(I like Amemiya. I think she deserves some Nenji lovin' too)

Amemiya watched with a small smile as little Nanaka gushed happily at Nenji-chan about the new Domiko stick. He had asked a million times for her help with the six year old. In fact, it was almost as if she was helping him raise her. Mommy and Daddy. She smiled to herself as Nenji peered into his emptying wallet to buy the toy. Nanaka bounced over to her with an overjoyed smile, "Miss Amemiya, what are you smiling at?"

The pink-haired teenager blinked and grinned sheepishly, "Oh nothing, Miss Kirisato. I'm just happy you got your Domiko stick."

Nanaka loved to play the piano. She loved to play doctor. She loved to watch Magical Domiko. But: she only liked Nenji-chan. She might like him a whole lot more than Kuriko, but she still only liked him. That was six year old Nanaka, but eleven years can change a person a whole lot. Seventeen year old Nanaka despised doing stupid things that wouldn't help her get into a five star college. She didn't just like Nenji either. Truth be told, Nenji was the only person she could honestly trust. Trustworthy, but still more. To be completely honest, she loved Nenji more than six year old Nanaka could ever love Magical Domiko.

(This takes place when she's in the hospital after fainting at the school trip D-U-H)

Nenji looked at her sleeping form. She had just woken up from her six year old mind block, and he knew things were back to normal. Still… he had gotten used to the six year old Nanaka. It felt wrong to love the past more than the present. Despite all the wrongness, Nenji thought he was in love with the six year old he once knew more than the seventeen year old who was sleeping in front of him.