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The next day…

Everyone in class was leaving. It was the last day before Summer Break and everyone was wrapping up their finals. The weather that day was beautiful, with no clouds in the sky and warm weather. Gillian was collecting all of the papers and putting them in a pile so that Cal could grade them later. She picked up her bag and left the classroom. Instead of going back to her dorm room, where she knows she will start crying, she heads to the courtyard.

Then she crashed into someone in the hall. At first she looks lost and then remembers that the bag she was carrying is on the ground. She goes to pick it up when someone reaches down before her. "Oh no, let me. I was the one who crashed into you. I am afraid I am very clumsy and very lost." He gave the bag to her and looked at her eyes. He shyly smiles and said "My name is Alec, Alec Foster. I am trying to find a Dr. Flores but I can't seem to find his office. Could you help me?"

Gillian smiles and says, "Down the hall, take a right and it will be the first door on your left. If you don't mind, I haven't seen you here before, is there anything that you need?"

He said, "Oh, well I write for the school newspaper and I will be doing an article on Dr. Flores' study group."

She looked genuinely surprised, "Well I am on the team with Dr. Flores." They let a comfortable silence go through for a couple of seconds.

He holds out his hand and says, "Well I have to get going. It was very nice to meet you… I didn't get you name."

Gillian blushes, "Gillian, Gillian Flanner." She took his hand and shook it.

He looked into her eyes and said, "Well I guess I will be seeing you around. Bye." He walked off into the direction of Dr. Flores' office. She stood there for a couple of seconds looking at his retreating back. She shakes her head and whispers to herself, "I have a feeling he is going to be trouble." She shrugged her shoulders and walked outside to the courtyard.

Gillian noticed a lot of students out. She picked a quiet place next to a tree. She laid down and let the sun warm her skin. She can hear a whole bunch of people walking by and talking of their summer plans. She pays no attentions to this and closes her eyes.

Someone came up from behind her and quietly said, "Hey Gillian, can I talk to you for a minute?"

Gillian peeked through one eye and said, "It's a free country, you can sit where ever you like. I hope your finance won't be bothered by this." She closed her eye and sighed.

He sat down next to her and said, "She was the one during Spring Break. I didn't know she was pregnant until a couple days ago. I am so sorry I didn't tell you about it."

She took a deep sigh and said, "I am sorry I didn't tell you I loved you earlier. Then at least we would have had some time to be together." She smiled inwardly towards herself.

He slowly looked at her and said, "I still want to be with you."

Gillian opened her eyes and sat up. She thought for a moment and said, "No, you can't be with me. Our time together has passed. Now it is time for you to take responsibilities and be with Zoe and the baby." She held his hand and he held it tight.

He looked down, "You know, I will always be thinking of you."

She felt tears spring in her eyes as she whispered, "I love you, I always have and I always will. But it is time to let go." She wiped a tear away and coughed. "The tests are on your desk. The scores have to be turned in by next week."

She stood up and he followed her. He said, "We will be together soon, rather it's in this lifetime or not." He meant it more as a statement rather than a question.

She hugged him and said, "Goodbye, Cal." He held her tight, never wanting to let go. He leant down and kissed her. It wasn't necessarily full of passion, but it was filled with love.

She eventually pushed him away and walked away. She didn't dare look back. She was afraid if she did then she would run into his arms. She had to let him go and that is what she did.

He watched her go until he could not see her anymore. He stopped himself from running after her. She was right, he had to take responsibilities and they lie with Zoe and the baby. He had to let her go and that is what he did.



Gillian and Emily were sleeping in a chair, while Cal was rousing from his sleep. He reached out to Gillian, which instantly woke. She woke up Emily and called the nurse in. He looked at Emily and smiled. The nurse came in and checked his vitals. Cal was too busy holding Emily to notice the nurse. She looked at the three of them and said, "He seems to be doing just fine. I will contact the doctor to let him know that you are awake. Meanwhile, you should drink this to sooth your throat. Glad to have you back, Dr. Lightman." She handed him his cup of ice water and left the room.

It took him a couple cups of water to get him to talk and when he did; his voice was very scratchy, "What happened to me? I don't remember anything, but I feel like crap."

Gillian bent over and placed her hand on his chest. "You were in a car accident yesterday, a very bad one. You have some broken bones and internal bleeding. You had surgery to fix the bleeding." She smiled and said, "And no offense but you look like crap, but we are glad that you are alive."

At that time he stomach made a loud grumbling noise. Both Emily and Gillian looked at each other and laughed. Gillian offered to get some lunch for him. When there were objections she left to go in search of food. She eventually found the cafeteria and picked out some soup for Cal.

A voice behind her said, "Dr. Lightman should have the vegetable soup. It would be more delicate on his stomach and it is quite delicious." Dr. Clements smiled as Gillian turned around.

She smiled back at him and said, "Thank you. I guess you heard that Cal is awake. It is okay that he can have food, right?" She started to look worried.

He stepped forward, grabbed her hand and said, "Just as long as it is liquid. He will be fine." He let go of her hands and said, "Gillian, I was wondering if you wanted to have dinner with me tonight? I can make reservations anywhere in the city."

Gillian thought about it and then slowly said, "I am sorry Doctor, but I can't. See there is this problem I have been walking away from for quite a while; well since college really. However, recent events have made me stop and look back. I know it probably doesn't make sense to you but there is something I have to do. Thank you Dr. Clements for helping me with the soup selection."

She started to walk back to the elevators when Dr. Clements quietly said, "You know Dr. Lightman is a very lucky man to have a woman like you stop in her tracks. I will be coming by later to see his progress. If he keeps getting better, then I have no problem letting him go home in a couple of days." He smiled at her as she just bowed her head and went on her way.

When she got in the room, she gave the soup to Cal. There was a comfortable silence in the room as Cal sipped his soup. After eating half of it with his good arm, he threw his spoon down and said in a smoother voice, "That soup is bloody fantastic! And you got it from the cafeteria in the hospital?" Gillian silently nodded. "Well, if I get to have that soup every day, then I am never leaving." He put his right arm behind his head and ever so gently stretched his body.

Emily and Gillian laughed. Emily said, "So if you are here then I can bring Rick to the house?" She looked at him so innocently.

Cal lifted his right arm and pointed it at Emily, "Like bloody hell you will. And he better not be there right now, waiting for you. I knew I should have slapped him around a bit. Foster, put a note in my calendar to build a dungeon for Emily in the basement."

Emily's eyes opened wide as she said, "Like hell you are going to build a dungeon in the basement. Besides Rick is away at his grandmother's house in Atlanta. Which reminds me, I have to go call mom to update her on how you are doing. She is still in Chicago." She bent down to kiss him on his forehead and whispered, "I am so glad you are awake, dad, even if you are threatening to put a medieval prison in the house. I love you."

He grabbed her cheek and quietly said, "I love you too, darling." He watched her as she walked out of the room.

Gillian just sat there watching Cal. She eventually said, "Seriously, Cal, a dungeon? Where did that come from? What were you dreaming?"

He turned back to Gillian and said, "You know, it's kinda funny that you mention dreams. I remember mine as clear as day. I know it's weird but I dreamt about when we first meet in that psychology class I taught." He had a crooked smile on his face.

She tilted her head and said, "You know what? I have been thinking about the same thing. It has got to be fate or something." She inched closer and laid her chin on her hand, never losing eye contact.

He held her hand and said, "Well at least we can do this in our own lifetime. Instead of walking away, we can walk together. How about we start now?"

They looked at each other not noticing anything around them. There were no verbal answers, it was written all over their faces.

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