Part 8

"Norge~! Let me in! This is my room too!"

Norway felt like he should commend France on the quality of his ship's doors. His was holding up quite well, much better than the ones that he had at home.

Although then again, he was pretty sure that France was the one who had decided who they would be rooming with; he and Arthur were together, of course he was the one who'd decided who they were rooming with. So something like a visit by an angry troll might be more appropriate than a commendation... Unfortunately, that would have to wait until they made it to land, since trolls didn't really like the ocean.

"There's coke in the fridge..."

And Norway was interrupted from his internal musing over the quality of doors by the sudden remark from his brother, who was currently standing in front of the mini-fridge, door held open as he looked through the contents. He vaguely wondered why Iceland was even there, but then decided that he didn't care enough to ask. "You can have it."

The other nation nodded once, reaching inside the refrigerator and pulling out a bottle of coca-cola before walking over to the bed unoccupied by Norway's suitcase. He flopped down as he popped off the cap, displacing his puffin in the process. His puffin, who had been right in the middle of a rather pleasant dream involving himself and a rather cute female puffin.

Needless to say, he wasn't incredibly happy to be woken so suddenly. And responded by fluttering away, making a sound of irritation before settling on the nearby dresser.

"Norge~!" The door shuddered under the newest blow, but managed to somehow keep from splintering. Norway wondered if he could possibly get in contact with whoever had made these doors; the quality was quite amazing. Although he'd have to talk with them about making them axe-resistant as well.

"He isn't going to leave."

Norway nodded in response to Iceland's statement, calmly walking over to his suitcase and pulling out the last stack of shirts, which he then set inside his dresser. Maybe he could talk to France about switching rooms with someone; although he'd have to find him quickly if he wanted to catch him before he was thrown overboard by America.


He glanced around the room one last time; the last time that he would see it before it was infected by idiocy...

And then he walked over to the door and opened it.

Thankfully thinking far enough ahead to open the door so that he was safely out of the way. Somehow guessing that a Danish man would burst into the room at top speed and slam right into his bed, groaning in pain as he fell straight to the floor.

As Denmark, in his almighty wisdom, had decided that since pounding on the door wasn't getting him anywhere, he would instead try ramming into it with his shoulder. And in order to do so, he needed to walk to the other side of the hall and get a running start...


Which had not ended as well as he had hoped.

Norway's reaction wasn't what Denmark had hoped for either, as he'd hoped that he'd get at least a little sympathy. Maybe an 'Are you okay, Danmark?' or 'Oh, Danmark, that must have hurt, let me take care of that for you.' Instead, he got a blank stare from both Norway and Iceland.

And then Norway blinked once and turned toward the still open door. "I'm going to go talk to France."

Denmark hurriedly jumped to his feet. "I'll come with you!"

The other nation didn't even bother to respond, just walked out of the door as Denmark followed like a hyperactive puppy.

And proceeded to duck as a vase flew through the air and almost smashed right into his face.

A vase which Denmark unfortunately did not see in time...


Norway glanced back long enough to see that the blow had been enough to knock the Dane unconscious—England had a pretty powerful throw—and then turned to look out upon the battlefield that had once been the ship's hallway. He had a hard head, he'd be fine. And he had other things to worry about, like the fact that it looked like he wouldn't be getting to France in time... Which meant he was probably going to be stuck with the idiot for the rest of this trip.


"Yeah! What he said!"

"Now, mon Angleterre! I already told you that it was already decided! And I can't change—" France yelped and ducked behind the doorway to Spain's room as another vase came flying toward his face. "Angleterre!"

"That wasn't me; that was America."

Norway just watched the proceedings with a slight amount of interest, along with pretty much every other nation staying in a room in this hallway. And others would probably be coming soon enough, as news of fights like these could travel faster than the speed of light.

"Get away from our room!" And suddenly Romano was standing in the doorway of the room that France was currently sitting halfway inside, using the door itself as a shield. A door which shook as another vase smashed against it. It was holding up, though; these doors really were works of craftsmanship...

"Amérique, Angleterre, let's be reasonab—OW!"

And now France was groaning as he rubbed at the back of his head, where he'd just been hit by a tomato thrown from rather close range at a very high velocity.

"I said to get out of my room!"

"Lovi~ that wasn't very nice!"

And now Spain moved into sight, hugging Romano from behind and sending him into a screaming fit of curses, threats, and insults. So, the usual...

Except that Romano somehow, in the process of threatening Spain's vital regions in a way that made most other males in the vicinity wince in sympathy, also managed to catch his fingers on the door and tug it towards himself...

Which happened to leave France completely exposed to the two nations who were currently standing in the doorway to England's room, each holding a metal lamp... And France hadn't noticed, as he was too busy grumbling to himself and wiping tomato juice out of his hair.


Looked like the idiot was waking up. Norway glanced down, to where Denmark was now sitting up and rubbing at his head as he turned to stare out into the hallway. "What the hell hit me—what's going—" And then his eyes widened in shock, as a rather loud metallic clang echoed through the hallway.

Along with a chorus of "Oooh's" coming from the other nations.

And then there were a few moments of uncomfortable silence, before it was broken by Prussia's overly-loud voice. "Well... I think you just killed Francis. And we haven't even left the dock."

Which made Norway wonder if maybe he'd have time to make it off the ship before they set sail. He could always replace his belongings; it'd be rather harder to replace his sanity.

A/N: Poor Francis. But finally the Nordics sort of get more screen time!

And I got a couple comments about France calling America by 'America', even though technically in French he should be called by 'The United States'. I'm keeping it the way it is, mainly just so everyone's calling each other by the same country name. Instead of some using America, some using United States. It makes it a lot easier on me and my not-so-amazing memory to do it that way. xD

And sorry for the late update... Real life is kind of kicking my butt right now xP First I was having computer problems, then I (finally) get a job—which is good, except for the fact that it's night shift, which is pretty much the only time I usually can concentrate enough to write—and now I'm using the days I'm not working to pack for college. Updates will hopefully not be as bad, since we're hopefully not going to have to deal with computer issues again *knock on wood* but a bit slower than I'd like...

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