Moonlight Dancer

It was the biggest day of my life today and I couldn't stop myself from thinking about the mistakes me and Dancer could make on the course.

Dancer has only been my horse for a year and a half, but the story this filly has behind her makes her so much more exceptional. She deserves to show everyone who has ever doubted her that a foal that almost died at birth and growing up was abused can be one of Canada's top show jumping horse. At that moment I was pulled out of my trance, the spokeperson was saying something."Up next is Nicole White on Moonlight Dancer a new and up coming filly" Nancy, my coach of 5 years called me over, I handed Dancer over to Brad who I have known since birth. " Nicole you have to give Dancer a tap with your crop while your approaching the double oxer or she will knock the top rail like everyone before you. I know you don't like to use the crop, but you have to." Okay , I'll do my best Nancy" I said as I walked away. "Good luck Nicole!" Nancy yelled. I went and got Dancer from Brad and went to the entrance. "Dancer we gotta do our best out there, this si the one day we have been training for the last year and a hald. No matter what happens out there, Bradley, Nancy and I know what you are capable of. So now let's go show them what we're made of." "Now Nicole White on Moonlight Dancer". I took a deep breath and we entered the arena.

We jumped the first five jumps perfectly, we were approaching the double oxer and just like Nancy said, I gave her a tap and I could instanly feel her collect underneath me. We took off, the top rail didn't even shake. The last jump was a bounce. One Two Three, Over. We did a clear round and with 5 seconds to spare. We did it, we won the National Junior Grand Prix!