Prologue: Spark of Hope.

If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes into you. Never look into the abyss of darkness, less it consume your heart my apprentice.

Her master's words repeated in her mind over and over again as she walked slowly across the wasteland.

He had warned and prepared her for confronting the darkness… But he never could prepare her for living in it.

How long had she wandered this realm? Time was meaningless here.

Her deep blue eyes narrowed as she heard the familiar rustling sound. She slowed, and then came to a complete stop.

All around her, yellow orbs appeared on the ground, before the darkness that covered the path began to rise and shift, molding itself into an insect like form that twitched erratically as the numerous creatures surrounded her. The woman remained still, her face set in an annoyed expression.

One of the shadows moved forward, and when it was near her, lunged-

A circle of pure white light erupted around the woman, disintegrating the shadow that leapt at her and causing the others to scatter in pain. The woman's form was briefly illuminated but her appearance meant nothing to the creatures of shadow that watched her from afar, with hungry yellow eyes.

The woman glared at the eyes that could only look back with no real life behind them, only blind instinctive hunger.

Hunger for light.

Hunger for hearts.

The woman closed her eyes, her right hand rising to her chest. Her fingers clutched a star shaped charm, gripping it with firm strength.

One day, She thought. One day…I'll see the sun again. We'll all watch it together…

She sniffled but did not cry.

She promised herself, on the day she arrived in this perpetual wasteland of shadow, she would never shed another tear.

She would be strong…For all of them…


The charm in her fingers was warm. She blinked, her thoughts interrupted. It felt very warm and suddenly pulsed in her hand.

Like a heart.

In wonder, she held it up to her face and she gasped, eyes widening. The charm had begun to glow a dull red and brown, like fresh earth.

The charm pulsed once more and an aura of light emerged from it. The sudden light blinded the woman but she did not close her eyes. She forced hers to widen as the light burned brighter.

Her eyes watered and cracked but she refused to close them. The light rose from the charm. It became an orb, glowing brightly, contracting slowly.

The shadows around her backed away in pain while the woman stepped toward it, entranced. The orb of light grew longer and expanded until it was the size of a door. The woman's face lit up in a smile of relief and happiness.

Without a second thought, she burst into a sprint, running to the door of light and through it.

Only one thought was in her mind.

Ven…Terra…I promise we'll be together again!