Well, I've decided to give Daxter a To-Do list from Tess, who knew a few simple chores could go so very wrong?

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#1 Clean the outside of the Naughty Ottsel

"Well, I guess I could get Jak to help," Daxter said uncertainly. Tess had given him the list of chores and told him to do everything on it. Some how he seriously doubted after ten years of cleaning Samos's hut, Jak would help him and Tess probably meant for him to do it on his own.

"It can't be too hard too hard after all I cleaned old Green Stump's hut too," he muttered, he unfortunately forgot that he was a boy when he did that and not a two-foot Ottsel.

One bucket of soapy water, a mop and wiping cloth later he was ready to clean the bar. Then it struck him,

"How in Hell am I supposed to get up there?" He shouted throwing down his mop in defeat.

"Hey, Dax, what'cha doing? Or trying to do?" Our crazy, lovable, neighborhood, pyrotechnic asked walking up the street.

"I was gonna' clean the bar but I can't reach," he explained, shuddering at what Tess might do if she came home to find he hadn't. She had gone to the Precursor monk temple to persuade the monks into letting her experiment with Light Eco for a new gun.

"Maybe I can help with your problem," Jinx offered pulling out a few explosives from his back pocket.

"I really don't trust those-" Daxter began before Jinx interrupted with a swift response,

"I swear these things are safe enough to put in your mouth!" Jinx claimed actually popping one in his mouth.

"Well, fine but if they don't work; I'll sic' Tess on yuh ," Daxter conceded after ten minutes of pitiful pleading from Jinx.

_Freedom HQ_

"Hey, Ashelin, you seen Jinx any where today?" Torn rasped in his cheese grater voice, while, staring at his maps.

"No, why? Did he steal your maps, again?" she asked, two guards, who had fouled up a mission in the nest, in tow.

"No, I have those locked up tight in my room since last time," he assured her remembering that horrifying day.

(The Wasteland-two months ago)

"Ashelin, could you dispatch someone to come get me?" Torn whispered, pressing against the rock-wall even harder.

"Ok, where are you?" she asked already calling in guards, if Torn needed back-up then it had to be really bad.

"I'm in a Metal Head nest in the Wasteland, the one with the Metalpedes," he rasped, hiding behind a stone pillar as some Metal Heads stalked past.

"Why are you there? I thought you were going to the Monk temple to talk to Seem and persuade her into giving you a Dark Eco crystal?" she asked.

"I was but Jinx switched the maps and now I'm here, could you just send back-up?" he pleaded covering the mouth of the communicator.

(Present day)

"Those prototype Dark Eco bombs have gone missing and I have a bad feeling about it," He groaned, who knew how much more time they had if Jinx got his hands on those bombs.

"I'm sure you're just being para-"Ashelin started before she was cut off by the gigantic,


That had rocked the entire city.

"JINX!" they both shouted at the same time.

_ (South town-The Naughty Ottsel) _

"What the Hell was that!" Daxter yelled, he had just avoided becoming baked Ottsel, as it was he was still a bit toasty.

"They looked liked the usual ones"! Jinx yelled back, "so those were Torn's new bombs, man what a kick!" Jinx thought.

"I'll kill you dead, you frickin' psycho!" Daxter screeched bombarding him with various cleaning supplies and one wrench.

To clear up the reason Daxter didn't die was because all his time with Jak, as Dark, had made him extremely sensitive to Dark Eco. He had thrown the bombs into the water about two seconds before they had detonated.

After chasing away Jinx, he finally managed to climb up a pipe onto the Naughty Ottsel along with his mop and soapy water. Halfway through the cleaning, his mop fell and he had to climb back down but on the way back up, he fell back to the ground. This little set back couldn't stop Orange Lightening, falling into a bucket and being stuck for an hour, however, did. He finally gave up and decided to start on his second chore.

#2. Take stock of beer and order more if necessary.

"Ooh, now this is something I'm gonna' enjoy!" Daxter exclaimed with a huge smile on his furry mug. The only way he knew to take stock was to know what was good or not and the only way to do that was to taste it. "Ok, let's see, ten more bottles of Lurkers Brew, six more of Vodka," and so on while Daxter drank two bottles of everything.

Two Hours Later

"Hey Dax, do you know where Tess is?" Keira asked walking around the wrestling ring, "I got that new part for her gun mod."

Daxter hiccupped and rolled off the bar top, "Hello sugar puss, have you heard about Jak and Ashelin?"

Keira was silent for a few seconds her mind spiraling with wild visions of her Jak, sneaking off with Ashelin.

"What about Jak and Ashelin?" she asked in a cold hard voice, her anger rising.

"Well, lover boy got quite the reward for saving the world, a big old smooch from the Governess of Haven City," Daxter said laughing a little.

"Thanks Dax, see you later," she spat running out of the bar.

"You're welcome, just remember, you didn't hear it from me!" He yelled after her.

"Alright time for #3 on my chore list for today," he sighed, still droopy, picking up the piece of paper.

#3. Clean out the storage room

"Let's see here, a box of comics- burn, a box of old bottles-use to knock Pecker off his perch, an old DVD?" Daxter said checking off a list. "Things just got interesting, let's see what this old tape's got," Daxter muttered wiping the rather dusty tape. "Here we go," Daxter said, sighing as he sat back in a chair, pushing the play button on his remote DVD remote.

'The Biggest Fight of the Century' Appeared on the TV screen, along with a year that was a good ten years ago, then slowly faded away to wrestling ring with a man in purple and a huge pile of meat in green.

"Now I want a clean fight, shake hands and come out fighting." A guy in striped black and white t-shirt said backing away from the two fighters. The one in purple (Jacob) looked at the one in green (Krew) with an expression of utmost horror. Jacob ran to the other side of the ring but this didn't help since Krew took up half of the ring without even moving. Some kind soul decided that Jacob needed some sort of protection and handed him a chair, which no one really thought could possibly help him. Krew took a step forward and pinned him to the ropes of the ring, effectively stopping his breathing.

"One, two, three and you're outta' there!" the referee shouted, pulling Jacob out from underneath Krew's rather large posterior. During the fight some of Krew's fat had managed to slip out of his green suit stunning the crowd speechless.

"What the Hell?" Tess screamed, when she arrived later she had found Daxter foaming at the mouth still in his chair in front the TV.

"Daxie-poo! What's wrong?" she asked already pulling out her gun, ready to hunt down whomever had done this to her little snukcumbs.

"K-Krew fighting, the horror, turn it off and burn the tape!" Daxter whispered beginning to rock back and forth, holding his tail for comfort.

"That's the last time I give you any chores around here," Tess muttered dragging Daxter up the stairs to their room, "The absolute last time."

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