Over the next week or so the three girls collected lots of lemons and sugar. The day before the farmers market the squeezed the lemons and added the sugar to make sure it wasn't to sweet or sour. Then they poured all of it into large barrels and stored it in the basement of Elaina's house to chill for the next day. On the day of the famers market they carried the large barrels to the market and put them in one of the empty selling stalls.

"My back is killing me,"Jenna complained. Nadine tried to stretch her back by leaning backwards and forwards. When she leaned forwards her back gave a loud Crack!

"Uh oh," She said. "I think I'm stuck. HELP!"

"Here," Elaina said, walking over to where her friend stood. She put one of her hands on Nadine's lower back and the other on her shoulder. With one swift pulled of the shoulder there was another loud crack and Nadine was standing up straight again.

"Ah, much better, Thanks." Nadine said.

"No problem. What are friends for?" Elaina asked with a grin.

Before Nadine could answer, Jenna butted in.

"They are for helping to put all this lemonade into cups." She said. "Now let's get cracking."

Nadine and Elaina laughed and went behind the stall to go get the cups that were stored behind the stall. Jenna decided to open the barrel full of the lemonade while they went to do that. She slowly managed to pry the lid off. She found that some of the sugar had stuck to the lid making it all sticky on top.

"Ew." She thought, trying to get it off by licking it off. Suddenly she heard a loud buzzing in her ear and a soft beating of wings on her hand. Jenna pulled her hand away from her face. Sitting on it was a small bumblebee.

"Killer bee!" screamed Jenna. From behind the stall Nadine and Elaina heard the screaming and went to go see what was wrong.

"Jenna, what's wrong?" asked Elaina, having to shout to be heard over Jenna's screaming

"Bee, bee, killer bee!" Jenna shrieked.

"Oh come on Jenna, really?" Nadine said as she swatted the bee away. Elaina handed Jenna a damp cloth to wash away the sugar.

"Sorry, but the only thing that scares me more than my imagination is bees." Jenna said.

"Never mind." Elaina said. "Lets just finish setting up." Jenna and Elaina went back out to get more cups while Nadine stayed behind. She loved to watch the people pass by.

Suddenly she heard another scream. "Probably just Jenna with another bee." She thought. She went to go help Elaina calm Jenna down. As she turned around to leave, she turned into Elaina and Jenna coming back to her.

"Whats Wrong?" They all said at the same time, "Nothing."

Jenna had a confused look on her face. "We thought you had screamed and came to see what was wrong." She said.

"And I thought one of you guys had screamed." Nadine told them.

"If we didn't scream, and you didn't scream," Elaina wondered aloud. "Then who did?" That was when they noticed that people were running around, gathering at stall at the other end of the market.

"Lets go see whats going on over there." Jenna started to move towards the crowd. Elaina and Nadine followed her as they weaved their way in and out of peoples way. They pussd their way to the front and found themselves looking at a middle aged woman and a dragon who appeared to be hers. The dragon was laying lifeless on the ground and the woman was sobbing into the chest of a burly Viking.

"I can't b-believe he's dead," she cried, " He only hatched a month ago. He was so young!"

The leader of the Vikings, Stoick the Vast, walked towards the woman.

"Now, now Irene, calm down, we'll find out whats wrong with the fella." He said, trying to get her to calm down.

Nadines attention was drawn away from the fuss to the sight of two figures sneaking off into the woods.

"Did you see that?" Nadine asked.

"No, what did you see?" replied Elaina.

"I thought I saw Hiccup and Astrid dash off into the woods," Nadine told them.

"Hiccup?" Jenna wondered aloud, "Isn't he the Viking who befriended a Night Fury and made humans and dragons live together?"

"That's the one!" said Elaina.

"Lets follow them," suggested Nadine.