Thais sat there and wept. Damn you Luc! Yet again he had betrayed her. But this time was serious. He hadn't just abandoned her on a date, he had left her at the alter! We were going to get MARRIED! This was going to change everything! You promised you'd stop sleeping around, now look! I'm left at the end of the aisle, looking foolish with mascara streaming with my tears!

Clio looked apologetically at her, and hugged her tightly. When she pulled away, she fished a wet wipe from her purse and started to wash away the black streaks. Thais thanked her softly, and resumed her spiteful thoughts. But something occurred to her.

"Oh Deese'! It's me! There's something wrong with me! He can't settle down with me because he hates me!"

"No! It's not like that! There's nothing wrong with you! It's all that scoundrels fault!", Clio replied.

Thais flew into her arms as her tears renewed. So many images assaulted her head. Luc with Ouida. Luc with Axelle. Luc with Clio. With anyone but me... Damn it, Luc! WHY? I love you! I want to spend my life with you! Why are you so unfaithful? What have I done to wrong you?

There was a soft thud of a door closing. A soft, warm hand landed gently on her shoulder.

"Leave me the Hell alone, you jerk."

"Thais..." His voice was thick and raspy. Thais looked up and gasped.

"My God! What happened, Baby?" Luc was covered in gruesome and hideous gashes, and his face was caked with dirt.

"A car wreck." He sat down and explained the horrifying details of how he was nearly severed in two when his motorcycle was hit by a speeding semi.

"I'm sorry Honey. I'm sorry I'm late, but I wouldn't miss this for the world. You know I love you, right?"

"Yeah Luc, I do."

They leaned in, and with a single kiss, began a whole new life together.

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