This is just something I came up with to get rid of my writers block. It's alright, for something I wrote when I was really tired. It's my first 1x362, and it's short. That's all I really have to say.


Nigel Uno was often said to believe in only himself and his team.

But that was a lie. Nigel Uno believed in many things. God, justice, freedom, and integrity were a few. But there was one thing he believed in most of all. Most of all, he believed in her.

She was beautiful in every way. Her very presence demanded attention and people valued her kind heart. Her smile lit up a room, even though it was rarely seen.

She hated dresses with a passion. 'They always trip me up,' she would say. He, personally, thought she looked like an angel in the things. Of course, he would never tell her that.

She would mull over if she should cut her hair, so it wouldn't be a hindrance in battle. Every time she brought up the subject, he would just roll his eyes behind his sunglasses and act like any other ten year-old boy. What he really wanted to say was that he thought her hair was perfect, thank you very much.

Her courage was something to respect. She truly was a lioness, dangerous and proud. But, she was not without her faults.

If any of her friends put themselves in harms way when it wasn't needed she would explode. She wouldn't yell like Numbuh 86, but her knuckles would go white and she would raise her voice just as much as necessary to get her point across. If a person didn't know her well enough they would say she was livid, but he knew better. It was her way of reacting to the fear. The fear of those around her, the people she was responsible for, getting hurt.

She never knew when it was time to take a break. She always needed urging to go get a drink at Lime Rickey's once in a while. She didn't get that her fellow operatives would understand the need to rest.

There was one trait he admired most of all, the one that made him truly believe in her, and that was her dedication.

Because Rachel McKenzie never gave up.

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