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"Dude, this is wrong on so many levels."

"Shut up will you? Did you get what we need?"

With a slight nod and a guilty look, Jayden pulled a slightly crumpled pharmacy bag from his back pocket.

"You had no idea how embarrassing it was to get this. I swear I got the weirdest fucking stares from the cashier. You owe me man."

"I don't owe you shit. It was your idea in the first place. Now pass me the stuff."

Jayden sighed but passed his auburn haired comrade the "stuff," as he called it. "I was only joking. I didn't think you'd actually take me seriously!" he ground out.

Ignoring Jayden's outburst, Nick tore open the crumpled bag and the small package that housed the goods. Dumping a few on a small sheet of wax paper, he pressed and twisted the bottom of a heavy glass on top of the pharmaceuticals trying to crush them. "Okay…good…good." Nick fingered the substance, seemingly pleased with his grinding methods, effectively turning the "stuff" into a fine white powder.

Jayden gulped visibly and wiped his sweaty palms on the front of his jeans. "What happens if they taste it? Huh? What'll we do then?"

"Jay, stop being such a pussy! Here, you mix it." Nick said, sliding a mixing bowl filled nearly to the brim with fluffy, milk chocolate confectionary covering over to Jayden.

"I'm pretty sure this shit is illegal and I'm in no rush to become somebody's bitch. I'm too pretty for jail, if you hadn't noticed." Jay stated weakly, but still proceeded to pick up the small rubber spatula to stir the "stuff" into the bowl.

"Whatever man. Anyway, too late- you bought the shit so you're already an accomplice. Plus, you know I'll kick your ass if you snitch. So stop your whining and stir faster so this shit doesn't clump.

"I'm not worried about you kicking my ass, Nick. What I'm worried about, is your ass kicking girlfriend, who could probably snap my fucking neck like a twig! And not to mention what Rei would do-"

"Jay you're showing a lot of bitchass-ness right now, and I'm gonna need you to be a man about it! Or would you rather get bitched out by Rei and Lita for something as simple as breathing?"

Blue eyes widening in fright at just the thought of their girlfriends' p.m.s, Jay suddenly found the cahones to stir the substance vigorously into the icing, lest it clump and blow their plan to hell.

"Glad you see the point, my friend." And with a grim smile, Nick gave a brotherly pat to Jayden's back and offered to spread the enhanced icing onto a plate of double chocolate cupcakes.

"Okay, now put some of those rainbow sprinkles on that shit to make it look pretty. A little more…a little more….." he prodded Nick, now fully into the scheme of drugging their p.m.s.-riddled girlfriends with Midol laced cupcakes.

I swear to you all on a stack of freshly baked cookies- that my husband considered doing this to me!

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