I Want To Save You

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of One Tree Hill.

Couple: Deb/Karen

Rating: M

Chapter 1

Karen glanced over at her blonde friend brown eyes catching brown, she didn't understand why the beautiful woman stayed with Dan. He was such a bad husband. I would know… She thought to herself as she sighed bringing her a cup of hot coffee.

"Deb, you have to get away from him. I can't believe you are going to help him with the election." There was obvious disappointment written across the brunette's adorable face.

Taking the coffee into her shaking hands Deb looked away, unable to stand seeing her closest friend so unhappy with her. She could not really blame her; they all knew what an ass Dan was. "It isn't like it's my choice; I have to do it for Nathan."

The smaller of the women made her way toward the couch where her blonde friend sat and sat down beside her. "Deb, it is not your only choice. You have Nathan and you have people who care about you who can help you out."

"Who Karen? He has so many people in the palm of his hands, not to mention soon he will have the entire town. I just want out." She stated her voice shaking a bit as she said these words.

As she calmed her own nerves, Karen slowly reached out to run her fingers over Deb's arm before gripping her free hand. The contact made her blush lightly, though she did not understand where it had come from. She had touched her friend many times before this was nothing new.

"You have me… and Nathan, and Whitey…" She stated as though it were obvious.

Glancing down at their locked fingers Deb smiled a small smile, it was barely visible but it was enough to make Karen smile as well. "I really have you?"

"Always" She said as she squeezed the blondes hand gently a few times, smiling over at her. Hoping that she would see the others genuine smile, that was all that she wanted at this point, to see her happy again.

Giving Karen what she wanted Deb looked up from their hands a smile on her face. Not the synthetic one she always seemed to wear, but a genuine smile. She was beyond happy to know that Karen was there for her and always would be. "Thank you." She said tears threatening her eyes for a moment before they finally won.

The brunette was shocked to see the tears in the blondes eyes, at first it worried her. Though it didn't take long for her to realize and accept that they were tears of joy. Deb's huge smile tipped her off. Not to mention that she was laughing. I love the way she laughs… Karen thought admiring her friend in a strange way. Where did that come from?

Pulling her hand away disappointed both Deb and herself, but soon after the contact was continued as Karen pulled her crying friend into her thin arms. It was almost too much to handle as she felt the blonde wrap her strong arms around her and rest her head against her chest.

Taking in a breath the brunette tried her hardest to ignore the feelings she was having, they didn't make sense at all. She wasn't meant to discover these things at her age. She could not be attracted to women, she had Keith, and Deb was definitely not into her. Though neither girl really ever got the chance to experiment due to being tied down with children their entire lives. So… maybe? No.

"Thank you so much Karen." Deb said through her sobs as she snuggled as close to the other woman as possible. "I needed to know someone would be there for me through everything… I needed that."

Nodding her head Karen started to run her fingers through the other woman's short blonde hair enjoying the silky smooth texture of it against her fingers. In the softest voice she could muster she spoke "Of course Deb… You have become one of my closest friends… I would never let you down."

Finally the sobs started to slow and Deb started to regain her composure as she smiled and closed her eyes resting against the brunette's soft body, enjoying the warm embrace. "I'll always be there for you too Karen… I am so glad I came into the shop and forced you to talk to me that day." She stated with a chuckle.

The comment got a laugh out of Karen as well who began laughing in a softer more gentle way than Deb. It was nice to be laughing considering the situation that they were both in at this time. Deb with Dan, and Karen with these new found confusing, probably misleading feelings.

"Man crying makes me so tired… I could fall asleep right now, you are so comfy." She said with a soft smile.

Karen smiled as well looking down at her friend giggling a bit as she continued to stroke her hair. Feeling a bit guilty about how much she was enjoying the contact. It did not seem right of her to be enjoying it in the way that she was. It wasn't what a good friend should do, stills he didn't stop it. "You can rest if you'd like… I can get up."

Brown eyes opened wide at the comment about the other woman getting up and looked up at her immediately. "Please don't leave?" She almost begged pulling the brunette closer, blushing a bit by how abrupt she had been. "I mean… I'm just really comfy." She smiled snuggling closer.

Blushing at the contact with her chest Karen suppressed a moan that threatened to escape her throat. The blonde's fingers were teasing her back gently, and her cheek was pressed up against a very sensitive area. "No. I can stay, of course." She said with a smile her voice giving off her nervousness.

"You really don't have to Karen. If you need to take care of the shop I really understand. I am sorry for being so needy." Deb stated as she quickly sat up and started to pull away from her.

Karen reached out placing her hands on each of Deb's arms running them gently over the soft skin. God this is becoming torture Karen! Stop torturing yourself! Smiling brightly she pulled her back toward her, repositioning them so that Deb could actually lay her entire body on top of hers.

Glancing up unsure even though she allowed Karen to control her actions she questioned "Are you sure Karen? I understand if it's weird."

"I'm sure." She stated in a matter of fact tone as she pulled the blonde even closer against herself. Deb began to protest again, but Karen placed a finger to her lips. "I'm sure."

It was Deb's turn to blush at the contact against her lips; it had been a long time since she had felt a spark of any kind physically. She hadn't since high school, and although she knew that it was wrong she was enjoying their close proximity.

Nodding her head, she sighed a little when she felt Karen drop her finger. Though, her smile quickly returned when she felt the brunette wrap her arms around her back pulling her against her body. She could swear she heard a moan come from the beautiful girl beneath her when she pressed their bodies together.

Oh god, did I just moan? Oh god. Oh god. Oh god… I hope that she didn't hear me! Karen you need to get control over yourself! It's just Deb she is your friend, and a woman, and the mother of your almost son. So, just stop.

Karen was too busy internally scolding herself to realize that Deb had noticed the moan and dismissed it as discomfort and was slowly falling into a deep sleep. The brunette was too busy trying to overanalyze all of these crazy and new feelings she was having.

Karen… you have Keith, and he is amazing to you. And sexy… He's sexy right? Right! And he is the sweetest guy ever and—

Her thoughts were cut off when she felt a soft sensation beneath her shirt that had risen due to their current state. Looking down quickly her brown eyes scanned the thin manicured hand that now rested against her uncovered hip. Her face heated up and she was glad that Deb appeared to be asleep for she was sure she was blushing.

Looking over at the blonde she realized she was for sure asleep. There was even a cute puddle of drool forming on her chest. Ew… cute drool? Karen what are you becoming?

Unconsciously enjoying the warmth of Karen's very heated skin Deb continued to run her hand underneath Karen's top. Which surprised the brunette, and also seemed to be affecting her another way she had never expected such things could.

Oh god! Why do you hate me so much! I have a boyfriend and I am very happy! Why is she doing this? She thought to herself though she knew the answer. She could feel how cold Deb's hands were and it made sense that she would be trying to heat them up. She just hoped it stopped there.

To her dismay it didn't stop there. Somehow the blonde's fingers managed to make their way up her side and underneath the back of her bra. Finally they rested there. Karen let out the breath that she had been holding in, and a soft moan. The contact was becoming too much for her. She could feel the heat forming between her legs.

Suddenly she felt a warm and wet sensation begin to run against her inner thighs and she blushed brightly. WAIT! AM I WET! She thought alarmed as she realized that she was very much turned on.

Gah, I need to ignore this crazy sensation… It is not right of me, it is wrong on every level! What would Lucas and Keith think? I cannot do that to them… I need to just ignore it and get some rest. Then when we wake up I can go back to acting like nothing happened.

She felt Deb dig her nails gently into her upper back and she let out a stifled moan. Biting down on her bottom lip in an attempt to make the sensation go away. At the very least I can put distance between the two of us until this passes.

It took a while of keeping her eyes closed and pretending that she was somewhere other than on a couch wrapped up in the blonde's arms for her to force herself to sleep. Finally, she had though luckily. Though, even her dreams revealed that it wouldn't be as easy as she hoped to get the blonde out of her head.

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End Chapter

Author note:

I already have the next chapter planned out, I know that this pairing isn't very popular. Still, I love the thought of it! They are cute together and they do have chemistry in the show, like when they go against dan and get on that billboard hehe they are cute! Just trust me on this one, if the idea doesn't completely disgust you I have many ideas and this will be long, dramatic and adorable!

Only cut it short and split the chapters because I hope to update my other stories today as well. ^-^

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