Toadette's Adventure

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Yes, this is Toadette's Adventure. But this time, it's not like the normal adventure fanfics that I have... this one is purely actions. No dialogue whatsoever. And noticeably, all of the chapters (not including this one, ironically speaking) are all done as if thy were a page. So, considering that this will have one hundred chapters... his will be approximately one hundred pages long. And yes, this is the end result of me doing a bet with myself. I don't know why, but it is. So let me shut up and let you ladies and gentlemen enjoy the fanfic! Meanwhile, I need to wonder how to pathetically raise the word count without looking stupid doing it.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to their owners. But everything in this story belongs to Nintendo.

Toadette yawned loudly as she woke up, jumping out of her small, pink-colored bed, as she swapped out of her pink pajamas into her regular pinkish clothes. Rubbing her dress down, Toadette skipped to her closest, pulling out her small, trusted pink backpack, placing it on her back. Toadette gasped as her stomach growled, prompting her to head into the kitchen and grab some goodies before heading out for her own grand adventure. Heading into her bedroom one more time, Toadette grabbed a small, light blue cat doll, hugging it tightly as she giggled, skipping out of her house and locking her door as she swallowed the key, burping loudly as she skipped towards the western direction, heading from the wide open meadows into the forest nearby.

Toadette has made a bet with Waluigi earlier that she could handle an adventure all by herself. With Waluigi accepting the bet, Toadette headed proudly through the forest, determined to get through and enjoy her adventure.

But little did she expect, or know, or even realize, that there was something sinister awaiting her within the depths of the woods... yes... an unspeakable evil that will do unthinkable things to such a sweet, cute, young little girl like Toadette... why would someone want to do that? Because they are evil. And everyone knows that Every Villain Is Lemons.