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Bella is jacob black's(a notorious drug lord's) girlfriend. After suffering abuse at his hand and watching him kill people, she has had enough and decides to testify against him. Edward is a CIA agent who has to protect Bella when she is in the witness protection program. AH/ Rated T for mild violence and language.

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The wedding was planned beautifully and went off without a hitch; Alice and Esme really were geniuses. Benjamin, who had come to Forks a month after I had, was there in ample time for the celebration. Everything was perfect; everyone I wanted was there, including Jacob -who had decided he didn't want to lose his BFF, and accepted me, sparkles and all- and Mr. and Mrs. Woodman, the Cullens and even Billy and the Clearwaters, my dad's old friends. The dress was gorgeous and I was sure that I was the happiest person alive as I walked down the aisle towards a dashing Edward in a classic black tuxedo. Mr. Woodman gave me away, taking my father's place, Alice was my maid-of-honour and Rosalie was my bridesmaid. Emmet and Jasper were Edward's groomsmen

Our vows were the traditional ones except for the fact that we exchanged the 'till death do us part' for 'for all of eternity'.

During the days following the wedding, the Denali coven was also there, and it was with them that Benjamin found his happiness. He and Tany hit it off immediately, and were soon eachother's mates. The Cullens had invited their friends from all of over the globe. There were covens from Ireland, the Amazon, Egypt and nomads from America and Europe. Benjamin's friend Garrett, as it happened was also friends with the Cullens and was there was well, flirting with Kate the entire time. I imagined wedding bells for two of the Denali sisters very soon.

Edward and I had our honeymoon in Russia, just like I had wanted. It was a month of pure heaven, but we had to return to Forks soon as we were missing the family terribly.

At the moment, we were sitting in the Cullen living room watching a hilariously inaccurate vampire movie, and laughing our heads off. I was sitting beside Edward on the couch, and we were talking about what I wanted to do now that I had resigned my post as an agent.

"I don't know Edward," I said, chewing on my lip thoughtfully. "I've always wanted to study medicine, and I can easily control my bloodlust, so how about med school?"

"That's a good idea. How about Harvard?" I snorted at that. "I'll send in our applications."

"Edward, come on. There is no way that I am getting into Harvard med school."

"Bella, love, have you forgotten you're a vampire?" I laughed at that.

"I don't think that's the kind if thing your forget, Edward."

"Good," he said. "Then there's no problem. Now come on, you said you wanted to go sky-diving in Seattle."

I giggled excitedly. We were going sky-diving with Emmet and Rosalie today. Edward thought it would be better than running, and we had asked the pilot to take us higher up than usual. We drove to Seattle in my McLaren, and were in Seattle with five minutes till our appointment. We suited up and went to the plane and were in the air soon enough.

Rosalie and Emmet jumped first, and I looked at Edward, grinned at him and we jumped, holding hands. As I was plummeting to the ground, with the most perfect man in the world, I couldn't help but think how lucky I was. I went from being a cold, broken, emotionless killer, to a wife with a wonderful husband and a family that i loved beyond reason. I truly was the happiest person alive.