I took a break from Jon/Becky to write some Jon/Harley. I missed this couple. So I had to remedy that. The 50scenes livejournal community helped out. This was inspired by prompt 43, "Entwined".

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, DC, Warner Bros., and Nolan have full credit for the characters in this fanfic. "Failcrow" was taken from E.S. Young, because it was rather appropriate to express Joker's feelings about Jon.

He never asked questions of the man even as they rose like a caustic acid in his mouth. He only swallowed and focused on what was most important—who was most important. He checked her pulse first, always aware that she could be brought here dead and her transportation would only laugh at him, chuckle at the morbid joke he'd just presented.

He was just a convenience; he was only used because somehow his affections were known. He stared down at the blonde upon the mattress and brushed away some of her hair with a sigh. She'd be fine, nothing more than a clean gunshot wound to the shoulder. He stood up and left the room, only turning once the door was closed to stare at the man who stood against the wall, looking bored.

"She'll heal. Two weeks at most."

The man lifted his dark eyes outlined in black and smirked a wide crimson grin, "Well, I'm sure you'll take good care of her, huh, Jonny? And once she's done why don't ya keep her this time, hm? Go on and tell Harls that Scarecrow has fallen for a clown. Better yet, let me be there when you do. As soon as she's healed enough, she'll come crawling back like she always does, with nothing more than a thank you to her good 'ol friend, Failcrow."

Jonathan watched the Joker turn and walk away, shoulders quaking in laughter. His eyes shifted back to the door he'd just exited.

He seemed so strong on the outside, but bring a woman into the picture, a woman who gave him kindness and did not judge him, and he was no better than string about their fingers. Harley reminded him of Sherry Squires, but unlike Sherry she did not purposely lead him, but he was led nonetheless and he both longed for and denied his freedom.

Maybe he'd do what the Joker requested. Maybe he'd tell her, and maybe just maybe she'd finally leave the man who despite his intelligence was nothing more than an average bully. He just used knives and dynamite along with insults. Yet, still he was as immature as Bo Griggs, as cocky too.

Maybe it was time the Joker was proven wrong. Jonathan leaned against the door. Harley deserved better than that man, who probably didn't love her anyway.

Love didn't equal beating your partner into submission and he'd seen the mottled bruises around her neck that outlined a perfect imprint of two hands. That was not love that was manipulation, and Harley was nothing but a toy he'd destroy just as soon as he was finished with her. He knew how it worked; he'd once been a toy too and his master had been Sherry.