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I think that everyone is expected to play their part and learn their lines. We are all responsible for our rank and station, and no one can change this but ourselves.

This was how I found myself at my Aunt Irina's home in the country, selling my soul as it were.

"Edward, you know that this will be to the benefit of Rosalie as well. You will inherit all of my land, my title and my wealth. Although yours is not inconsiderable, my title will offer you greater prestige. Do you agree?"

"Yes, Aunt," I sighed, moving to the large window over looking the lawn. Selling. My. Soul.

"When Jane comes of age, you will propose to secure this," my aunt continued.

I groaned a little, rubbing my face with my hand. Sometimes, I'd love to backhand the insufferable old hag.

"I'm assuming you have lint in your eye, and not that you have a distaste for my daughter?"

I shook my head. "No, Aunt."

I liked Jane well enough, it was true but it was hardly love that I felt for her. I didn't lust after her the way a man is supposed to. She was just a child, as was I in many ways. But not enough to count, I suppose. My mother died giving birth to my sister, Rosalie, and my father followed shortly after when I was fourteen.

And now, yet again, I was sacrificing. It was true that we were not poor, and that I could have provided enough of a dowry for Rosalie on my own; but the fact of the matter was that by allying myself with my Aunt, I could give Rosalie a choice. She could become an old maid if she wanted; it didn't matter.

I just had to make it through the marriage.