In cyclonia it was a dark and dorky night. An evil stepmother was giving birth to her first child. Two nurses stood on each side of the bed. They watched as the baby came out. His baby skin was paler than usual. That was because he was unusual. He would one day be a backstabber and a slippy dude. That was his destiny. For now, he is just an innocent baby.

" It's a boy," The doctor said handing the baby over to his mother "what will you call him?" the doctor asked taking off his gloves

"I will call him, dark ace." The lady said her beady eyes moving quickly to the open window.

"Would you like time alone?" the doctor impatiently asked

"Why not." The evil lady said.

The doctor and the nurses quickly left. They had been in that room with such an evil lady for so long. You see this lady was no normal lady. She was the cousin of the feared master cyclonis. The lady held her baby looking at it with her sly eyes. She whispered,

"One day dark ace you will be the feared dark ace, for now you are my baby."

Outside the wind blew the curtains closer to the baby almost touching the soft skin of dark ace. With one swift flick, the curtains were pulled back by his mother's forceful touch. All was well or at least until the trouble started.