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Hello my name is Pippa Flowers, ive been dating my most amazing boyfriend for over 7 months but i got a feeling something bad is going to happen.

I was getting ready as Justin had booked a table at the most posh restaurant on the whole entire hotel campus. I changed into a white beach dress and i let my hair stay wavy and i wore my new silver flip-flops and not forgetting my engraved dog tag which said "PF+JB" which justin gave me for my 16th birthday last month.

Justin: Pippa are you ready yet?

Pippa: Yes justin I'm coming now

I ran out of the bathroom and found justin sitting down on his bed, he smiled(which made my heart melt) when he saw me. I blushed

Justin: Babe you look beautiful

Pippa: Thank you, you don't look to bad your self

He tangled his fingers into mine and led me out of the room, as soon as he locked the hotel room door he gazed down looking into my eyes, moving slowly closer to me, finally his lips touched mine, they were like two puzzle pieces fixed together. This kiss lasted around 2 minutes but there was something different from the kiss than there was previously when he kissed me, it was like there was more tension.

He pulled away and smiled, and started leading me to the restaurant.

Finally we got there and the waitress led us to our table.

Waitress: What would you like to order?

Justin: Umm I will have the spaghetti Bolognese

Pippa: Please can I have the lasagne

The waitress nodded

Justin was really quite, he was on his mobile phone most of the night texting people, i notice something was different about him.

We finished our food and just sat at our table, finally Justin spoke,

Justin: Pippa i need to tell you something, i don't think we should go out anymore, i mean i love you but when i go on tour, it won't be the same texting you and not seeing you.

My eyes started to fill with tears,

Pippa: Justin please don't do this, I love you, please don't, you're like a piece of me now, i can't let go of you.

Justin: I know I love you so much, but i think it's the best for us.

Pippa: It's not for the best, you know what you can this stupid necklace back!

I pulled the dog tag off and threw it at him and ran out of the restaurant crying my eyes out.

This is my first fanfic i have ever wrote, i know it isn't that good lol, i have started writing more about this story, leave me a comment if you think i should post more :)