It was her reputation, for Shinigami's sake. Not that anyone knew she had one. She's smart, right? It's her job to be orderly, right?

For every cause, there was an effect, and every reason has another reason behind it.

At least, she thinks so.

Statement 1: She's partnered with Soul, and their goal is to make him a Death Scythe.

Reason: Her father is a god freaking' bas-… butt… and it's been her life-long dream to be like her mother.

Why she's not in denial: It's not because she thinks that the way he smiles is (hot, sexy, carnal, all of the above) nice. He just happens to be a scythe (which she is pleased to note, helps the situation quite a lot).

Statement 2: They share an apartment.

Reason: In order to strengthen their Soul resonance, get to know each other better (they are partners, after all), and because, why the hell not, everyone else is doing it.

Why she's not in denial: Because of course, straight-A student, tiny-tits Maka does not think kinky thoughts. Especially not involving a shirtless soul and their shared bathroom. Of course not. Who told you that she was the one that suggested they live together? I mean, please, it's not like living together has a hidden meaning or anything.

Statement 3: They're always together when they're not on missions.

Reason: They're friends.

Why she's not in denial: Because she doesn't think it's something more. No, they just eat out together, share drinks, take walks in the park (despite his protests it's not cool), and talk to each other about everything for shits and giggles!

…Moving on.

Statement 4: He would die for her.

Reason: Well, she would die for him, too. They were partners, bound by the soul.

Why she's not in denial: Because they're not in love (she ignores the pang in her chest at this thought), just… weapon and technician…

Statement 5: She wants him to be like Ox, calling her an angel.

Reason: Girls have feelings, too.

Why she's not in denial: Just because Ox and Kim are going out and Ox calls Kim an angel doesn't mean she wants Soul to call her angel so it looks like they're going out. And, not to mention, it does NOT send flutters through her chest.

…Maybe just a little…

Statement 6: He is hovering over her right now, his breath tickling her cheek and their lips are so, so close that if she licked her lips right now, her tongue would touch those gorgeous lips of his. His shirt is nowhere to be seen. She blinks in confusion- where did her skirt go?

Reason: He must be drunk.

Why she's not in denial: Hell, she doesn't know, but she does know that his pianist fingers are working wonders on her body. Although, at this point, she barely feels anything anymore because his lips are on hers and-

-Shit, shit, shit, shit, did Blair and her father just walk in?