Just a rambling ranting Author's Note.

First of all, I can't believe I'm done with it. It's over. I've actually finished it… Wow. *shakes head* Took me long enough... *grins* Congratulations to everyone who managed to get passed the first few chapters.

I started this story as a way for me to hang on to Emily and Naomi just a little while longer. I wanted to keep them alive, I guess. As some of you might have already read on my profile, I love Naomi and Emily. I love them so much it's killing me... *Ahem*

I have no clue where this idea came from, I don't even know what possessed me to write it down. I do, however, know that the decision to post it was fueled by too many beers and me being bored. It also had everything to do with Heather Hogan's 4.08 review. I read it and I missed them terribly, so after rewatching every episode again (for the 5th or 6th time), this story came tumbling out.

People have told me that it's been confusing, they've wanted to know what the flickers are. They've wanted to know why and they've been bugging me to explain it all. The problem is, I didn't want to explain it all. I wanted to give you all a chance to imagine things for yourself. I personally hate when writers explain every little detail of their stories.

But enough of the why's and the how's... I want to get down to what I really wanted to do with this Author's Note. The thank you's. (And if I forgot to mention you, it's because I should have made a list before attempting this. I'm sorry.)

I guess I'll start with Esdiferente: Thank you for listening to me whine and moan about word counts and writers blocks and anything else I threw at you. If it wasn't for you, this story would have been dead in the water a long time ago. I hope everyone here has read and loved your stories like I have, because you are talented. Disclaimer or not. *grins*

Hypes: You are just incredible and a lovely person. Thanks for reading and reviewing. And I've said it before, but I'll say it again, IHAFICC is one of the first stories I read an loved on here. And one of the reasons I started to write. If I have a tenth of your talent, I'll consider myself lucky.

Stunty: You were one of the first people to review, and Anything to Declare is a piece of art. I love the story and I thank you for the support. (Even if you do keep claiming Naomi is yours...)

Blue-Eyed-Blonde: Thank you for all the encouragement, all the reviews. I loved them all and I love your stories.

NiceOneBlondie: Your story is one of those that made me write. I loved it from the first few words of it. Thank you for writing it, and thank you for the reviews.

Lumagoo, Coolbeans and every other regular and irregular reviewer: Thank you so much. They've all meant a lot.

And last, but so not least... I'd like to mention Vangoghgurrl. Generalissimo. The creator of the Game. *grins* You're just fun.

Also a big thanks to everyone that have read it all, lurking in the shadows. I hope you liked it.

To everyone that have asked me if there's going to be more... I doubt it. As far as I'm concerned, I've sent the Flickers versions of Naomi and Emily off into the sunset (Along with the rest of them.) I hope they're happy, actually, I know they are. *smiles*

And before you all go, yes... I am writing something new. I'm not sure when it will be here, but I do know it's going to be called Chasing Shadows and it'll be rated M for all the wrong reasons *grins*. It will be completely different from Flickers and not all of you are going to like it. But I'm ok with that.

Keep writing all you writers, keep dazzling me with your wonderful stories. There are so many talented people here, and I'm just honoured to read your work. See you all some time soon *Grins*


P.S: To all the twitter people, you are all hilarious and lovely. And you constantly try to invade my brain... Some of you even seem to have set up camp in there. I should have mentioned all of you.