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Songs that Inspired this Chapter.

Laura Veirs - Salvage a Smile

Break the glass from your hanging lanterns

Break the sea with your blackened anchors

And you might end up a floating junk pile

But you can always scramble to salvage a smile

Magneta Lane - Mare of the Night

This is strong and sweet

I wanna keep it goin

Stop the noise in our heads

Just take it in

Metric - Collect Call

I know it's a lie, I want it to be true

The rest of the ride is riding on you

Over goodbyes we'll buy some place

Chapter Nine

Salvage a Smile

Bella Swan POV

"Bella, sweetie," Renee calls as I take a sip of my freshly made orange juice. "I need you to cover Eric's shift today at the coffee shop, okay?"

I nod to my mother, who is trying her best to not burn the eggs... again. This is her second attempt this morning to make me breakfast. I told her I was fine with some cereal, or toast, or even a pop-tart, but she wouldn't have it. She told me she was the mother, and it was her duty to feed me. I was surprised that she even offered to prepare breakfast, but I was even more surprised that she was even here this morning. Usually she is at work or still at Phil's, or she wouldn't even come home. I was about to take another sip of my orange juice when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!" I yell as I stand to answer it. I run to the door and open it to a very careless looking Alice, who's wearing some plaid boxer shorts, a sweater, and some brown Uggs.

"Hi!" Alice exclaims, smiling at me as she hands me a duffle bag. I look at her confused and take the heavy bag from her hands.

"What is this?" I ask. "A dead body."

She gasps while bringing her hand up and placing it over her heart. "How did you know?" She retorts sarcastically and rolls her eyes. "No, it's not a dead body. It's some clothes I picked out for you today." She smiles and enters the house. She says a quick hello to Renee, who waves at Alice with the spatula, dropping some eggs in the process.

"Ali, I'm good with just a hoodie and some jeans today." I tell her, closing my bedroom door behind us. "I even feel like just wearing my pajamas."

"Well you're not wearing that today, so I don't want to hear another word about it, missy," she scolds me as she takes out all the clothes from the duffel bag and places them evenly on my bed.

"Ali, these are nice and everything, but I'm just not in the mood to get dressed up and stuff. I mean, it's just high school, right?" I question, hoping by some miracle I was right.

Alice stops what she is doing and steps in front of me.

"Wrong." She tells me. Of course I was wrong. "This isn't about high school. This is about you not giving a shit about what those assholes think. You need to just get out there and not let Tanya, Jessica, Victoria, or even Jacob get in your way." The sound of his name makes my stomach twist and turn, so I pull my bathrobe closer to me. Alice then rests her hands on my shoulders. "Show them that what they say or do has no effect on you, because you don't give a shit," she says firmly, and of course, she is right again. I shouldn't give a shit.

"Okay, so what about this one?" I ask Ali, who gets up to inspect the fourth outfit; a black tank top with floral print, some very short shorts, a leather jacket, and some black boots. Alice circles me around like Sherlock Holmes searching for a clue. She stops in front of me and smiles.

"Perfect," she says, grabbing an outfit from the bed, "because I really wanted to wear this one." She giggles and takes the plaid shirt and jean shorts to the bathroom. As I sit on my bed, waiting patiently for her to return, I start getting my bag ready for school and toss my books in. I search around my bed, hoping I have everything when something catches my eye. There on the floor by my desk was the crumpled up note from Edward that I had thrown down last night. I immediately get up to grab it, but stop when Alice suddenly opens the bathroom door. I quickly sit back on my bed.

"Okay, so I really like this outfit," Alice states, smiling. "What do you think?" She asks as she spins to display her attire. I glance between her and the note, trying to come up with a plan to grab it without Ali noticing.

"It's great," I mutter, not really paying attention to her. I stretch my foot out in an attempt to push the note towards me. I know that if she finds out about the note, she will question me endlessly. I didn't want to explain the note to her, because I didn't really know what it meant myself. I casually lean further, but she finally notices and starts walking towards me.

"What is that?" She questions as she starts bending down to grab the paper. I immediately hop off my bed and pick it up.

"Nothing," I say quickly, shoving it into my bag and heading to the door. She just stands there for a moment with a curious look on her face.

"You coming?" I ask her as I open my bedroom door, only slightly annoyed. She starts toward me slowly, looking at me with that familar, all too knowing glare in her eyes.

"Are you keeping something from me?" She questions.

I wasn't one for lying, but I had a good reason to. I just couldn't let her know about the note or about Edward yet... at least not until I find out what they both mean to me.

"No," I say smiling at her. "Of course not," I add. It wasn't a flat out lie; I just wasn't sure if there was actually something to keep.

"Okay." She smiles at me.

There was nothing that I hated more than lying to my best friend. Alice grabs her bag from the floor and walks out my door with me right behind her.

"So what time is your shift over?" Alice asks as we sit down at our lunch table, which is sadly placed precisely in the middle of the cafeteria.

"I think eight. I might have to stay later to clean up and close, though," I tell her as I take the bag of apples out of my lunch bag.

"Well, shit-sticks! I wanted to do something." She pouts.

I laugh, grabbing an apple slice from the Ziplock bag and pop it into my mouth. As I look around me, I spot Edward entering the cafeteria with Jasper and Emmett following closely behind them. Edward's green eyes slowly scan the cafeteria as if he's looking for someone, so I throw my head down immediately, fearful that it was me he was searching for. I take a drink of my Sprite and listen to Alice go on about something that I didn't really understand since I wasn't listening in the first place. I slowly lift my head back up, silently hoping that I can steal another glimpse of him, but he is gone and none other than Jessica Stanley is standing in front of me.

I look at Alice, who looks at me in confusion. We both shrug our shoulders simultaneously, which makes us giggle lightly.

"Uh…Hello?" Jessica says with irritation as she waves her hand in my face.

"Uh…goodbye," Alice says, mimicking Jessica. I try to restrain my laughter as Jessica quickly turns to glare at me.

"Anyways," she says, shifting her eyes between Alice and I, "I just wanted to let you know that I had nothing to do with what Tanya did earlier," she finally says.

"What did she do?" I question and rise to stand in front of her.

"You don't know about your car?" Jessica asks, clearly assuming that I was aware of whatever it was Tanya had done.

"You better spit it out, Stanley, or I swear I will spill my soda all over your cashmere sweater," Alice threatens, moving closer to Jessica with the Coca-Cola in her hand.

"Okay!" Jessica quickly says while taking a step back. "Why don't you just go see for yourselves?" She suggests, pointing outside.

I quickly run out of the cafeteria doors to the back parking lot. I frantically search for my car, fearing for the worst. Alice yells behind me that she has found it, so I spin around and spot my car…my now damaged car.

"FUCK!" I yell, running my hand through my hair.

The front window is cracked horribly, and the word 'SLUT' is written across it in red paint. It looks like someone threw a handful of tiny rocks at it. I rush to the back of the car, and there on the back window in black paint is a giant penis that covers the entire thing with the words 'SUCK ME BELLA' written around it. I circle around the car, dragging my fingers along the fresh key scratches that are now forever embedded on my car. I start walking over some glass and notice that the passenger side window is busted completely. I go back to the front and stand, gazing at the one thing that forever linked me to Charlie. This car wasn't just 'a car', it was Charlie's car. Sometimes I could still smell his favorite cheap cologne lingering in it's interior, and I could still feel the impression that he left on the drivers seat. I sometimes imagined hearing him singing along to his favorite alternative radio station that I always listen to when I drive now. This was the only thing still connecting me to him... and that bitch ruined it.

"Shit!" Alice yells bringing me out of my thoughts. "She slashed your tires," she yells with rage.

I am too angry for words, so I slowly make my way to the hood of the car and sit down on top of it with Alice joining me. I fight back the tears that are trying to escape from my eyes.

"We have to get her back," I tell her. "She just can't get away with this kind of shit."

She suddenly turns to me, looking at me in disbelief. "You, Bella Swan, want revenge?" She questions happily.

I think carefully about the effects this could have on me in the long run, but Charlie is way too important to me to just let her get away with this. He would've wanted me to stand up and do the right thing... and the right thing to do now is to get Tanya-fucking-Solomon back.

"Yes I do," I declare with my new found confidence. "This shit is going to end. Today." I shrug off my jacket and toss it through my busted car window. "And you're going to help me," I add quickly as I start jogging towards the entrance that leads to the lockers.

"Bella wait!" Alice calls from behind me. "Bella!"

I finally stop, giving her time to catch up with me. She stops in front of me then bends over, resting her hands on her knees. "What...do you...need me...to do?" She asks, out of breath. Right, I forgot about that. I think for a second because I actually never planned this out; I just reacted to my anger without a thought. The bell finally rings, signaling fifth period, so I start walking again, trying to figure out what exactly I needed her to do.

"And I'm going to go out on a limb here and try to be the voice of reason. You're sure you don't want to just go to the police first?" She asks, still trying to catch her breath.

"Oh, I'm going to the police too, but I'm going to teach this bitch a lesson once and for all. So, I just need you to distract Tanya and then follow my lead," I tell her and open the double doors in front of me.

"That's it?" Alice questions. "That was easier than I thought," she says as she walks through the door. I slowly follow behind her but stop at my locker. Ali immediately spots Tanya at the end of the hall, standing in front of her locker and charges toward her.

"Hey, Tanya!" Alice yells, turning everyone's attention on her. "You banana munching bitch-whore!" Oh God.

Tanya turns around to look at her then walks straight for her.

I swiftly go down the opposite hallway so I can slip behind Tanya and grab the one thing she holds dear to her precious, little, black heart. I finally round the corner and notice Tanya towering over Alice.

"You are such a dumb little bitch," Tanya tells Alice. "You think guys like Jasper will actually like you?" Oh shit!

I look around and spot Jasper with his head down as he makes a quick exit with Emmett close behind him. Poor Ali.

I sigh, slowly making my way to Tanya's locker to retrieve her pink, sparkly blackberry. A sea of people surround Tanya and Alice, so I have a clean break to Tanya's locker. I try to hurry so Alice doesn't have to get into a bigger confrontation with Tanya.

"You think that you, a big fucking-bitch-cunt-hoe-bag, has a chance of getting with any of these guys for just being yourself? The only way one of these boys will get with you is if you are swinging your skanky body around a poll and they got a dollar hanging around to shove up your stinky beef curtains!" Alice yells louder than I think she intended to. I snatch the blackberry that was resting on the top shelf of Tanya's locker and signal to Alice to run for it. I start darting towards the bathroom and wait there for Ali, who shows up seconds later.

"Holy shit! I wanted to set that bitch on fire," Alice confesses as she leans against the bathroom wall. I sit on the dirty bathroom floor, trying to catch my breath.

"So what did you get anyways?" She questions as she sits down next to me. I pull out the phone and hand it to her.

"You got her phone?" She asks me, slightly irritated. I really didn't know what I was going to do with the phone I just hoped the answer would show up somehow.

I grab the phone out of Alice's hand. "Yeah…her phone. You know how much she loves it."

I now realize just how ridiculous this plan really is. I am acting juvenile, thinking that a phone is really going to take all of my troubles away. I open the phone and begin to scan through it slowly, praying to the gods of revenge that something was going to be on here.

"Holy shit!" I gasp.

"Did you get it all set up?" I ask Alice as we take our seats in the library for seventh period Biology.

Mr. Banner decided to drag the whole class to the library today since we have to do some research for our project that's due on Friday. Alice actually doesn't even have a seventh period, but she decided to join me anyways. We wait for the whole class to sit at the tables when in walks Tanya. I immediately start to laugh, but Alice swiftly nudges me in the side, commanding me to shut up.

"Alright, everyone. Quiet down, please," Mr. Banner announces as he sits behind the librarian's desk. "Group one may take a seat at the computers."

Alice and I both get up to take a seat at one the computers in the back, along with some of the other students.

"Go ahead and get started. Just remember that you only have about twenty minutes. So please use your time wisely and don't turn the computers on until I say," Mr Banner says then pauses. "Okay, go."

One by one, the computers around us come to life. Almost instantly, quiet fits of laughter begin to spread throughout the room and soft whispers float from person to person. Alice turns on our computer, and a slideshow of pictures are displayed on our screen.

A picture of Tanya on her knees, happily sucking Mike Newton's tiny dick. Another of Jessica seductively bent over, giving Mike a hand job while Tanya is knelt behind her, licking her pussy. One of Tanya giving Mike a blow job as Victoria is fucking her from behind with one of those strap on dildos, a cigarette resting between her bright red whore-lips. These disgraceful pictures flash on and off as a sudden scream fills the room. I laugh along with Alice as we watch Tanya frantically run out of the library. Mr. Banner is in a frenzy as he tries to shut off the computers and calm the whole class down.

I see this as the perfect opportunity to make a quick escape. I silently pick up my bag and grab Ali by the arm. Ali looks at me curiously, so I tilt my head towards the door; she quickly gets the idea and grabs her bag as well. We both move through the library unnoticed. We burst into fits of laughter as soon as we exit through the doors and run to Alice's car. Emmett is casually leaning against my car with his football bag on the ground next to him.

"She really trashed your car," he says as we come face to face with him. I simply nod, not really wanting to talk about it again. "Well, I paid for Forks Towing to come pick it up and take it to my house so I can fix it up…or at least try. The police should be here any moment also."

My arms are immediately around him. "Oh, my gosh! Thank you so much, Emmett." I stand on my tip toes to kiss him on the cheek, but he still has to bend down for me to reach him. "This means so much," I say, letting go of him and taking a step back.

"I know that this car meant a lot to you," he says, circling it. "so I want to do everything I can to help you, with Jasper's help of course. He knows more about cars than I do."

Emmett then grabs his football bag off the ground and tells us that if he doesn't get to practice now, Coach Johnson will come looking for him.. He gives us both another hug, reminding us to wait for the police and says that he will talk to us later.

The police arrive moments later, and I file the report. The officer promises to touch base with me at a later time.

Alice unlocks her car, and we both get in. I all of sudden burst into a fit of laughter as I remember the event that took place during seventh period.

"Did you see Tanya's face when the pictures popped up?" I ask Alice, who starts the car then looks at me as she re-enacts Tanya's facial expression perfectly. We both burst into laughter, but something suddenly occurs to me, and I stop abruptly and turn to face her.

"What did you do with the phone?" I ask, panicking.

"No worries," she says, driving out of the parking lot. "I got her locker combination and stuck it back in there," she states proudly.

After Alice dropped me off at my house so I could grab my work uniform, she graciously offered to give me a ride to work since my mom wasn't home again. I accepted but let her know that I wouldn't need a ride home after work because I didn't want to burden her anymore. I was a little late to work, which made my co-worker, Lauren, slightly irritated with me since she was waiting to pick up her two year old son from daycare. I liked Lauren. She was cool, decorated with many extraordinary tattoos and piercings. She never put up with bullshit, and she was a straight forward kind of person. I was slightly disappointed that I had to work by myself but happy that I didn't have to work with Leah today since she is a snob and gets on my last nerve.

I'm about to close up for the night when my phone vibrates in the pocket of my red apron. I grab it, open it, and read the text.

"Bella, please baby talk to me."


I shut my phone, instantly regretting even reading that text. I shove it into the back pocket of my jeans and untie my red apron, letting it fall to the ground. It's never going to stop; he's never going to leave me alone.

I quickly make my way to the main door to close up so I can get the hell out of here. I start turning the sign from Open to Closed when a dark figure appears on the other side of the door. I abruptly step back as my breathing begins to accelerate. The door opens slowly, and the dark figure enters the shop with its head down. My body freezes as the figure lifts its face up, revealing it to be none other than Jacob Black.

"Hey, babe," he says menacingly.

I slowly start walking backwards without saying a word as I try and think of an easy escape.

"Where are you going?" He questions, walking towards me.

"Jacob, you need to leave, now," I command with a shaky voice. He stops, removes his hood from his head and chuckles.

"No," he says as he charge towards me.

I turn around to make run for it, but I trip, falling flat on my stomach. Jacob takes advantage of the opportunity and grabs a handful of my hair, yanking my head back.

"You can't run from me," he declares, picking me up by my hair. "I won't let you. You are mine!" He tosses me to the side. I scream as I hit the corner of one of the tables. A painful wave rushes through my entire head at the impact. I bring my hand to the back of my scalp and immediately get hit with a warm liquid. Blood. My eyes widen, and I can hear Jacob approaching me slowly.

I feel myself slowly fading from consciousness as I shut my eyes for a second, and a pair of dazzling dark brown orbs come into focus. Charlie. I open my eyes instantly, and a few silent tears escape as the word Daddy escapes from my lips.

Jacob laughs at me. "Your daddy's not here to save you now, is he?"

"Your daddy's not here..." The words repeat in my head as I suddenly remember that Charlie always made me carry pepper spray with me wherever I went. I even made sure to keep some in the compartment underneath the register.

I carefully move my body so I can look up at Jacob, who has a smug smile playing on his lips. An overwhelming sensation immediately overcomes my body, and in one swift move, I bring my leg up and around, kicking him in between the legs.

"You bitch!" He yells at me and instantly drops to his knees.

I quickly get up, not caring about how bad my head is throbbing and make my way behind the register to grab the pepper spray. I take a few deep breaths and run for the back room, but Jacob catches me by the arm and twirls me around, then slaps me across the face. I yell as I raise my arm and spray him with the pepper spray. He loosens his grip, his hands shoot to his eyes, and I run once again to the back room where I lock the door and grab my bag hurriedly, searching for the one and only thing that can save me now.

"BELLA!" Jacob yells as he pounds on the door. "I am going to kill you! You little fucking bitch!" He bangs on the door more visciously.

Unwanted tears fall heavy from my eyes as I start dialing the number. I slowly bring it to my ear as I wait anxiously to hear the voice of a savior.

"Hello?" a deep voice says. A smile of relief creeps to my lips almost immediately.

I wipe the tears from my eyes and try to calm my breathing. "Edward?"


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