Rating: M-ish

"Beautiful…" I whispered, placing ethereal kisses along the contours of his sculptured face. On their own accord, my elegant fingertips graced his lips, trailing an invisible line down to his beating heart. His shallow breathing colored the night air faintly with whispers of life, but he had yet to rouse. It was moments like this- in the afterglow of lovemaking- that I allowed myself to appreciate the quiet beauty of my part time lover. Sighing in serenity as I lay against his body, the tips of my bare breasts stroked against his side teasing him awake. Dark feathered lashes parted to reveal the Terran's smoky grey eyes and I saw that his stare mirrored my own. Strong hands skimmed along the dip and curve of my waist, gripping and arousing, tantalizing and enthralling. Our breaths skipped in rhythm with the beat of twin hearts as his lips found solace on my heated skin. His tongue was silken and warm as it enveloped me in a dizzying, passionate kiss from swollen lips to my very core. Sparks ignited into flames of want and desire, emblazoning the silent feelings into words of pleasure. Although deeper emotions of worship and devotion swirled beneath unbridled lust, the sacred words would remain unsaid in this forbidden tryst… for I am promised to his liege.

Hmmm...Serenity and Kunzite...I've got a thing for these two.

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