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Chapter one

It was everywhere. The water. It swirled all around him, filling his lungs, making it impossible for the child to breath. He strained to reach his arm up towards the light, but as the light did nothing but get dimmer and more blurred, the boy knew it was hopeless. Gazing up at the retreating light he watched as his symbol of hope was blotted out by the silhouette of a fish. Not even knowing how, as the sole of his being as focused on trying to obtain the much needed oxygen to sustain life, his mind somehow wandered to the fish; how it swam so freely, with no struggle or pain, throughout the water. The boy in the water couldn't do anything but wish he too could have the same ease, but it was hopeless as he felt the life his small body was so struggling to keep going fade away.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

"Urg!" The silver hair boy moaned, slamming a pale hand down onto the annoying machine. "Stupid dream," He groaned, recalling the strange, reoccurring dream. His mother has always told him that if you had a dream three times then it was destined to come true. Let's see, the first time he could remember having the dream he was five, and since the first time he'd now had it eleven more times for a total of twelve times, so the dream and he dying a horrible death should have come true, about four times.

"Looks like mom was wrong, so far, anyway," the boy thought, before quickly shaking his head, as if to rid himself of both the thoughts of his mother and the imaginary water from his dream that still left the ghosts of water trails all over his skinny body and in his hair.

"Husky, Mom said to be down in five minutes if you don't want to be late on your first day," a red haired boy, about a year older than the one on the bed, said, sticking his head into the doorway.

"Yeah, yeah, Keane, whatever," The boy on the bed grumbled, not bothering to remind him that his name was Myrrha, not Husky, and that the woman who had said to come downstairs was not his mother.

Husky, or Myrrha, depending on who you were talking to, hurriedly got dressed and headed downstairs, grabbing his book bag on the way. Keane was already sitting at the dining room table, eating what appeared to be Cheerios. Husky walked past him and into a bathroom, not sure why he didn't just use the one upstairs. Well, he was tired, he must have just forgotten.

Looking at his reflection in the fancy mirror on the wall, Husky couldn't help but grimace. It wasn't that he thought himself ugly or any of the sorts, he was actually quite the opposite. Between his silver hair, ocean blue eyes, and pale, smooth skin, he was really quite beautiful and exotic looking, much to almost any ten year old boys' dismay.

Grabbing a hairbrush, he knew in the back of his mind why he had grimaced. He didn't look like his father, no, neither him nor Keane did, but he had to be the spitting image of his newly deceased mother. She had died in a car crash a little over a month ago, and when he had found out what had caused the other car to slam into his mother's, he swore never to drink alcohol.

He had come to live with his father, his wife, and their son, his half-bother Keane, after that. Although his mother never told him any details, he knew that she had been clueless that his father was already married, with a year old son, when he was born.

Putting the brush down and looking into the mirror again he grimaced once more before shaking his head for the second time that morning. How do you get over someone when you see them whenever you look at your own reflection?

Walking back into the dining room Keane gave him a small smile. Before he had moved in, whenever the two boys were in the same room all that would be transferred between them were insults, glares, and even physical attacks. The nickname, Husky, had even been a jab at his voice created by Keane. Although, ironically, he had liked the name and had stopped protesting when Keane called him that, and he even decided that he could go by that name if needed to, instead of the strange sounding Myrrha that teachers always pronounced the wrong way.

Sitting down at the table, Husky swirled the cereal in his bowl around with his spoon, not particularly hungry after his dream and thoughts of his mother.

Keane stood up after glancing at the clock hanging on the wall. "Hey, we should get going if we're gonna be on time," The ginger said, grabbing his book bag off a chair. Husky simply nodded and followed suit, not extremely excited about his first day at a new school. It wasn't that he was going to miss his friends from his old school, they didn't exist, he just didn't want to go through with the whole 'new kid' faze, and he would have to catch up with any work he had missed in the past month.

Walking along the cracked sidewalk both boys were mostly silent. Glancing around himself Husky tried to find a few visual landmarks to go by in case he ever needed to walk to or back from school without Keane. A park, a 7-11, a church, all normal neighborhood things. Keane was making a habit of kicking up the colored leaves scattered on the ground. Despite being annoyed greatly by it, Husky decided not to say anything, already seeing the school come into view.

Sighing softly under his breath, Husky attempted to brace himself for the onslaught of work, other kids, and teachers that was about to be thrown his way, whether he was ready for it or not.

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