September 25th 1855, is this why he was hiding?" He smiled in disbelief.

"To be honest, yes, the Gods knows what he was thinking but it made him jumpy, as I'm sure you saw." I had started to relax now enjoying my blood in the world's softest chair. "Hang on, how do you remember the exact date it happened? Also it still doesn't answer how you saw it if you aren't that old?" I was even more puzzled now then I had been before I sat down.

"It was hilarious, and the date just stuck, I tell ya, I have never seen a vampire give more attention to hunting someone down rather than take shelter from the sun." He stopped and again replayed the events out and giggled to himself. Once he was through he looked at me again "To answer your other question... Maybe I'm a vampire to." He watched my closely awaiting my answer.

"No I don't think so, first off you don't have 10 lovely little give aways on your fingertips, and secondly you don't feel like a vampire to me." I looked down at my scars, then back to David.

"You would be absolutely correct, I'm not a vampire or a vampaneze, I'm a lot older than that, I watched both species grow and evolve from wolves to vampires from vampires to a split clan, I've lived every war imaginable, I speak many different tongues and I have seen the rise and fall of every empire known to man and some unknown." He was staring at his case intently now, not even blinking, I in turn stared at him, not blinking wondering what he was talking about.

"What are you then if neither vampire nor vampaneze yet you out live us all?"

"I am…complicated." He turned and looked at me and smiled. I took it as a sign I wasn't in danger and didn't have to make a brake for the exit.

"Ok then Mr. Complicated, what's in the crate?" I had gone this far why not go the rest of the way with the questions. I expected another riddle for an answer but he chuckled and sighed "That is even more complicated them me, now no more questions I'm sure Mr. Crepsley will be waking soon and he is bound to want to see you." He stood stretched, turned and faced me "Please keep this conversation we just had between me and you. Please, last think I need is even more curious people asking more questions." I looked at him baffled what he told me I couldn't really spread around, however I saw how much his privacy meant to him so I agreed and started heading for the doorway.

"Oh and one more think Darren." He smiled cheekily at me, "You sound more and more like Mr. Crepsley every day."