I Want To Save You

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of One Tree Hill.

Couple: Deb/Karen

Rating: M

Chapter 8

Figuring Things Out

Two Weeks Before The Election…

Deb and Karen had begrudgingly agreed to Dan's terms despite the fights it caused between the two of them. They had decided that they would end the relationship, though it was not going as expected. Neither woman could stop missing the other and they found themselves sneaking around behind Dan and their son's backs, meeting up in secluded places in the middle of the night. The last few months had been Hell on earth for the women and both were excited that it was finally coming to an end and no one had caught them messing around.

The blonde mother was still "happily" married to Dan Scott as far as the public was concerned; she still slept with him even though it made her completely sick to her stomach. She was literally counting down the days until the election was over and she could simply be with Karen, out in the open.

Karen was trying to not allow her jealousy of the situation ruin her optimistic outlook. She just continued to tell herself that Deb was not sleeping with the "ass of a man" out of want, but out of necessity. She had ended things with Keith not wanting to lead him on or hurt him any further when everything came out in the open; they had decided to just stay friends which Lucas had strongly advised against. He truly believed that she belonged with Keith, but as lonely as Karen got on nights when the blonde was with her husband she could not bring herself to lead him on and cheat on him.

Tonight like many others the last few months, would be one of their late night rendezvous. Lucas was out with his friends and for once she would not be upset if he stayed out all night, she just wanted to see Deb for as long as possible.

Brown eyes glanced over herself in the full-body mirror. 'I'm looking pretty sexy.' Even thinking the word "sexy" made the brunette giggle and blush lightly. Still, it was the truth. She was wearing a tight black dress with a low v-neck and it came to just above her knees in length. It accentuated every curve on her body and she could not help but smirk as she thought about the blonde seeing her in it. 'And taking me out of it…'


Lucas had been out with Nathan, Haley, and Brooke, they had planned to go to a party but he had forgotten his wallet at home. This meant they would not be able to get any alcohol which put a damper on everyone's party. Aside from Haley of course who would not be drinking. Even though they had already driven all the way across town and Lucas just wanted to say forget the alcohol and go inside, Nathan and Brooke had convinced him it would not be a party without alcohol. So, they were on their way back to his house to get his wallet.

Just as they were about to pull up to his house all eyes landed on his mother who was leaving the house looking rather dressed up for not having a boyfriend. Even though it shouldn't, it made Lucas angry knowing that his mother had been sneaking around with someone when in his eyes Keith was the perfect man for her.

'Isn't that Karen?" Haley asked with confused brown eyes as she looked over at her best friend. She could see the agitation in his blue eyes.

"Yeah." Was all that he said as he strummed his fingers on the steering wheel.

"Damn Luke your mom's looking hot!" Came Brooke's voice from the back seat which made him physically cringe. "Does she have a date?"

He had no idea why his mother would be all dressed up; it certainly looked to him like she had a date. Yet, as far as he knew she had been single for the last two months. 'But she has been leaving a lot in the middle of the night… maybe she does have a boyfriend? Why would she hide something like that from me though?' As he watched her get into the car and start to drive off he followed her. "We're going to find out."

"This is so much better than a party!" Brooke said in the back seat excited, she lived for drama. Haley merely rolled her eyes at the comment knowing her friend was really upset.


"What is she doing?" Haley questioned in a hushed voice as Lucas pulled the car over at the curb of the street turning his lights off so that they could watch his mother without being noticed. It appeared that she had pulled over right in the middle of nowhere, all that was to both sides of the street were trees.

"I have no idea." Lucas stated perplexed.

"Maybe she's going to have some kinky sex with some guy she met online, in the woods! Who would have thought Karen was such a freak?" Brooke asked, excitement shining in her hazel eyes as a dimpled smile formed on her lips and she eagerly glanced over the back seat through the window.

"Brooke!" Nathan, Lucas, and Haley all said at once.

Her smile fell and she whispered in a raspy voice. "Or maybe not, but we aren't going to find out here. Look she's going into the trees!" She stated her voice regaining the earlier excitement as it cracked.

"Okay everyone let's follow her." Lucas said taking control of the group as they all got out of the car and started toward the woods. Brooke was laughing rather loudly as they started into the trees which earned a stern look from the blonde boy and a slight scowl. "And let's be quiet. We don't want her to know we are—"

"Guess who?" Came a voice they all recognized.

"Mom?" Nathan asked a little too loudly, though his mouth was quickly covered by Haley's hand. The young tutor was terrified out of her mind. She never did anything dangerous like this and the last thing she wanted was for Karen to spot her in the woods spying on her. That would definitely put a rift in their friendship. "Shh." She said.

"Was that my mom?" Nathan whispered.

"Yep it was your mom. Seems Karen isn't the only one who has a dirty side!" Brooke whispered, though her voice was still a little too loud which earned another glare from Lucas who was confused as he joined his ex girlfriend and peered through the trees at his mother and Deb who seemed to be interacting rather intimately.

"What the hell is going on?" He whispered, anger practically flowing through his body as he stared hard.

Brooke simply giggled as Haley placed a hand on her back and leant over trying to see whatever they were looking at, her eyes widened in shock as did Nathan's eyes as they witnessed what the others were seeing. "Oh god…" She whispered out.

"Mom?" He asked again in a hushed and hurt tone. What was his mother doing? As far as he knew she was fixing things with his father.

"I feel so guilty." Karen said glancing her eyes downward as she was pulled closer to her blonde lover by her hips. It had been killing her keeping things hidden from Lucas, but she knew that she could not do anything about it. She was trapped. They were trapped.

"I know, me too Karen. But, just two more weeks and we can tell them." Deb stated with a gentle smile as she stroked her hand through brown locks. Karen had started to cry against her shoulder. Little did they know both of their sons were currently watching the display in complete confusion and shock.

The brunette sniffled a little against the older woman's shoulder before planting a kiss against the exposed skin she found there. "I just can't believe that Dan would do this to us. Blackmailing us, making us hide this from everyone. I knew he was an ass but I never thought he could sink this low."

"Well, if it matters." Deb stated trying to change the subject and make the woman that she loved smile again. "You look beautiful tonight."

"Oh it does matter. It means the world to me." Karen said pulling away and wiping the tears from her large child-like brown eyes, a smile now painted across her face. It seemed that the blonde could always say something to cheer her up even when she was at her worst. "Thank you so much Deb… For everything. I just cannot wait until this stupid election is over so that I can tell everyone how much I love you."

"Me either." She responded with a soft smile as she reached up and stroked brown strands out of beautiful blue eyes. "I love you so much Karen. I want the world to know."

Leaning down the blonde gently pressed her lips against the other woman's, moving them against hers in a rhythm. Quickly all of the emotions started to mix with the kiss and it grew exceedingly more passionate. Deb ran her tongue against the brunette's bottom lip eliciting a moan from her as she dug her nails into blonde locks pulling her closer to herself, earning a groan of excitement from the older woman as their bodies pressed together.

All of the kids were now staring with wide eyes and open mouths at the display. Well all of them aside from Brooke who had a smirk spreading across her face from ear to ear, her hazel eyes shining brightly. She had never expected this would be what they found and it was exciting for her.

"Well, well, well." Dan's voice rang out from behind Karen and Deb, all of them again recognized the voice as they glanced over at him. The older man was clapping his hands and laughing. "Looks like someone didn't hold up their end of the bargain."

"Dan!" Deb shouted out protectively standing in front of the woman that she loved.

"Dad?" Nathan asked in a shocked voice.

"Get out of here Karen!" Deb shouted to her lover as she walked closer to her demented husband who was wearing a smile on his face. She knew what the older man was capable of though and she did not want the brunette to get hurt.

"But Deb—" She started in a hesitant voice.

"Just go. Please? I will take care of this." Glancing back brown eyes met worried brown and the blonde tried to force a reassuring smile. "I promise I'll be fine, now get out of here."

Begrudgingly the brunette mother nodded her head and ran away from the scene quickly dodging trees as she tried to make her way toward her car to call the police and get help. She did not want to compromise their deal, but if Deb was in danger she did not care anymore. She just wanted it all to stop. Lucas was relieved about this, at least his mother was out of danger's way, but Nathan was still stuck watching his parent's problems.

"Deb I thought that we had a deal? Why would you go behind my back and sleep with that woman when you are supposed to belong to only me for the next two weeks?" His smile only spread as he reached out and encircled his hands around her wrists pressing her up against one of the many trees putting little distance between their bodies as he pressed his lips against her neck. "You are mine until I give you to her."

"Dan back the fuck away from me. I never wanted to make that deal in the first place, you blackmailed me. I love Karen." She stated with conviction and confidence, even though he clearly overpowered her. She had been dealing with him for so many years that nothing he did scared her anymore.

"Well you're mine you selfish whore!"

"I am not yours! I haven't been yours for so many years! You disgust—" Deb's head flew back and hit the tree as he slapped her across the face, blood now trickling from her lip.

"We have to do something!" Nathan whispered loudly trying to get passed the other people in order to save his mother, but Lucas quickly held him back. Knowing that they should not reveal where they were. "Lucas what if it was Karen?" Just as Lucas was about to let him go and save his mother Deb spat in Dan's face and shoved her knee hard between his legs causing him to yell out in pain as he held his legs together. Haley and Brooke both chuckled a little at the sight.

"You bitch!" He shouted as she started to run off into the trees. Not knowing where she was going, but she did not allow her legs to stop as she heard the crunching of leaves and twigs behind her. Knowing it was her husband.

"We have to save her!" Nathan shouted out and bolted into the forest, followed closely by Lucas and Haley who were yelling out his name. Brooke had grown scared at this point and deciding that she had had enough drama sat still out of fear. Things were getting a little too eventful and she knew she was completely hopeless.

'Wait? Karen probably headed back to her car, I could find her.' With that she started in that direction. Then froze as she heard it.

A gun shot.


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