These are the short little drabbles I did on livejournal. Some will be SamxJules, some will be slash, other plain old generic pieces; so just read what you will. Most will likely revolve around Sam however.

I'll be posting the ones I have done, and after those are all up I'll post them as I finish them. Hope you enjoy!


Title: A Family
Author: darkseeradept
Characters: Team
Word Count: 400
Prompt: #3 Family
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Theirs wasn't any exception.
Disclaimer: I wantssss ittttt.


They had it down to a science.

Greg was the mother, the emotional provider who was always there for the rest of the family. Lending a friendly ear or a shoulder to cry on, but had a stern side should it be needed.

Ed was placed in the role of the father. The provider of discipline who never showed how he felt. Never let the 'children' see how tired he was as he kept up an impenetrable façade that only Greg could see through showing a man who loved his team.

Wordy was the cool Uncle, he had his own family who he adored but was there at a moments notice if somebody needed him. He was a pillar of strength, reminding every family member that they had a role to play and why they came to work each day. (Wordy also had the pleasure of spoiling his second family with dinner from Shelly.)

Regardless of his age, Lou would be the more mature big brother; comforting, caring, but also able to open a big can of whoop-ass on anybody who picked on his siblings. He was the cool, calm and collected child that followed in the mothers' footsteps in being able to look after others.

Jules was undoubtedly the middle child; the one who was used to having her way, but come to share the wealth if she had to. She was smart, energetic and willing to help where she could physically, however occasionally she would feel a little left out being the only female in the family.

Spike was the troublesome youngest son, always managing to pin his pranks on the other siblings and getting away with his chocolate doe-like eyes. On the outside was a confident young man who excelled in many areas, but underneath his fun-guy exterior was the child who wanted nothing more then to stay by his brothers side and have his 'parents' approval.

Sam was the foster brother, seemingly tossed into what was already a perfect home, and feeling quiet unprepared for the camaraderie that flowed so easily through the others. But slowly he was starting to get the hang of things, and he realized that when he opened up to his team, his family, things didn't always go so wrong.

Yes, they're a family, through thick and thin… despite their differences because families were meant to be different.

Theirs wasn't any exception.


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