There is a reason you're there... You, like others were created and chosen to become the one who must save the digital world. You stood out, though like the rest of them... Though you're young, I believe you are the one that will be able to handle the truth...

You and the world you know is a lie, created to make a saviour. You are the one... You are...

Chapter 1

The sun rose over the tall walls that protect the village of konoha. The village, hidden in the leaf, located in the land of fire. The sun rose through one of the top apartment buildings and rested on the young sleeping blond male called Naruto Uzumaki. The jinchuuriki of the kyuubi no kitsune one of the most powerful demons in the world.

As the young male slept, the clock beside Naruto ticked away as the second arm began to reach the time for the alarm. The young male slept soundly as the day got underway and as it reached 7 o'clock. The alarm went off and Naruto rolled over to ignore the most annoying thing in the world. But after 15 seconds, Naruto rolled over and grabbed the clock and threw it out the window. The sound died out and Naruto smiled as he tucked himself into his warm world of sleep.

But a second alarm went off and Naruto's eyes opened in annoyance and Naruto moved through the apartment, throwing his items about as he looked for what was taking away his perfect sleep. The clock sat on his kitchen table and Naruto held it up as an insane look appeared on his face with the unbelievably large knife in his hand. But as soon as soon he saw the time, Naruto threw both into the air. "I'm late!" The clock continued to go as it landed on the table. The knife spun and landed down above the metal object and stopped the alarm. If a clock could sweat, it would be sweating bullets.

"I can't believe I let myself sleep in so late!" The blond lad called as he hopped into the bathroom as he pulled on his shorts and sandals. Looking to the mirror, Naruto reached for his toothbrush and glanced about. "You're kidding! Where did that toothpaste go?" With a roar the bathroom was trashed as the toothpaste sat on the shelf. Sighing in defeat at not finding it, Naruto glanced to his left and his face lit up as he grabbed it and got underway. Looking at the mirror, Naruto started to brush his teeth and glanced back to the clock. But as he looked in his room, he found his clock missing. And remembered he'd thrown it out the window. 'Damn it!'

Getting to the kitchen, Naruto glanced to his clock and quickly threw some bread in his toaster and paced about the room. "Come on... I'm going to be late..." Naruto jumped as the toast was done and Naruto grabbed it and rushed to the door and grabbed his bag on the way. "Man... Sensei's going to kill me..." Naruto growled as he skidded out the door and rushed down the stairs.

Today was Naruto's first exam for his first year in the ninja academy. He may not have shown it, but he had studied his ass off, he wasn't about to come out at the bottom of the class. No matter how much of a clown he was. They'd all see he can do it; he will become hokage like the old man.

As Naruto reached the academy, Naruto glanced about to find no one in the play ground. "Am I that late? Damn it!" Naruto yelled as he hurried down the hall and to his door. Sliding the door open, Naruto panted as he glanced about. "What?" There was no one there? "Where is everyone?" Entering the class, Naruto glanced about and started scratching the side of his head in confusion.

"What you doing here Naruto?" An annoyed voice spoke as Naruto jumped at the hand on his shoulder. Naruto turned round and looked at the annoyed face of his sensei, Iruka. The male raised an eyebrow. "Classes don't start for another hour. This is a first for you to be early." Naruto blinked.

"What? B-but..." Naruto stammered before he realised and the palmed his face. He'd moved the clocks forward so he wouldn't be late. The male looked on till Naruto turned round and walked up to his desk. Without a word, Naruto set his stuff down and rested on his desk. 'Damn it...'


The bell rung and students left out in a hurry and Naruto walked out with a smile as he took off with a hop and scurried down the streets. Stopping outside his favourite place of eat, Naruto rushed forward and pushed the flap up. "Oi! Old man! Ayame-nee-chan!" Customers glared at the source of the voice as Naruto sat down. The elderly chef chuckled as he rested on the desk looking at the young blond male.

"Hello there Naruto. You seem in a good mood." Naruto nods. "Miso ramen?" With another nod, the elderly male went to cook. As he got under work, Naruto sat uneasy on his seat and as he glanced about a young female teen walked in from the back of the shop.

"Hello Naruto..." Naruto grinned as the girl ruffled the blond hair. "How was the exam today?" Naruto chuckled. "Did well?" Naruto nods.

"I did great! Look!" Naruto called passing the paper. Ayame smiled as she took the folded page and opened it up. Her face lit up and walked round and hugged the young male.

"That's great Naruto! 80 percent is awesome!" Naruto chuckled as the girl praised him. "Dad!" The chef nods.

"I know, for doing so well Naruto... Extra ramen as a reward for doing so well." Naruto cheered as the girl ruffled the blond hair and Naruto grinned. Today was going great!

But while he may be enjoying his day, the customers who overheard this, didn't like the idea of the jinchuuriki container getting to smart for himself. They left without showing any interest, and spread the word. Events were happening tonight.


'The time is getting closer... Events are playing out as set...' The male looked to the moon as it showed his white cloak in the moonlight. The figure looked down and sighed. 'I wish it didn't have to be like this...' The figure jumped down from the buildings and walked into the streets and faded from sight. But his footprints remained for several more steps before he vanished. The street remained quiet for several seconds more before a line flickered and the street's path blurred and turned to normal, as if no one had just walked down it.

Naruto held a smile as he walked the street, his hand on his stomach as he enjoyed the exam reward ramen as he'll label it. He will make sure that he comes out top next time to maybe get an all you can eat. But the sound of something falling caused Naruto to turn, and look to see what made the noise. "Hello?" Naruto called, but got no response. Naruto walked back slowly as he glanced about. "H-hello? S-someone there?" Naruto called out as figure's walked into the street. "C-can I help you?" Naruto flinched as glass smashed and Naruto looked as the broken glass bottle flickered in the moonlight.

"This is the end for you..." Naruto glanced amongst the figures as panic rose in Naruto's mind. "Get him..." Naruto's foot turned round as the bodies moved forward and Naruto took off like a shot.

"H-help!" Naruto called as he ran. What did he do wrong? Today was going so well... Tears appeared as he ran down the street. "Someone! Please! Help me! Someone!" Naruto called as he ran along. Naruto glanced back as the figures were following; they seemed to be a bit sloppy in their footsteps. Naruto just had to hope, that someone would come to his aid. But Naruto had looked back to long and as Naruto looked forward, the cat that crossed his path got caught up in Naruto's legs and caused the male to land flat on the floor. Naruto gasped and quickly glance back as the others were getting closer and faster. Naruto glanced to the gap in the fence. Without glancing back, Naruto dived into the gap. But he didn't take a moment and ran off as they tried to get over the fence.

Once the sound died out and Naruto found that maybe he would be fine, looking up, Naruto could see his apartment and his safe haven. "Finally, I'm almost home." Naruto called as he rushed faster. But his hope had reached his end as a figure stepped out into street and swung. The force caused Naruto to tumble forward and land flat on his front. "What was that?" Naruto stammered out loudly.

"Got him! I got the demon!" Naruto sat up and glanced back. Slowly Naruto stood as the group of men began to cheer.

"Got what demon?" Naruto asked, but no one answered. Naruto moved round people, so not to draw their attention to him. Naruto got to the middle and his eyes widen before he took a step back as his took a deep breath. "No..." Naruto muttered as he looked at the form. "N-no this can't be..." Naruto touched the wall and Naruto took deep breaths. "No..." Naruto closed his eyes. That form... Face impacted, was him. "No...!"

"Now let's go and celebrate! And let's forget this night ever happened... Drinks on me!" There was a cheer and the group walked off, leaving Naruto sat against the wall, his head rested in his hands. This had to be a nightmare...

Beside Naruto, the world around him rippled and the male in white appeared in the street. "Get up..." Naruto didn't respond. "Get up now boy..." Naruto still didn't respond. The male glanced down at the stone and kicked it at the young male. Naruto yelped and turned to the figure with his tear streamed face. "Get up, and come with me... You are no longer part of this world." Naruto rubbed his eyes.

"Where am I going?" The male didn't respond for several seconds and Naruto stood. "W-where will I be going?"

"Neither place you think you'll be going. You will be going somewhere you'll find hard to understand..." The male turned and walked. "Follow me..." Naruto watched as the male walked into what looked like water, but there was only the path before him. But, that couldn't have been right... Naruto rushed up and stopped just before the male did and glanced about. With a raise of the right hand, Naruto put his hand forward and his eyes widen as the area before Naruto glowed as his hand past into a water like barrier. Naruto pulled his hand back and he found it unharmed. But, it felt weird... Looking back to the street, Naruto glanced back and dashed forward to where the male had gone.

Naruto's body lay in the street for several seconds, before the body began to give off a black smoke as the particles broke down and faded into nothing. The test result paper fluttered into the street.


Naruto blinked and glanced about as he looked at the endless white. "Where are we?" The male glanced back.

"The barrier boarder... I can't keep you here long, so please stay still now..." Naruto raised an eyebrow as the male walked forward. "You want to know answers I can't give, but you will get your answers... So stand still and let me do what is needed..." Naruto remained still as the male raised his hands up.

In his right plam, a white orb appeared, in the left, a red one. The figure turned and let them both loose on Naruto, causing the blond to stumbled back as both struck him. The white one landed in his left hand, the other one to his chest. Naruto yelled as they burned and took form. But as quickly it faded and Naruto took a breath as he looked down at his shaky left hand. Naruto looked at the white, blue like object. The right hand rested on his chest as he felt the object dangling there. "What is this?" The white object let out a whirling sound and Naruto yelled as he glanced down, his body began to fade away.

"You will understand a whole new world. You are the chosen one..." Naruto yelled out as he vanished. The figure stood there and looked to the endless white heavens. "A new face, another journey... Good luck, I'll be watching..."


Strange sounds reached Naruto's ears. Slowly sitting up, he rested his left hand to the floor. Naruto glanced down and turned his palm over and looked at the device in his hand. The strange sounds blared again and Naruto looked up and stared at all the people. Naruto glanced left and then right, it was unreal. Naruto looked up as he saw something flying through the sky before looking down to ground level and looking at the strange things speeding by left and right. "Where am I...?" Naruto muttered as he walked about in curiosity.

Naruto glanced left and right again as he left the area and watched as something large shot by and Naruto turned and stared blankly, what was that? His mind wandered as he walked into the path of the next one and it screeched to a halt. A loud noise echoed out and Naruto jumped as he turned round. "You stupid kid!" The adult yelled as he leaned out the object. "Watch where you going! You'll get killed if you're not careful!" Naruto slowly stepped back away from the strange thing and it roared by and it blared the same noise again.

"What's going on?" Naruto watched as a group of people stopped at something sticking out the path and watched as the light turned red and the strange things stopped at it. "Whoa..." Naruto jogged up as people walked across and Naruto followed as he glanced at all the people who past him, and the pets they walked with also. Naruto glanced up as he touched the other path and watched as the light turned green and the strange things began to move. "So the lights control them things... I'll keep that in mind..." Naruto tensed and glanced left quickly. Something was calling him, but it was getting away. 'What's this feeling?' Naruto ran forward and nipped round the crowd. He could feel the pull getting stronger and he was almost there. But Naruto stopped and glanced back, what did he just see?

Taking several steps back, Naruto turned and stared at his reflection. Naruto's features looked on, sad and confused. "What?" Naruto looked at the figure before him, the young male was in his clothing, but the hair was brown. Naruto reached up to his head and felt the hair, the spiky style gone, and now a loose wild brown hair. Plucking the hair from his forehead, Naruto looked at, why was it brown? His hair was blond right? Naruto glanced back and leaned closer, his eye's... There's green... No, not green, but like a mixture of both green and blue... His whisker marks had also gone. It was like he wasn't even looking at Naruto Uzumaki anymore. But a complete stranger.

The pulling feeling was gone, but Naruto just stood there staring at his reflection and wondering, what was happening to him.


More strange objects, some huge and slow to move, others really fast with people riding them like horses, gone in an instant and so loud also. Others in similar style, but they're making them go with their feet. What was this strange world?

Naruto wondered about as he looked at the tall buildings. They looked as tall as the mountain side in his home village! Well... Where was konoha? Did it even exist?

Answer's... What answers? The man had said so little, what chosen one? Why Naruto and where was he? Was he somewhere outside the village walls? He'd never seen anything outside it, so maybe he was?

Naruto glanced about to see a male standing beside one of them unmoving objects and seemed to be writing. Maybe he'd know? Naruto ran over and glanced up. "Excuse me, sir..." The male stopped what he was doing and glanced down.

"Hello there little guy, something wrong?" Naruto nods and the male smiled as he crouched down. "How can I help?" Naruto smiled.

"Do you know where the village called konoha is sir?" The male's smile dropped as he looked on confused.

"A village called Konoha?" Naruto nods with a smile. "Never heard of that..." Naruto stared with a frown as the male rubbed his chin. "Konoha..." The male stood and reached into his pocket and pulled out a book. "Konoha..." The adult looked through it as Naruto looked on. The male closed his book. "Look kid, stop messing me about..." Naruto blinked as his eyes widen. "Stop making up things..." Naruto shook his head.

"But I'm not! I came from konoha... I... I just want to get back..." Naruto muttered looking down before almost instantly his head shot up, that feeling again.

"If you're lost young lad, I'll help you find your mom and dad... I'm a police officer..." The male stopped and stared curiously as Naruto turned and looked about. "You okay?" The young male took off and the male stood quickly. "Oi!"

'What's this feeling?' Naruto stopped as his device let out a whirl. Naruto blinked as he looked at it, why was it glowing? Quickly looking to his feet, it was safe to say he wasn't disappearing again. But looking to the sky, Naruto wondered what was going on?

The calling died down and Naruto found himself lost again. But glancing at a sign, he was somewhere in Obaida? Where ever that was...

Walking down the paths, Naruto had his head hung low, where will he go? He was somewhere with no knowledge of his home. No family or friends...

Naruto stopped, that's right... He's just like before, all alone. But this time no one knew who he was, he was nobody to this place. Least people stared at him and seemed to know of him... He had no family that would be worried about him. Or friends who would come looking for him.

But it also hit Naruto that he was dead in his home village... No one would care where he is? Except for maybe the hokage and the family of the ramen house.

Glancing up, Naruto looked at the large building. It awed Naruto that something so big was made. Naruto stared at it and blinked as his device glowed again. Naruto looked at it before looking to the building... Maybe... Maybe it was trying to tell him something? Naruto put the device back in his pocket and Naruto walked to the building. Naruto continued to look straight up the building. So big...

Naruto entered and glanced about, and looked up to the floor above, maybe if he went to every floor... He'd get that feeling again... With that, Naruto made his way to the stairs, but stopped as the door beside the stairs opened and people walked out. Naruto stepped over and looked at the amount of people then the small room... Naruto stepped inside and glanced about, why were so many people in such a small space?

The door behind Naruto closed and Naruto turned round and ran up to the door. "Hey! Open the door!" Naruto spoke pushing against it, but the room shook and Naruto jumped as he stepped to the centre. The room was moving? Naruto rushed back to the door. "Open the door! Please!" Naruto cried in worry, he didn't like this. He wanted out now! "Open! Please, open the door!" The door opened and Naruto rushed out and into the group of people.

"You okay?" A lady spoke as she looked to Naruto who ran by. "Hey!" But Naruto didn't stop and ran off out of sight. Having found a quiet spot, Naruto sat down and tried to calm down. He didn't like that, it was horrible, and being stuck in such a space without a clue of what was going on. He'd stay away from that from now on. Before long, Naruto rubbed his eyes as he calmed down and stood. He couldn't sit about in fear; he had to get looking for what was calling him. Walking along from floor to floor, Naruto glanced from door to door in hopes of finding that calling feeling.

As Naruto reached one of the many floors, he stopped; he could feel the calling sensation again. Naruto glanced down the row of doors and began the walk, but as he walked, he found his was getting nervous. But why? Guess he was hoping this will give him his answers? Maybe he'll find a way home? Naruto stopped outside a door, his heart felt like it was about to jump from his chest. The sensation, it was calling him from beyond this door. Naruto raised his hand to knock... But the door opened.

Naruto found he could only stare blankly at the face before him. The face of a girl his age looked at him blankly as her brown eyes held its gaze. "You okay?" Naruto blinked as he realised his mind had stopped. Naruto lowered his hand and glanced about.

"Um..." Naruto jumped as the device went off again. Naruto pulled it out and looked at the glow.

"What's that?" Naruto looked at the girl as she looked at it curiously. Naruto looked down and then held it forward to the brown haired girl to see if she knew. She reached out, but as her hand touched Naruto's to hold the device, Naruto's eyes widen as he felt a pulse and his vision blurred. Everything turned different, the walls, they were black with some kind of flowing design, the girl, her body was different now, a bright glow, something, glowing from the chest.

Naruto stepped back surprised, the vision returned to normal and the girl jumped, startled by the sudden pull back. Naruto looked at the device, then the girl. She was about to speak when Naruto took off.

"Wait!" The girl called out as she watched Naruto disappear. "Who are you?" The girl muttered. There was something about that boy, something that reminded her of those things she saw.

"Hikari... Come back inside, you're still unwell and you'll only get worse going outside." Hikari glanced inside the room.

"Hai..." Hikari glanced back to where the boy had gone and then walked back into the room.


He had to go back, he may be worried... But Naruto knew that he'd only get his answers once he'd got into that room. Just that the girl startled him... But there was something, something telling him that she was connected, otherwise... Otherwise he may not have seen what he saw.

The morning had come and Naruto had slept on an old couch in one of the alleys, better than sleeping out in the open. But maybe he could have picked somewhere better to sleep. His stomach growled, he was hungry also, and he hadn't eaten since he arrived. Naruto whimpered, what was he to do?

As he entered the streets, Naruto kept his head low as he walked back to the large building. As he got close, something tugged at him and Naruto looked up and then to a disappearing... Naruto still didn't know what it was called yet, but it was loud that's all he knew, and something was going in it? Could it be the girl? Naruto looked back to the building. Guess he'd only find out once he returned.

Returning to the floor, Naruto walked the same path and found he was even more nervous than before? Would the girl be there? Would someone else open the door? Naruto stopped at the door and looked at it. Naruto raised his hand and stopped, but no one answered the door. Naruto moved his hand closer and knocked three times.

There he stood nervously. He'd never been up to someone's door, it was always his own. Rubbing his arm, Naruto wondered if they had gone out. Turning, Naruto walked to leave, but stopped as the door latch dropped and the door opened. "It's you again..." Naruto looked at the girl as she stepped out the door way. "Are you lost?" Naruto blinked and turned round...

"Yes..." Naruto could only answer before his stomach growled and Naruto looked down embarrassed. Hikari smiled.

"You hungry?" Naruto looked up surprised. "If you want, I have some food that my kaa-san made..." Naruto stared for a moment and shook his head.

"N-no... That's okay, thanks... I don't want to eat it if it was made for you. I'm not about to steal someone's food." The girl chuckled.

"It's not stealing if I'm asking if you want some..." The girl stepped forward and reached for Naruto's hand. But Naruto pulled back. The girl frowned and Naruto looked away.

"Sorry, just that I'm a little nervous..." The girl glanced back up and both met each other's gaze.

"Hikari..." Naruto blinked as the girl smiled. "My names Hikari Yagami..." Naruto slowly returned the smile.

"Nice to meet you. My names Naruto Uzumaki..." Hikari gave a short nod with a smile as she turned for the door.

"Nice to meet you Naruto-kun... Come on..." Naruto blinked as Hikari walked back into the room. Naruto walked up but stopped and Hikari glanced back. "Kaa-san and Tou-san are out visiting my oji-san and obaa-san... Onii-chan's gone camping for the week." Naruto glanced about nervously and Hikari turned round curiously. "What's wrong?" Naruto glanced down.

"Just that, I've never been in someone else's home before... I'm sort of scared to come in." Even though Naruto's answers were right inside this room, he couldn't enter. Hikari stared on curiously.

"You've never been in someone's home before?" Naruto shook his head. "Never your friends or with family?" Naruto closed his eyes as he frowned.

"My family... I never had one, the closest people I could call family, was an old man who sometimes visited me to see if I was okay in my apartment... And another old man and his daughter who severed me my food when I visited their ramen shop..." Naruto looked to the floor. "I didn't have any friends..."

Hikari looked at Naruto sadly. That was so sad... But she quickly smiled. "I'll be your friend Naruto-kun." Naruto's face slowly rose with his face evident with surprise; he looked like he thought she was kidding. Hikari held her smile as her eyes remained focused with Naruto's. "If you don't have any friends Naruto-kun, I'll be your friend... But..." Hikari muttered curiously. "How come you don't have any friends?" Naruto blinked and glanced down, how could he explain something he himself really couldn't.

But before Naruto could answer, his device went off again. Why was it going off? The screen glowed and both glanced about as items in the room went off. Both looked to each other and Naruto's eyes widen as Hikari noticed his gaze held behind her. Hikari turned round and looked at the T.V. It was glowing. Both walked into the lounge part and both stared at the screen. They watched as something came out the screen and formed a large egg. "It's like before..." Hikari muttered and Naruto glanced over to Hikari confused. "Like then..."

The egg took shape before it began to form cracks as light flickered from it. And in an instant, the egg exploded. Both stared on surprised as a small figure was crouched before them. Its body was like that of a human with red fur, but with its face feline like and the yellow tuff of fur on the chest. Like some kind of animal, it tail waved at the back with a small flame flicking on it. Both children took note of the strange symbol on the wrist bands and the head piece as a flame danced in the one on the head. The blue eyes looked at the pair curiously before looking back to Naruto. The feline face smiled.

"It's nice to finally meet you, chosen one..."


This is just a pilot chapter. I've got an idea for this, but like fox and star, shinobi evolution and this. It will be some time before I jump to it. I'm just doing idea's that come to my head. Simply because I'm board.

Also, the digimon that just appeared. Was Coronamon.

I thought this one was rather fun to do, someone trying to understand our world. Tell me what you think of how Naruto's currently experiencing the world. You're thought's are helpful as it gives me that boost for areas in story styles I'm trying to cover.

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