Bella Swan is a member of one of the top elite undercover agencies. She's not one of the best-she is THE best, and the next person on her hitlist is none other than business magnate Edward Cullen. But there's a catch.

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Chapter 1:
Third Person POV

If someone looked at Isabella Swan, they wouldn't be able to look straight into her eyes for more than 5 seconds. That was usually the reason that they didn't get a chance to appreciate her beauty, and also the reason she didn't seem like the most approachable person. If they found out what line of work she was in, it would probably be another deterring factor that would prevent them from getting to know her.

Bella Swan made her way through the jungle of people that was Times Square, New York. The amount of people bumping into her was making her nervous, not being used to physical contact. She was careful when it came to any kind of relationships, distancing herself from the few family members and friends she had left. After a 10-minute walk, she finally reached her destination and went through the sliding doors, through the fire exit on the 1st floor after entering her pin and down 2 flights of stairs into the basement. She repeated the pin-entering process after going through a tortuous network of badly lit corridors. Eventually, she reached a room which had a brass plaque on it saying 'VCL.'

The Vigilante Corporation Ltd. was a company that had a gross worth of about $5.9 billion, but it was not a company most people had heard of. In fact, if they did know about it but were not part of it in some way, they would most certainly have to be take care of. But that was not Bella Swan's job. Stuff like that was left to the rookies. She was in charge of the high profile cases...the ones that needed to be handled delicately.

As she entered her office, she saw a pile of files about a foot high on her desk and groaned in frustration. This was one part of her job she didn't appreciate: the paperwork. After each and every case, she'd have to fill out a plethora of forms. She understood the need for it; it took quite a lot of effort to keep the people in the corporation honest and make sure they didn't have rogue agents on their hands. She got started on the first file and was done with about 3 more files when Mr. Woodman, her boss, walked in. Woodman, of course, was an alias, since none of them could keep their real names while working on such dangerous projects.

"Miss. Grey!" he said, referring to her alias, Anya Grey. "How wonderful to see you back in the office!"

"Thank you, sir," she replied. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Well, Miss Grey, there seems to be a new and rather important case that we need your expertise on," he said, fidgeting with his tie, "It requires a certain amount of discretion on your part, though."

Bella was confused. In all the 10 years that she had worked for this company, never before had her boss been so nervous. He certainly had the 'fish out of water' thing going for him. Bella asked him straight out about what was so different about this case, to which he replied that he would tell her all the details when she was done for the day.

Once she was done with all her work, she walked to the bathroom next to her office and straightened out her white blouse and black pencil skirt. Usually, she tried to avoid looking at herself in the mirror. Not because she was ugly, far from it in fact. Half the men in her office had asked her out, while the other half just looked at her wistfully. She had long mahogony waves, that were halfway down her back, chocolate brown eyes and pale, porcelain skin that never tanned and didn't need even the slightest bit of make-up.

She then went to the meeting with her boss, and a few other colleagues. Her boss told her to take a seat and he started talking. The further on he went, the more confused she became, and that was a feeling Bella Swan AKA Anya Grey was not used to.

"I realize that by now, you all are very curious as to the subject of this meeting, and the thing is, this case is nothing like anything we have handled before. Most of the people we have targeted are obviously engaged in criminal acts, but the man I am going to tell you about has a record as squeaky clean as it can get.''

"So why are we talking about him?" asked Drake Mannor, one of the people whose advances Bella had rejected.

"You see, there was some rather greusome footage of him, captured by CCTV. He was in the act of dismembering a sentient being with his bare hands. I know this sounds impossible, which is why I am about to show you the video." He pressed a button on the remote and a grainy, black and white video started. It showed a man about 6'1''-6'2'' in height, crouched down in an alley looking at a person in a similar position in front of him. All of a sudden, the man sprang towards his opponent and quite literally tore his head off and continued with the dismemberment of the rest of his limbs. Finally, he set fire to the pieces using what was less of a lighter and more of a flame thrower.

Everyone was gasping in horror throughout the video, but Bella retained her composure. She was used to seeing horrible things and despite the uniqueness of the situation, she knew people were capable of far worse. Mr. Woodman looked directly towards her and said, "As you can all see, this man is quite strong, and due to his position as the head of one of the most financially stable companies, he has quite a few connections as well. So this situation will have to be handled with the utmost delicacy and discretion, and for that reason Miss. Grey, we need you to infiltrate the organization and eliminate Mr. Cullen while going undercover as his personal assistant. "

Each and every person in the room was looking incredulously at their boss. He was sending in a woman against a man who could kill someone with his bare hands? They all knew not to underestimate Grey, but this was way too dangerous, even for her.

Bella noticed their expressions, and knew what was going through their heads. She jerked her chin up defensively and said to Woodman, "When do I go, sir?"