Opening her eyes, Toadette screamed as she ducked, narrowly missing contact with a speeding red-green piranha fish, which was chasing another innocent fish. Sighing as she closed her eyes, Toadette turned around, to see all the bright colors of the beautiful and simply coral reefs that greatly lightened up the sea. Gasping in awe as she smiled, Toadette swam towards the beautiful scenery, the innocent sea life welcoming her as she immediately felt at home, being able to relax in such a great area.

As Toadette explored the beautiful rainbow esque corals and reefs, she watched as a large, bluish manta ray swam overhead, several fish swimming close to it. Toadette giggled as she swam after the manta ray, holding on to its flimsy tail as she kicked her feet, feeling the nice cool breezes that blown in her face. As the manta ray headed up towards the surface, Toadette let go, heading out to the surface, and jumping in the air, giggling with glee as the sun shone brightly on her, Toadette making a big splash back into the ocean as she swam back towards the rainbow coral reefs, the colors reflected greatly in the water. Swimming back further and further, Toadette noticed several sea turtles swimming past her as crabs and lobsters popped out from the shadows of the corals, waving at Toadette.

Toadette waved back, a great smile across her face as he went into the pink coral reef, floating in it as she took the time to appreciate the underwater beauty that was surrounding her. Toadette turned her cat doll around, looking at it as tears of joy poured down her eyes, hugging it, as it meant so much to her. Sighing of happiness, Toadette swam out of the pink coral, heading westbound as she continued swimming with great gusto.