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Our wedding took three months of planning, which was both a blessing and a curse. A curse in that, I had to wait to become Mr. Cullen's wife but a blessing all the same, as it allowed me a great deal of time with his younger sister, Ms. Rosalie, whom I adored.

Despite my family's (as in, my mother solely) suggestion we have the wedding in the art wing, the idea was rejected; evidently Mr. Cullen detested that portion of the house and found it to be cluttered and rooms full of useless knick-knacks.

Instead, the wedding was held outdoors in the garden. I believe Mr. Cullen knew how much it would appease me and so he stood firm against my mother's arguements of potentially bad weather and made necessary precautions to avoid a disaster.

We were married in the chapel on a nearby piece of land that the Cullens also happened to own, and held the reception afterwards in the gardens under rather large white tents. Though, to my mother's credit, she had been right and the weather was not ideal for an outdoor ceremony as it was storming heavily throughout the joyous day.

As the last of the guests were bidding their farewell my sister and Mr. Hale approached Edward and I, grinning from ear to ear.

"Dear sister and newly acquired brother," my sister began, smirking mischievously. "Though we have left a gift in the hall, Mr. Hale and I would like to extend our congratulations to you both. Mr. Cullen, I dare say I have never seen my sister smile for so long in one day as she has today."

Edward and I turned to look at each other, and just as I was about to speak he replied to her observation not tearing his eyes or smile from my face. "I'm glad; and get used to that smile. You'll be seeing it frequently."

I felt my cheeks grow warm and I slid an arm around his waist, drawing me nearer.

"I hope so." My sister added, still giving a suspicious look. "Mr. Hale and I would like to add to your gift, for a few days..."

"How do you mean dear sister? You have already given us both so much." Without her, I quite possibly would have never met Mr. Cullen.

"Consider this then, a simple gesture of appreciation for all that you have done in the ways of sewing my new clothes." She laughed, rubbing her growing belly and looking up towards her beaming husband. "We have already discussed the matter with Ms. Rosalie and there will be no arguments. The young Ms. Cullen will stay with us for a fortnight, while you two allow yourselves time to enjoy married life, and allthat entails." She stated suggestively.

"I think that's a wonderful idea. Don't you think so, darling?" Edward chuckled, rubbing his hand up and down the long row of buttons on my back.

"Are you sure Ms. Rosalie will be alright? I do not wish her to think she needs to stay away."

Alice shook her head quickly. "No, no. She understood, after I explained that a certain amount of privacy was needed for all newly married couples." She paused and look to the side, avoiding both sets of our eyes. "And I may have mentioned that there was a possibility of her returning and soon after hearing news about a future niece or nephew."

"Alice!" I scolded, my face growing red with embarassment. "You did no such thing!"

"I... may have." She murmured, still not looking at us.

All I could do was sigh. Truth be told, I was looking forward to some privacy with Mr. Cullen, but this hadn't been necessary - especially when my sister had given my new sister-in-law details about what would transpire.

"Well, despite your methods, I do appreciate what you have done." I conceded, turning to look up at Edward. "And I suppose some alone time would be nice, for a few days."

"At least." He whispered, lowering his lips down to my neck and placing a soft kiss upon the spot where he had last left a barely noticeable mark.

"I don't know Mr. Cullen. Do you think you could handle having my undivided attention for nearly two weeks?" I grinned, pulling back slightly to look at him.

His arms moved to wrap around me in a loose hug. "I think I could enjoy that very much." He smiled, kissing me chastely.

I heard my sister and Mr. Hale coo-ing in the background before breaking out into laughter. I turned my head, instantly missing his lips. My sister was absolutely radiating happiness, though I believe it to be more of a pregnant glow all women seem to have when carrying a child.

"I suppose, Mr. Cullen, that is your way of politely asking us to take our leave as we seem to be your last guests still in attendance." My sister replied.

He did an about face to meet her glance and smirked. "Yes, I suppose it is. I think you've monopolized my wife enough." He chuckled, leaning in and placing a lingering kiss against my temple.

I curled myself into his side a bit more, pressing my cheek against his chest. Both Mr. Hale and my sister laughed and nodded. She reached and squeezed my hand while the men shook hands.

"See you soon!" Alice replied as her and Mr. Hale began walking towards the front of the estate where their coach and Ms. Rosalie were waiting.

I let out a long sigh. We were finally alone, as Mr. and Mrs. Cullen.


I turned to my wife, gathering her up in my arms. "And what now, my darling?"

"Husband's decision, my love." She murmured, smiling slightly.

"I would make you mine." I whispered, kissing her long neck. "But it seems I already have."

"On the contrary; you made Ms. Swan yours. You have not made Mrs. Cullen yours." She grinned, as if challenging me to tell her different.

I raised a disbelieving eyebrow, taking her slowly up the stairs. "And Mrs. Cullen does not love me the way Miss Swan did?"

She shook her head, then leaned up to kiss me, "Oh no. Mrs. Cullen loves you an infinite amount more."

"Does she?" I asked, laying her down gently on the bed and kissing her. "How should I know this?"

"Perhaps it must be proven." She smirked, her fingers tracing light circles on my neck. "Tell me, dear husband, are you prepared to let me take the rest of the evening and until dawn to show you the ways I love you?"

"Yes." I murmured, kissing her gently. "I love you, Bella."

Her nose rubbed lightly against mine and her lips once again found their purchase. "I love you, my Edward."

"I will forever and a thousand days." I whispered, feeling her hips push into mine. "No one will ever mean to me what you do."

"I will adore you and be true to only you for the rest of our lives." She cooed to me softly, and I grunted at the feel of her heat once more. Even through the thick cloth of my trousers, I could feel her. It was as though we were inherently designed to love one another in even the most primal of ways.

Bella moaned against me as I carefully removed my trousers and shirt, remaining only in my undergarments. Bella, however, was going to take more un-doing. Each lace that was pulled, each button that was undone was another moment which built upon our already peaked excitement. The feeling of her back beneath my fingers, the way her muscles contracted as my lips found her spine...everything made me want her more. It made my body remember what she felt like as she took me inside of her, and I could not wait to feel her again.

Nor even to taste her.

She finally was free of the underthings, dress and corset and I could behold my wife; the woman I had so recently vowed to love above all others forever. My soul mate.

I leaned in, kissing her passionately and sighed as I felt her fingers twist and grip at my hair. "I love you, my Bella. Forever."

"As I you," She replied, grasping one of my hands in hers and bringing it to cup her breast. "Love me."

I nodded, reattaching my lips to hers as my fingers had their way with her fleshy breast. I cupped them both, inspecting their size and weight before I pinched and plucked at her pert nipples, for which my wife moaned. Her body was the same, it responded to my touch the way I had remembered and for that I was relieved. There would be no awkwardness, or confusion. Merely the reunion of two lovers, and two soul mates.

Of a husband and a wife.

One of my hands left her breast, drifting down to her nether lips which I parted with ease. One of my fingers slid up and down through her wetness, circling around her femininity, and pressing against her already swollen bud.

"Edward...please," she moaned, her hips moving ever so slightly against my had as my mouth worked over the strong pulse of her neck. "Please."

Knowing exactly what she was referring to, I gladly obliged, pushing her back down against the soft pillows and kissed her nose. "As you wish, my love."

She nodded, and her hands slid down my back and to the top of my underwear, helping me to pull them down. I moaned as my cock bounced back against my stomach, then against Bella's, her skin feeling so much softer and inviting than my own.

I needed her in ways that I feared words could not express.

Slowly, for I did not know how much my intrusion would bother her, I entered her tight warmth, feeling her sheath around me completely.

I could feel her trembling a bit, but still she urged me on. "Please, my love. I need you," She cooed, her inner muscles squeezing around me.

Twas all the motivation I needed.

My thrusts began slowly, and gently but too soon, I was overcome with the desire to be one with her, and to have her become in all completeness my wife. With every thrust and every moan she gave, I felt the incompleteness I had known prior to our meeting fade away and become a distant memory. I was nothing before Bella, and I wished to never see those days again. She was my beginning and my end, my soul and my life.

There could never be anything more beautiful or perfect in my life than she.

With her name falling from my lips, and mine from hers, we together fell over the edge, our releases spurring the other. I could not describe the sensation accurately, however, she was so tight, so warm and so...perfect that I could do nothing but rejoice at the thought of being able to do this with her when ever she would allow me. Surely, I was the luckiest man on earth.

I pushed my face into her wild hair, panting into it excessively. "You are amazing." I whispered, cradling her body with mine and feeling her pull me closer.

"As are you, my love." She replied, her voice breathless against my ear.

I pushed the hair from her sweaty face, kissing it softly. "Are you...concerned about what our...activities might yield?"

"Why should there be cause for concern? It would bring me the greatest of joys to carry your future heir in my womb."

"My heir?" I said with laugh. "Why not five daughters? Just as beautiful as their mother."

"Because the world could use a liter of Cullen men as handsome and kind as their father." She said, her hand coming up to cup my jaw.

"It doesn't matter." I whispered, kissing her gently. "So long as I have you, it doesn't matter."

"Then it shall never matter." She sighed, kissing me again before she rested her forehead to my cheek. "Because you will always have me."

I nodded against her, remembering the way my father was without my mother. "I should not exist without you."

"I will always be here, so you needn't worry my darling." Bella consoled, her lips reaching mine reassuringly.

"Do you promise?" I asked, sounding more and more like a petulant child with every passing moment.

"Isn't that what I did this afternoon?" She smiled, wiggling against me so that her warm brown eyes met mine. "I promise Edward; I will love you an eternity plus a day and only ever be here, in your arms. It is the only place I feel safe and belong."

I leaned up and kissed her forehead, not yet willing to let her go. "What else shall we do my darling?"

"I didn't realize we were going to do anything else." She laughed, pulling me closer.

"Neither did I." I whispered. "I just didn't want you to feel obligated to stay with me."

"There is no sense of obligation on my part, Mr. Cullen." She murmured, kissing me as though there would never be a world beyond our bedsheets. I have not wanted to leave your arms since the first time I was in them, at the ball in Netherfield."

"Nor have I wanted you gone, Mrs. Cullen." I hummed against her lips. "So what shall I call you, my love? Miss Swan?" I teased.

"No, no. That will not do." She laughed, shaking her head. "Hm... well, Bella for everyday." Kiss.

I grinned against her. "And when we fight? Shall I call you Mrs. Cullen?"

Her nose scrunched up and she looked as though she'd eaten a whole lemon. "No, no... you may only call me Mrs. Cullen when you are completely and irrevocably happy."

I leaned down, kissing over her face gently. "Mrs. Cullen." Again at her forehead. "Mrs. Cullen." Once at each eyelid. "Mrs. Cullen." To her nose. "Mrs. Cullen." Before arriving at her lips. "My Mrs. Cullen."

She would belong to no one else; forever.

"My Mr. Cullen." She murmured, before igniting my body once more with her molten kiss.

I hoped after this, whatever may come could come as long as I had her by my side. So long as she was near me, no harm could come to either one of us. Nothing could ever be wrong or unsightly.

She was mine.

Just as I was hers.