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Chapter 2

The breeze was welcome as Naruto gazed over the city, his teal eyes staring at nothing while his brown hair ruffled in the wind.

'You are not human... You are part of a large planned program made by the digimon gods called, 'the one'. You are data crated by digimon given human form... You may have a name. But you are just data designed to help the digimon partner. Me, exceed normal levels like the others.'

Naruto's hand rested on his face, he couldn't accept it, yet, he could at the same time. But, what was worse...

'The one was created when the original program died. He was the restore program and controlled the cleanse program. He divided the program into 9 smaller, safer programs. They are called by you, bijuu. You... Contain one of these programs and are known as jinchuuriki. You contain the strongest of the nine programs; you may know of it, it was used by a program before you. Kyuubi...'

'Someone before me... I'm the kyuubi container? Wh-who was before me? I... I thought the demon just attacked our home...' Naruto growled. 'All those stares, the gossip, why they treated me like dirt and gave them looks...' Naruto clenched his free hand into a fist, he felt angry. Naruto clenched his eyes shut as his hand began to glow red. But he was unaware that he was giving off the red aura.

"Naruto..." The glow faded as Naruto turned to face Hikari. Her face was something between sad and comforting. "D-do you believe Coronamon? That... That you're not real?" Naruto glanced down.

"I don't know... I guess... I guess I have to believe in Coronamon. After all, everything that's happened, what happened, and his explanation... It just says now that my life, one that had been a poor one, was not real. I have no existence, or meaning... I'm just." Naruto gave a deep sigh as he held his gaze to the floor.

Hikari stared at Naruto for several seconds. She felt really sorry for Naruto, he was lost with no meaning and to be said that... that he's not even real. That wasn't right at all. But, what could she say? "Naruto..." The sliding door opened and both turned their gaze to Coronamon.

"I hope you've had time to think..." The digimon spoke walking up. "But now we need to train." Naruto looked on confused as Coronamon smirked and tapped the side of his head. "You're mind is not a normal one. In mere seconds, I can put a program into your mind and teach you what you need. We'll start by uploading simple basics and let your mind rest while the data set's itself out."

"What's going to happen to him?" Hikari asked worried. The digimon glanced to her.

"Nothing will harm its programming. Only make it stronger." Hikari and Naruto glanced down. Coronamon has not treated Naruto like a person yet. Only referred to Naruto as it. No name, no reference of gender. Nothing. "Young lady." Hikari glanced up. "If it settles okay with you, we'll use your bed for it to rest after I input its data." Hikari nods.

"I don't mind." Naruto looked up at Hikari's answer.

"But you're not feeling well." Hikari turned to Naruto while Naruto blinked. 'How did I...'

"H-how did you know I wasn't feeling well? I never said..." Naruto stood there without a word. How did he?

'So its program has evolved that fast huh?' Coronamon mused. "You can ponder on that later. Let us begin..." As the digimon passed the brunet male. Naruto looked at his hand in wonder.

'Could it have been when I made contact? Something weird did happen...' Naruto glanced to Hikari before turning to follow Coronamon. Hikari followed curious as to what was going to happen. Naruto sat on the lower of the bunk beds.

"Now, stay still and don't move." Naruto nods. "Hold out the device and press it to your temple." Naruto did as told. "Repeat after me, program 'the one'."

"Program... the one..." Naruto's eyes widen as his mind was flushed with information. All in an instant, and too Hikari's eyes, Naruto's collapsed on the bed.

"Naruto!" Coronamon stopped the girl.

"Its fine, its memory has just received an upload of the program from the digital world. The mind is now going to store and order out the data as needed and required. It won't be waking up for some time." Hikari looked at Naruto and slowly moved over. Naruto slept peacefully as Hikari rested on the bed frame.

"Coronamon..." The digimon glanced to the girl. "Naruto said he had a hard life. Is that how all when they are given the program are treated?"

"It's all on how the world reacts. The programs in that world act as normal humans would. So however it was treated would be no different to this world." Hikari sighed.

"I wish I knew how Naruto was treated. How he lived." Coronamon crossed his arms.

"It's not hard. If you wish to see," Hikari glanced to Coronamon. "I can show you." Hikari stood up.

"Really?" Coronamon nods. "H-how?" The digimon looked on with a neutral gaze.

"Put your forehead to its own and grasp the digivice. The rest is simple." Hikari glanced back to Naruto. "I recommend getting comfortable; you'll be out for some time while you see its memories. Also, just think of what you want to see. It's a computer in its mind. I'm sure you know how to use one."

"A little..." Hikari muttered as she hopped onto the bed and moved round to the open space beside Naruto. Taking a breath, Hikari rested her palm on the device in Naruto's hand and rested her forehead to his as she closed her eyes. 'Show me his memories...' The device glowed and Coronamon watched the girl collapse to Naruto's side. The digimon turned to leave the room. No point sitting about watching a young girl and a new program.


Hikari felt like she was floating as the world around her formed and as Hikari touched the floor of the world it rippled out a white aura and Hikari opened her eyes. Looking to the sky, it was midday.

"Now get this!" Hikari turned to the sound as she looked past all the people. Standing down at the end was a young blond boy. "I'm absolutely going to be named the hokage!" Hikari stared on, who was that? "You just watch everyone!" With that the young boy ran passed her.

"That boy." Hikari glanced about as people began talking amongst themselves.


"The awful Kyuubi..." Hikari turned back to the blond. Was that... Naruto?

"Hey, that topic is taboo."


As time slowly went by, Hikari watched the young blond child that was now the brown haired one to her first greeting. How did he change? Hikari watched from the park fence as Naruto raced about with other children. 'He said he had no friends... But yet...' Glancing to her left she looked to the adults at the park entrance. And each and every one of the children ran up to their father or mother.

Naruto stood there staring, no goodbyes, or even a wave. He turned his back to them and walked to the swings as the children left. Hikari watched as he swung for several moments.

Now she understood. Thou they may play and are friendly to him, they never treated him as a friend should. Having seen so much in so little time, she was beginning to understand how Naruto had lived.

The world before her changed once more, and this time she was going to witness the moment that brought Naruto to her world.


While the two slept, Coronamon had been looking over the city. 'The boundaries have been weakened... Digimon are causing chaos here and chosen ones had gone through. But... Something's not right. I can feel it; the barrier had been forced open again. But it's not a champion digimon I can tell... What's going on?'

"I'm ho..." Coronamon turned from the balcony and crouched down by the window. Glancing through a gap, he could see a young male brunet, older than the current two sleeping stepped into the room. "I mean, excuse me!" The male stood there for several seconds before Coronamon's eyes landed on the small pink orb with eyes.

'Digimon... A Koromon, then... Is he?' The digimon watched as the male walked to the kitchen and set Koromon down before having a drink. Coronamon listened closely before gathering the most important thing.

He'd been in the digital world for some time. And had been through a lot, but is confused by everything now. Coronamon stood and slid the door open. The male looked over startled and the two stared at the cat like digimon. Coronamon gave a feline smirk. "Hello one of the chosen children."

"D... digimon..." Taichi stammered surprised.

"That's a Coronamon!" Koromon spoke surprised as he hopped down and scurried over. The rookie digimon gave a smile back as he stared at the Koromon.

"Nice to meet you Koromon. It sounds like you've had quiet the adventure from the way Taichi here has been talking aloud." Taichi stared surprised before glancing about.

"Why are you in my house? Where's my family?" Coronamon stepped passed Koromon as he walked to Taichi.

"I shall explain it by simply showing you where one member of your family is. As for anyone else, I don't know." Coronamon opened the bedroom door and Taichi glanced through to see Hikari and Naruto.

"Who..." Taichi moved to see who the young brunet is, but Coronamon stopped him. "Who is he?" Taichi asked the digimon.

"I shall explain, but do not worry. You're sister is safe, so take a seat and I shall explain." Taichi stared for a moment before his stomach growled. The male chuckled.

"I best make something to eat first." The male chuckled nervously.


It had been unclear how long he'd slept. But Naruto felt really exhausted even after waking up. As he sat up strait, Naruto's hand landed on something soft beside him and his gaze felt onto the Yagami girl. For a moment, his vision blacked again and his eyes saw the strange designs once more around him and the image that was glowing from the girl.

Slowly removing his hand, Naruto gazed at the girl for several seconds before looking to his hand. "... Hikari..." Naruto muttered as he rolled off the side of his bed. "It's not nice looking at something without asking..." Naruto muttered in a neutral tone as he rolled off the bed. Hikari slowly opened her eyes.

"How..." Naruto glanced down before looking back to the entrance.

"I don't know how to explain it..." Naruto took a step and stopped as his body felt funny and his body slumped slightly.

"Naruto?" Hikari muttered confused before Naruto rushed out the door. "Naruto!" Hikari quickly followed with a stumble and as she left her room, she stopped at the sight of her brother Taichi who was looking confused as he looked at her. "O-onii-chan!"

"What's going on?" Taichi spoke looking from Hikari to Naruto. The blond pushed the sliding door open and stepped out onto the balcony. "Oi, what's wrong?" But Naruto didn't seem to respond as he glanced about and looked up to the sky. Without much thought Naruto jumped the balcony. "What!" Taichi rushed over and stopped as he looked down. Naruto's form was already at ground level and off running. "Where's he going?" More to the fact... How the hell he survive that fall?

"It's the program. It's picked up a digimon breaking the barrier..."

"Barrier?" Hikari spoke confused. Coronamon glanced to the girl.

"The barrier between the digital world and human world has weakened in the few years... It happened when two digimon broke the boundary once before a few years ago." Taichi quickly moved to the door.

"Koromon let's get after him. Hikari, you stay here. We'll talk later..." Taichi spoke as he caught Koromon and his trainers slipped onto his feet.

"Onii-chan!" Hikari called before the door shut. Hikari pouted before going to her room. Coronamon glanced to the girl.


"Where did he go?" Taichi muttered as he glanced about the streets. 'No normal person could run from a drop that high. I've got to find him...'

"Taichi! There he is!" Taichi stopped as Koromon called and there standing by the metal frame fencing that over looked the lake stood the short brunet.

"Naruto!" Naruto didn't respond as he looked on as Taichi walked up. "Hey, you just can't go doing stuff like that... Oi, are you listening." Naruto didn't look to Taichi. "Oi..." Taichi stopped; Naruto's gaze was hollow, like there was no life there. "Naruto?"

"It's coming..." Naruto muttered and Taichi blinked and looked forward as a red dinosaur appeared. "Tyranomon."

"What's it doing here?" Taichi panicked as the champion digimon gazed along the city before firing at the buildings. Taichi stared in shock before the digimon vanished. Naruto's feet gave way and he collapsed. "Naruto... You okay?"

"Ugh... My head..."

"The data is still being progressed and is acting on your programmed instincts." Both turned to Coronamon with Hikari behind him.

"Hikari... I told you not to come, you're not feeling well." Taichi spoke running up as Coronamon walked up to Naruto.

"I was worried about Naruto, onii-chan..." Hikari spoke. Naruto put his right hand to his face.

"Am I going to keep doing this, 'instinct' all the time?" Naruto muttered as Coronamon stopped in front of the boy.

"Once you've got control. And you're data has finished loading all your data up." Naruto glanced over.

"How long will that take?" Coronamon shrugged.

"Days... Weeks..." 'Only till I've reached full evolution standards.' Coronamon glanced to Taichi and Hikari.

"Let's get back to the house, and then we'll..." Taichi stopped talking as the ground began to shake. "What's going on? And earthquake?"

"Digimon..." Naruto grunted as he held his palm to his face. "I can feel it's coming through the barrier." Naruto stood uneasy and glanced to his right. "That way..." With that, he took off at a more average pace to which the group could follow.

"Coronamon..." Taichi spoke and got the digimon's attention. "I don't like how you're treating Naruto." Hikari glanced to her brother, glad someone else agreed.

"It doesn't matter. 'Naruto' as you call it is merely what we created to aid you by our god, Huanglongmon." They came to a stop beside Naruto as the ground exploded.

"Drimogemon!" Taichi spoke before it vanished. "He's gone..." Naruto glanced about, the digimon energy's had gone.

"They've stopped coming through... But, I still sense something coming through... But it's not a digimon." Naruto muttered as he held his head. Taichi put his hand on Naruto's shoulder. Naruto didn't bother to fight the fact his vision had changed. He had may as well get used to it.

"Let's take a rest. You must be over doing it having woken up... But, we should rest back at the apartment. We don't want you over doing it to Hikari." Hikari nods and Taichi led the pair back towards the building complex with Koromon under his arm. Taichi stopped a second and glanced back, but Coronamon had vanished. 'Where he...'

As they walked down the street Naruto felt a pulse again. His mind already knew it was that feeling that something was coming from beyond the barrier. But it wasn't a digimon. Least, not here... Naruto crouched down as he felt odd and Taichi and Hikari were quick to his aid.

It... Felt nice to have people worry for him.

"Something's... No... Everywhere..." Taichi glanced about, to see if a digimon was nearby, but his vision fell on the T.V. The weather around the world was going insane and before the teens eyes. Digimon of all kinds were in those places causing it.

"Meramon, seadramon... Yukidarumon..." Taichi muttered, why is this happening?

"Onii-chan..." Hikari muttered, but Taichi stared at the screen. "I've always been able to see them." That got his attention as his gaze returned to Hikari. "I've been able to for a long time now..." Taichi turned to his sister.

"Hikari..." The screen beside Taichi flickered and a boy's face appeared.

"T...chi...Taichi...san" Taichi's eyes widen as he turned to the screen.

"Koushiro!" As Taichi turned back to the T.V. Naruto felt the pulses calm.

"You've been able to see digimon?" Naruto muttered as he relaxed slightly. Hikari nods as Naruto slowly stood.

"If I told someone though, no one believed me." The pair stood there a second. "You... When I first saw you, it felt like I was seeing one of them..." Naruto stared at Hikari a moment before glancing down.

"Koushiro! Koushiro!" Taichi yelled as the screen went black. "What did he mean, don't come back?" Taichi growled. 'What do I do?' Taichi clenched his fist. 'I have to go back... They're all still there while I got home. But...'

"Onii-chan..." Taichi glanced to his sister, then to Naruto. Turning back to look at the T.V.

"Naruto..." Naruto stared at the older Yagami. "Watch over my sister... Koromon, we need to go back."

"Onii-chan..." Hikari spoke before glancing down. "You just..." Taichi put a hand on his sister's shoulder and the girl looked up sadly.

"I'll be back before you know it." Hikari looked up as her brother smiled and Taichi turned to Naruto. "I can count on you right?" Naruto nods. "Also... Don't let what Coronamon says get you down. You have to believe in yourself."

"R-right..." Naruto muttered as Taichi stood and looked up blankly.

'How do I get back?' Turning to the pair again, it would be best to go back now. "Come on, where not far from the apartment now." Taichi stated as he turned round and walked off with the two right behind him.

"Naruto..." Hikari muttered and Naruto glanced over. "I... I'm sorry I looked at your memory without asking... I was... I just wondered." Naruto looked forward.

"It's okay... Besides, you're okay with what I know also. It's... Nice to feel accepted, even if I feel anything 'but' normal. And..." Naruto sighed as he looked to the sky. "It's not like I'm the same Naruto from my world. I'm different now in every way. Right from the core to my outer appearance..." Naruto looked down. "I have no choice now but to get used to it. I have something far more important to do now. I've got to keep a level head to all of this." Hikari looked on at Naruto, it must be hard for him.

"Where not far now." Taichi stated as they got close to the tall building. "Once back, me and Koromon will head back to where we came out from. And see if there's away back..." As they reached the corner and waited for the lights to change. Naruto felt something strange and glanced to his left.

"Um... Trouble..." Naruto spoke as everyone turned to what Naruto was looking at. A large green like digimon stood amidst the crouch and the older Yagami got in front of the pair defensively as he panicked.

"Orgemon... Damn, if he attacks it'll draw lots of people in..." The lights turned green and Orgemon rushed forward. "Here he comes!"

Behind Taichi, Naruto's eyes became hollow as his body programming took instinct once again. Moving forward he pushed Taichi as side as Orgemon had his club in the air and swung down. Taichi was knocked into Hikari and both hit the floor.

"Onii-chan! You okay?" Taichi glanced to his sister before looking back to see what had happened. As the dust settled Naruto was stood with his arms crossed over his head as his body was tensed. His eyes were red with a deep glow as he growled. His hair had reddened and his teeth sharpened. With a snap up on the arms, the bone club was knocked up as Naruto's arms came to his sides and with whirl back of his right fist as red energy gathered. Naruto struck the digimon and Orgemon was shot backwards. "Naruto!" Hikari spoke stunned as both looked on. Naruto glanced to them but Hikari felt scared by the red eyes. It wasn't Naruto.

The boy crouched and took off in a blur. Koromon was the first to locate Naruto as he appeared on the building. 'So fast... But...' The digimon turned to Taichi.

"Taichi, Hikari." The pair looked at Koromon. "Stay here!" The small intraining rushed off after the boy.

"Koromon!" Taichi spoke as the small digimon hopped the floors up to Naruto.

'I can see it... He not ready, I can tell, his body won't cope!' Koromon landed as Naruto stood with his gaze on Orgemon as the digimon stood and turned to Naruto and then to Koromon. Naruto's body tensed.

'Target, Orgemon. Champion level... Objective, return to digital world...' Naruto turned side on and pushed forward. 'Champion level skills, available...' Orgemon swung out with a downward swing and Naruto pushed left at the last second and swung out with his left. The punch connected, but had no force this time round. Naruto's body acted with a right kick. But that didn't do anything. Orgemon swung again and the club struck Naruto's form and sent him spiralling away into the building behind him. As Naruto impacted Koromon turned to Naruto.

"Naruto!" As the smoke cleared, it showed Naruto out cold as the reddened hair returned to brown. Naruto's form slid and dropped from the building. "Naruto!"

"Naruto!" Taichi and Hikari called as Naruto hit the ground. Both rushed up, fearing the worst. But were amazed, he was still alive. Taichi looked up as Koromon was now attacked by Orgemon.

"Koromon! Hikari, stay here." Taichi rushed back into the streets as the small intraining was attacked. "Koromon! Hang on!" Koromon landed on the street level as people had run fearing someone was blowing up places round them.

"Taichi! Get out of here with Naruto! I'll hold out till he's safe!" Koromon looked up as the club came down and closed his eyes.

"CoroKnuckle!" Koromon opened his eyes to see the rookie digimon strike out at Orgemon.

"Coronamon!" The cat digimon landed as Orgemon landed back. "Where have you been? Naruto's been injured."

"Very unlikely... Its programming is stronger than that..." The rookie stated as he gazed on at the champion. 'But I won't be able to handle Orgemon... Koromon, why don't you shinka...' The Ogre like digimon growled and attacked again and both digimon evaded. 'I won't get another free hit like that again.' Coronamon ducked a club swing and the flame on his head glowed. "Corona flame!" A burst of fire shot out to aid his escape as the club came down. Koromon attacked from the right but it did nothing but draw Orgemon's attention.

As the battle went on, Hikari stayed beside Naruto worried. "Naruto..." Naruto's eyes clenched tight.

"Why does my head hurt...? What happened? Did I get hit or something?" Naruto grunted as he sat up. He glanced about to see he was in an alley. "Why are we here?"

"Don't you remember?" Hikari asked as Naruto looked at her confused. "Y-you took Orgemon's attack and lashed out at the digimon. You're body..." Naruto glanced down.

"My program must have taken over..." Naruto glanced back to notice the worried gaze. "What's wrong Hikari?" The girl looked at Naruto for several second before shaking her head.

"Nothing..." They heard another explosion. "Let's get to Onii-chan. Koromon is fighting Orgemon and I'm worried." Naruto nods.

"You're brother did say I had to protect you... But then again..." Hikari smiled as Naruto looked at her embarrassed.

"You need protecting more than I do." Naruto chuckled as both made their way back into the battle clad street. Koromon and Coronamon were quickly evading Orgemon's attacks. "Coronamon!" Naruto spoke, surprised to see the digimon after he'd vanished. The lion digimon landed and looked to Naruto. There was a moment's gaze. Orgemon roared and lashed out but the rookie digimon was quick to react. Orgemon stopped and turned his gaze on the younger too. Naruto tensed as Hikari looked worried.

"Leave them alone!" Koromon called as he moved to distract but the champion rushed the young too.

"Damn it... Its programming is not ready for this!" Coronamon muttered as he moved to take on the champion. But with a powerful slam, the rookie was down. Orgemon was on the two like a spider to the fly.

"Hikari!" Taichi called as Naruto steeled his gaze and the digimon swung. Naruto gripped Hikari tight and jumped on instinct and landed on the floor above with Hikari held close. The champion looked up and attacked as Naruto moved to evade once again.

"Naruto! Hikari!" Taichi called worried, his sister was in danger. "Darn it!" Taichi clenched his digivice. "Please... I need to save them... Come on work! Koromon you've got to shinka!" The intraining looked to Taichi.

"I want to, but I'm not getting that feeling!" Koromon called as the upper floor building exploded and Naruto shot out with Hikari. Naruto glanced back as Hikari held on with her arms round his neck. "Naruto!" Koromon called as the champion was on them quicker. "No!"

"Hikari!" Taichi called and his digivice glowed. There was a bright flash of light as the sky above opened up in a yellow glow. A white beam struck Koromon.

"Koromon shinka!" The small pink orb glowed and took on a new form, a yellow small dino. "Agumon!" The small dino looked straight up and fire flickered from the jaw line. "Baby flame!" The fire shot up and stuck Orgemon and the champion was knocked skyward as Naruto landed on the ground.

"Naruto! Hikari!" Taichi spoke as Hikari let go and Naruto dropped to his knees as the male got to them. He breathing heavy as he found that he was too exhausted to even speak after that. He only wondered how he did that for so long.

Seeing the two were fine though tired, Taichi turned to Agumon. "Agumon!" Taichi spoke only to gasp as his rookie friend was being pulled up to the light in the sky. Taichi stood quickly. "Agumon!"

"Sorry Taichi... Hikari, Naruto... Bye-bye..." Agumon spoke as he vanished.

"Agumon!" Taichi yelled before looking down at his digivice. "Hikari..." Taichi clenched the device. "Sorry I have to leave you guys like this... But like I said... I'll be back." Taichi lifted his digivice into the air. "My friends need me... Take care yourselves. Even if it's for a couple of hours."

"Onii-chan..." Hikari spoke sadly as she watched her brother begin to float up. "Onii-chan!" Taichi smiled.

"Don't worry... And Naruto, remember what I said..." With that Taichi faded and the portal closed. Hikari stood there looking on as Naruto closed his eyes. The barrier between worlds was more stable now. Trying to stand, Naruto stumbled forward. He really didn't feel good after doing what he did to outrun that digimon. It left him feeling really weird. Coronamon hefted himself up as both heard a noise.

"What's that Hikari?" Naruto asked as he got his feet stable. Hikari rushed over and helped Naruto stay standing.

"I know that sound, but we best get out of here... Do you think we would be able to explain what has just happened?" Naruto nods to her and the group of three slowly walked out of sight.

Once back in the apartment, Hikari set Naruto to the bunk bed. "You okay Naruto?" Hikari asked as Coronamon went and sat on the bedroom balcony.

"Yeah... Just..." Naruto held his stomach. "I've just remembered, I've eaten nothing all day." Hikari smiled.

"I'll go get the lunch Kaa-sa made. We'll share." Naruto smiled at her.

"Thanks..." As the door shut Naruto sighed. "What happened to me out there?" Coronamon glanced to the boy.

"You're programming comes from the kyuubi's data. It's the instinct program." Naruto stared at the digimon. "Over time you'll control this, but it would be unwise as to force it to be controlled. Your mind is still taking it in, also, you're body needs to improve. As you get better, the data transfer in combat should be better..."

"Data transfer?" Coronamon nods and the door opened and Hikari walked in. "What's that?" Hikari glanced between the two.

"Data transfer is the upload of techniques your body can use. Today was your first field fight, and it over stressed your data. You delivered a champion level attack and ultimate speed. But you're body's data was hampered and the second attack on Orgemon was far weaker, even less than rookie. Which was why you were beaten." Naruto looked down before looking at the food.

"Thanks Hikari..." Naruto muttered taking the food. "So..." Naruto spoke before swallowing. "How do I get stronger...? If I'm this great hero for the digital world and all that..." Hikari looked at Naruto amused. He seemed so much better right now.

"Meditate. Your mind will flow far better with the data not being held down by daily activities. But even if you upload everything, unless it is deemed required, it won't tell you everything. You have to search for it..." Naruto nods.

"I see... Coronamon, you hungry?" The cat digimon glanced to the sky.

"A little... But I'm fine. You need the energy... Unlike humans to their digimon. My power to shinka comes from your digital energy. So while I maybe hungry, you can evolve me. Unlike if a digimon is hungry they can't. That is where we are stronger than the chosen children."

Naruto sat back and looked down at his hands. "I see..." Naruto took a moment to think. "Can I use the bathroom Hikari? I really could do with a cleaning up..." Hikari nods and showed Naruto to the bathroom. "Having slept in an alley last night. I'm amazed I smell better than I should." As he shut the door, Naruto's arms slumped slightly.


'Why does my mind feel so clouded...? It feels like it's going too fast for me to understand... But then again...' Naruto looked up as the water poured. 'I understand without realising it... Any questions I want to ask... I know... I'm...' Naruto sighed. 'I know it... I've said it but...'

"I miss myself."

As Naruto stepped out the showed he turned to face the mirror. The new face before him that was the Naruto he was now and will forever be. 'Can I really call myself Naruto anymore?' Raising his hand up, Naruto looked at it before glancing to his reflection. Clenching his fist, Naruto closed his eyes. The area round him darkened as white particles coated his form. '...'

Hikari stared at the sky in thought; she wondered how her brother was doing... Day's must have passed and she only wondered if she'll see him today... Tomorrow or whenever. "Onii-chan..." As the girl looked on, she was unaware of the figure approaching.

"Hikari..." Hikari glanced to Naruto and blinked surprised. "Hehe..." Hikari watched as Naruto jumped onto the frame of the balcony. His black trainers resting with not even an ounce of fear from falling. "So much has happened that I really can't understand it..." Naruto stated as he clenched his black tip-less gloves. "I'm someone who's lost in a world with no identity, no name... Or past..." The wind rippled past them as Naruto's black jeans ruffled with his burnt orange shirt. "But I do need to push forward... I've got to keep on going..." As his black sleeve-less coat ruffled in the breeze, Hikari could see the red under layer as its two tails flapped before resting back at Naruto's ankles. Naruto took a breath before giving a confident smile. "The adventure of Naruto Uzumaki. Hero to the digital world begins here..." Naruto pointed out over the city. "Look out world! Here I come!"

There was a stunned silence as Naruto smirked, yeah... That will do.

"Shut up kid!" Naruto stumbled at the yell and Hikari giggled as Naruto landed on the floor beside her. "Keep it down will you!" Naruto pouted before looking at the giggling girl. He grinned before putting his hands behind his head.

'It maybe off to a bad start. But with friends like Hikari. I'm sure as hell going to do what I can to become what I've been set out to do.'


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I'm so sorry for the long wait, virus troubles held me back but I've done it. Now I can finally get back to ccsn. I've got so much I want to do with that now that I'm back on track. My trains getting up to speed. I will get back to my super speedy releases once more.

The powers as an author are back. Here I go, watch out my worlds a storms coming!

Hikari's little event in Naruto's memory was sort of an assasin's creed style, the white pulse thing with events happening.

I can finally say I'm glad I've done this. But now I'm also glad to get back to ccsn so. I hope this was fun. Later!