Well, here it is your one and quite only test show to see if I got what it takes to make this show a friend told me of.

Uxie: You still haven't told me who's going to gaurd the lakes!

LXTR: Look I'll tell you when we start the show so SHUT UP!


LXTR: Alright you guys! Stay the line.

All: Lucious does not own Pokemon including the lake trio or any other. (Disclaimer)

LXTR: Well technically...

(Shows DS to trio)

Lake Trio: WHAT!

LXTR: You see it.

Lake Trio:...

LXTR: Well...on to the show!

Uxie: Wait...How come I have the lowest EXP?

The Lucious Show, chapter 1: The Summoning

Today was good day as summer, as always, gave people the chance to see the greatest show on T.V., The Lucious Show, or LTV as people would call it, that show every week on days every summer. Today was the 5th season of it and more viewers were waiting graciously to see what Lu had in his bag of tricks in the seats of the theater.

Lu: Helllllllllllooo! people of Shinnoh. Are you feeling great tonight?

Audience: YES!

Lu: Too bad, because I'm about make it better than it ever was before.

Audience: YEAHHH!

Lu: Ha ha, now before we start let's take a little respect to my little old grandmother.

Audience: *bows in respect*

Lu: Because she hitting it big in at the casino and going for gold!

Audience: Wo Hu!

Lu: And now to start let me show you what Pokemon we're having for today!

*Takes out a bag with a pokemon symbol in it*

Lu: I like you to meet...*rustles through bag* the Lake Trio!

Audience: *claps and wows* Yeah!

( Waking up from their "sleep", the trio find themselves in a light-filled room full of people and a suited man in front of them)

Azelf: *lifts in the air struggling* Wha...what just happen?

Mesiprit: Yeah, I feel like I've been through an airless hallway.

Uxie: I believe this guy is the culprit.

( They stare the audience whom were clapping and wowing over them. They then stare into their "host" as he smiles with a small wand in his hand)

Lu: Well my new friends, it seems that we got off on the wrong foot.

Azelf: *angerily* No duh! Did you just kidnapped us?

Mesiprit: Yeah! you said you're a fair battler!

Uxie: It seems he isn't.

Lu: Look look now let's not go crazy now.


( Just before he was toasted, He flicks his "wand" causing a huge bubble to appear in front of them resulting in an instant pause.)

Lu: *Sighs* well that was close. Seems I didn't let them get their so-called "beauty" sleep.

Audience: *Laughs*

Lu: *looking at the trio* And now to really start the show!

( Using his wand, he somehow transport them to another area in which they suddenly appear in a flat-screen T.V.)

Lu: Now that I finally put them in there area. Let's start this puzzle.

Audience: *claps*

( Meanwhile, the trio are put into a maze-like room)

Azelf: Wha...WHAT! Okay now I'm mad!

Mesiprit: I don't know who this mad man think he is but when I get out of here...

Uxie: There's a T.V. in front of us.

Azelf: Huh? Hey there is.

Mesipirt: I wonder if it works.

( Just when the Being of Emotion was about to mentally turn on the set, it automaticully turns on much the trio's surprise.)

Lu: Hello my little slaves. *laughs eviliy*

Mesiprit: Lucious! What kind of game is this?

Lu: Oh no this is no game. I believe your sadly mistaken.

Azelf: *Confusingly* This isn't?

Uxie: Then, what is it then?

Lu: *Still grining* It a show!

Mesipirt: A show? Hey I didn't sign up for no show!

Azelf: You said you were going to challenge us then let us go.

Lu: Well, seems I lied didn't it.

Uxie: I knew we shouldn't have trust him.

Lu: But fortunately for me, You did.

Azelf: What do you plan to do to us?

Lu: Well I'm going to put you in a rather series of skecthes and adventures that not only feature you but others as well. You be sent to a series of labrintyhs and other fun riddles that even Uxie can't solve.

Uxie: There's nothing in this world I already know about.

Lu: *grins* We'll see. Have fun!

( From there the TV shuts off showing only the attention of a portal appearing before them)

Azelf: I refuse to go there.

Mesiprit: Me nither! I refuse to play his games.

Uxie: I know it sounds crazy but we're have to do it.

Azelf: Uxie! Have you lost your mind!

Mesiprit: Yeah this guy is a psycho.

Uxie: Hear me out. If we manage to play his "games" we'll eventually find a way to out this dump.

Azelf: *grins* You know...that just might work.

Mesiprit: Well what are we waiting for. Let's go.

( They stare into the portal that appears clear and white before them. They slowly flow,or hover if that's what you call it, in to the portal with only hopes of escaping)

( Meanwhile, back at the studio)

Man in a big suit: Heh heh! three cheers for Lu's 5th season special.

Lu: Oh it was nothing.

Big suited man: But...it was! I still don't know how you manage to capture those three.

Lu: *waves white wand* Oh I have my ways.

BSM: Well...as long as we getting ratings from viewers, I don't care ha ha ha! *drinks wine*

Lu: Good to know *grins while drinking wine*

Well there you have it, again. I hope you like this cause their's more to come soon next week! Review!

LXTR: That was nice wasn't it?

Uxie: You suck.

LXTR: So's your mother.

Uxie: WHAT!

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