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Rosalina looked around her. The silence was almost deafening as she took in her surroundings. The land was flat and the wind gently caressed the grass. Boulders and rocks were scattered about, dotting the landscape.

She sat with her arms wrapped around herself. She was happy that Buttercup and Westley could be together now, but she started to feel uncertain and nervous. She was all alone in the middle of nowhere. She knew the Prince would be along soon and take her back to the castle, but what if he didn't find her? What if somebody else came along and tried to kidnap her? Or hurt her? What if they wanted to know information about Buttercup and Wesley?

Rosalina shook her head, clearing her thoughts. She knew she had to be brave, it's what Buttercup would've wanted of her. Yes, the Prince would be along soon and everything would be all right. Buttercup would go and live a happy life with her one true love and Rosalina; well Rosalina would figure something out.

She would miss Buttercup that was for sure. But the princess had been so kind to her that she deserved happiness.

She sat pondering the situation when she finally heard the sound from horses in the distance. She jolted her head up to see a small party approaching her in the road with banners waving behind them. Excited, she stood up and started waving her arms. She would be safe. The group changed their course towards her and as they got close to her, she could see that it was indeed the prince.

She gripped her dress and dropped into a low curtsy in respect to his royal highness, her eyes to the ground.

"Rise girl. You are my beloved's chambermaid, are you not? Explain yourself, where is the Princess?" The voice of the prince commanded her.

She stood and hesitantly brought her eyes to meet the Prince. She picked at her finger nervously; she always hated talking to him.

"Yes, your highness, my name is Rosalina. The Princess and me were captured on our daily ride by a group of three men, and then we were ah… One man captured us again. He- He let me go and took off with the Princess," she said quietly.

"What direction did they go?" He asked again, with a cool clipped tone.

"I- I did not see… Your majesty," she stammered. "H-he told me not to ah- look at what direction they left."

"I see. Then we must proceed with haste," he said calmly, nodding to one of the guards. "Take her."

Before Rosalina could even respond or think, the men on horses took off again. As they galloped by, one of them leaned down and caught her by the waist. She yelped a little as she was lifted and place in front of the horse, his arm wrapped securely around her.

She sighed and tried to assure herself that Westley was fast and clever enough to get away with Buttercup.

They rode on, Rosalina growing increasingly nervous. They were going too fast, they were going to catch up to them! She bit her lip and sighed.

Time passed when they suddenly came to a halt on the top of a hill.

"There," pointed the Prince.

Rosalina squinted. Up ahead there were two people. One was in black and one was in red. She realized with a start that they were Westley and Buttercup. Suddenly, Westley disappeared and Buttercup followed quickly after.

"What happened?" The Count spoke, on a horse next to Rosalina.

She suppressed a little shudder. She disliked the Count almost as much as she disliked the Prince. The way he spoke in such low tones unsettled her.

"He disappeared. He must have seen us closing in, which might account for his panicking into error," the Prince supplied. "Unless I am wrong, and I am never wrong, they are headed dead into the Fire Swamp."

Rosalina's stomach churned at this. She had heard the stories. No body made it out of the Fire Swamp alive.

"Your highness, are you going to go to the Fire Swamp to save her?" She asked worriedly.

"You speak when spoken to," he said coldly. "And no, we are going to catch them on the other side. The man has proven clever so far; they are sure to make it out. Move out men."

As they rode out, Rosalina frowned. For someone who wanted to save Buttercup so badly, he didn't seem to be trying very hard. The thoughts continued to swirl around her head as they rode to try and entrap the couple.

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