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"We barely remember,
who or what came before
this precious moment.
We are choosing to be here,
right now.
Hold on,
stay inside...
This holy reality,
this holy experience.
Choosing to be here in..."

Parabola by Tool

Cross My Heart

Number One:

It Began With A Scientist

In a world where the Shinigami, the ones called 'Balancers' resided, the place known as the Soul Society, here a man named Kisuke Urahara was conducting an experiment. One that he thought that would change the lives of the Shinigami forever!

He sighed in relief. "It's almost finished. Phew. That's lots of hard work to pull." A with his palm, wiped the sweat from his brow.

Below his hands, was a body, a human like body. It's face and chest and lover area were covered with sheets, but it was obvios from the small mounds on it chest that it was a female.

"Hmmm...I wonder...what should I name you?"

He scratched the top of his head. And then it came to him. "Ah! Yuzuki! What a wonderful name for a young woman like yourself!" (Yuzuki I think means, superior? Correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks.)

"Yuzuki! Yuzuki Cross! What a wonderful name!"

Kisuke grumbled, and felt the presence of another's stare. He opened his sleepy eyes to see a face staring straight at his. Huge green eyes, and black hair that fell onto her face, and hung around her head reaching towards her neck, and she had pale, but not deathly pale, but pale enough where it looked as if her eyes were shining out. She wore nothing but a blanket over her chest, that went to her feet. She must've been cold.

He smiled. "Ah. Seems you're awake!"

She tilted her head to the side, and mimiced his smile.

He raised an eyebrow, she raised an eyebrow.

"You can't speak, can you?" he asked her.

She looked at him with the smile he wore earlier.

"I guess that's a 'no' for sure!" he laughed and patted her head. "Now let's get you into some clothes! You must be freezing in that sheet."

Kisuke had picked out simple, dark purple flower patterned kimono, which matched perfectly with her dark hair and green eyes. He grinned to himself. "You look absolutley stunning! Now...let's see...what was that I was forgetting to do...?" he scratched his blond hair, his brain racking to remember what he was going to do.

"Ah! That's it! I was going to see if I could get you to speak." he looked down at her, she was short, coming up to about to his chest, but just barely. She looked up at him and tilted her head and gave a smile.

He smiled down at her. "My. That smile of yours almost made me forget again, Yuzuki-chan."

"Yu...Yu..." she tired to speak out. He gave a grin. "Yuzuki. That's your name. Can you say it?"

"Yu...Yu...zu..." she tried again.

"Yuzuki." Kisuke said. "Yu. Zu. Ki." he sounded it out.

"Yu...zu...ki!" she shouted. "Yuzuki! Yuzuki!" she began cheering and pulled Kisuke into an embrace. "Yuzuki! Yuzuki!"

"Now, for my name...can you say...Kisuke?" Kisuke asked her.

"Ki..." she tried to sound it out. He grinned with hope that she would learn his name, after all he was her creator. "Ki...su..." he grinned even more. 'Almost!'

And after a moment of silence...

Yuzuki!" she shouted. He sighed, a bead of sweat falling down his forehead. "Aw well, we can try it again later."

- Number One End

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Kisuke takes Yuzuki around 12th Company. How will she take these brand new surrondings? More like, these new people? And why is that girl hitting Kisuke with her shoe?