"Naruto! Sasuke-kun! Get out of there!" Sakura screamed. The masked boy Haku had activated his kekkai genkai and was forming what looked like mirrors using the wind and water affinity. Her grip on her kunai tightened as her darkened emerald eyes darted to her sensei; surely he could help! But Kakashi was still fighting Zabuza and it looked to be a tie even with the Sharingan, he was still exhausted from the previous battle with the Mist missing nin. Sakura gritted her teeth as the familiar burning sensation behind her eyes started. Now was not the time to cry but she was so useless! She had always been, which was why she threw herself into her studies, hoping her mind would make up for her physcial weakness. But she knew the truth as well as everyone else. She had been playing ninja so far. Standing on the sidelines wasn't what a true shinobi did. They fought to the death to finish their mission and save their comrades.

Despite the nagging voice in her head telling her to stay put, Sakura undid her hitai-ate and tied it around her forehead, emerald eyes hardening with resolve. "Sakura? What are you doing?" The bridge builder Tazuna, asked with a hint of fear in his voice. She looked back at him with a smirk as she formed three Kage Bushins. "Protecting my teammates." She replied. Leaving the clones behind to protect the client, Sakura dashed off towards the mirrors, and leaped into the frigid death trap relying on her adrenaline rush.

She reached out, dodging a senbon, and grabbed Naruto's and Sasuke's collars. Adding some charka to her arms, and still ignoring the voice screaming that she was messing things up, Sakura flung them outside towards Tazuna, just before the last mirror faded. "Sakura-chan!" Naruto yelled, as two of her clones held him and Sasuke back from running to save her. She cared about her team, and this was her moment to show it. Konoha needed them more than it needed her. All her life she'd been teased and when she got a team, she contributed nothing but nagging. She was; what did Sasuke call her? Oh yeah, annoying. Sakura inwardly laughed. How right he had been.

Sakura's eyes showed nothing but relief and she smiled sadly even as she felt Haku's anger and killing intent increase to the point of suffocation. She wished she'd been nicer to Naruto. He didn't deserve all the yelling and punches to the head that she'd given him. Well, okay some of those he deserved. Piercing pain shocked her and she fell to her knees, coughing up blood. Senbons had lodged into her body, and unlike Zabuza, she knew she was really about to die as her systems began to shut down. But there was no panic, she just felt at ease as she remembered the bell test Kakashi gave them, and the trips to the ramen stand. The good times.

"Foolish girl. Your teammates were merely going to be unconscious, but you had to interfere. Why?" Haku asked, angered and intrigued by the uncharacteristic display of sacrifice from the pink haired genin. Sakura glanced at her shocked sensei who looked like he had finally defeated Zabuza.. She wished that she hadn't been such a disappointment to him. Maybe then, he might of took an interest in her training, as well as Naruto's and Sasuke's. "Shinobi and friends die everyday. It's life. If you had stayed put, your life may have been extended, Why not let your comrades die?" Haku demanded. He needed the answer! Sakura stared at Sasuke. Her crush since forever. Funny how she'd ignored the confusion and loneliness in his eyes. She wished that she had just tried to be his friend instead of his girlfriend. But you never get the chance to rewind time.

"Answer me!" Haku order, stepping out his mirror, determined to make her talk. Sakura whipped out a kunai that embedded itself in his throat. As Haku slowly choked to death on his own blood, Sakura smiled. "Shinobi who fail their mission are trash. But shinobi who let their teammates die are worse than trash."

In Konoha, Team Ten were lounging on the stone benches just inside the gates."Why are we meeting Team Seven at the gate again?" Shikamaru asked boredly. Today was a beautiful day for cloud-watching, but no, their female teammate had to drag them down here. Ino flicked her hair out her eyes. "Because I want to be the first to welcome Sasuke-kun back!" She smirked triumphantly, "And I want to see Forehead."

"Why? You two are always fighting. Troublesome." Shikamaru sighed. Ino's jaw dropped. "Just because we argue doesn't mean we're not friends! They're just called love spats!" She yelled. "Here they come." Chouji pointed out, munching on Barbeque flavored chips. Ino jumped up and opened her mouth until her blue eyes strayed upon the limp body in Kakashi's arms.