AN: This is my first X-men story and I'm feeling a little shaky with it so far, having never written these characters before. Constructive criticism is welcome on that point, since writing characters correctly is something I strive for.

The story will probably undergo a lot of revision, since I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with it, though I have a vague idea. So don't be surprised if you look back and find things a little different. I just thought it would be fun to post it and see what kind of response it gets.

I've set it in the 'Wolverine and the X-Men' fandom, since that is my favorite version of Nightcrawler. But there may be some inconsistencies since I am also fond of most of the other X-Men interpretations in one way or another. Really, my imagination likes to take bits and pieces of each and mix them together into my own wild canon, but I'll try to stay at least remotely true. Promise. :)

I've chosen not to write Kurt's accent, since I think most everyone can imagine it just fine without my help.

Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

"Elf, get yourself outta bed, NOW!"

Kurt decided that Logan's rough voice was better than any alarm clock ever invented, since it brought him rapidly out of a sound sleep and nearly shot him through the roof. he sat up and blinked toward the doorway, seeing Logan's bulky form in a blurry haze before his vision cleared of sleep.

"Logan, I wish you wouldn't do that." He groaned.

"I can pick up Kitty myself if you need more beauty sleep."

Kurt shook his head. "Sorry, I forgot. What time is it?"

"Time to go." Logan said unhelpfully. Kurt sat up and glanced at his alarm clock, which apparently had not gone off. Either that, or he hadn't heard it. Its digital numbers were blinking and hour and a half later than when he had intended to be up.

He got out of bed and grabbed some clothes. "I'll be right down. I wouldn't want to subject Kitty to your morning temper for that long drive."

Logan snorted and left.

Kurt scowled as he pulled on his jeans and t-shirt, realizing that he wouldn't have time to eat breakfast. Kitty's plane would be landing in less than an hour. They were already going to be late. His stomach growled and he briefly considered telling Logan to go without him, but Kitty had been gone for a month visiting her parents and he was anxious to see her. She would be disappointed if he failed to show up.

Logan couldn't help an amused smirk when Kurt appeared in the passenger seat of the car in a puff of red smoke. It was obvious he wasn't awake yet. His eyes were unfocused and his black hair was disheveled, sticking up in all different directions. He didn't say a word as Logan brought the car out of the long drive of the institute and through the gate, sitting in a slumped posture that made him look younger than his nineteen years. He yawned as they joined the morning traffic on the freeway. "Wake me when we get there." he muttered.

"Rough night?"


"This couldn't have something to do with that little joke you played on Popsicle Boy last week, could it?"

Kurt's eyes narrowed and he scowled. "Ja." 'Had frosting his bed sheets really been a fair retaliation for such a little--'

"Right. Well, just leave me out of it. I like to sleep."

"So do I. Next time he won't know it was me. "Kurt said confidently as he leaned back. Next time he would remember not to teleport out of the room of the person whose hair he had just dyed purple in their sleep. The smell of sulfur was a bit of a giveaway.

Logan rolled his eyes. "Kids."

Kurt didn't sleep for long. His stomach woke him before they were halfway to the airport. He wasn't complaining, but Logan noticed the frown of discomfort which seemed out of place on Kurt's normally cheerful face. Kurt's heightened metabolism made skipping a meal more painful than it was for most teenagers.

Wordlessly, Logan turned off at a pastry shop. Kurt glanced at him, eyebrow raised.

"You look pitiful. Besides, I didn't have breakfast either."

Throwing Logan a grateful look, Kurt settled in to wait while the older man got their food. There was no need for him to go inside the shop since Logan knew how much he could eat, and neither of them had any desire to cause a scene; something that happened all too often when Kurt went out in public. Logan frequently caused scenes as well, but only when someone got on his nerves.

Logan came out ten minutes later and dropped a pile of assorted wrapped pastries on Kurt's lap, working his way through a mere two cinnamon rolls himself. "There you go, Elf. Breakfast of champions."

"Danke." Kurt said enthusiastically, tucking into the food, his mood brightening immediately.

Logan was about to head them out again when they heard an explosion on an adjoining street street, followed by screams. Kurt glanced at Logan and the older mutant put the car back in park. "Half-Pint will have to wait."

They raced down the street, against the flow of people fleeing in the opposite direction until they saw the flaming building. Fortunately it was fairly small and there weren't many structures near it, but it was easy to see that there was no saving it. All that could be hoped for was to save the people inside--if there were any.

Logan collared a man who looked like he was trying to help organize things. "Anyone inside?"

"The Grants live there. Yes, they probably are. Laura and the two kids at least." The man looked grim as though he didn't expect to ever see the family alive again. Understandable, since the building was obviously in dire straits.

Kurt moved close enough to see through a window opening. The hot flames licked at his fur and took his breath away, but a moment later, he disappeared, teleporting into the house. Logan followed, simply making a new entrance with his claws, roaring as hot glass remnants and flaming wood tore at his skin.

Kurt pointed to a closed door. "In there!" He coughed.

"Stand back!" Logan yelled through the door a second before he knocked it down, scattering sparks and flaming debris across the room. Kurt shielded his eyes and when he looked up it was barely in time to catch the screaming child that Logan practically threw into his arms. The little girl's cries of terror intensified when she saw Kurt, but he didn't have time to be hurt by her reaction. Logan and two other people emerged coughing from the room, and Kurt quickly looked for the window opening and teleported through, depositing the girl on the lawn a safe distance from the house before going back in. His lungs couldn't take much more, but if Logan could get the woman out, he could get the boy.

Logan apparently thought the same thing, thrusting the scared teenaged boy toward Kurt as soon as he appeared. "Get him out. I'm right behind you."

The main body of the house collapsed only seconds after Kurt, Logan and the family were out on the lawn. The firemen and EMTs were ready to take over helping the dazed little family, and Kurt and Logan were happy to oblige, but the woman suddenly looked around wildly. "Where's Molly?"

Kurt looked back to the place he had left the child. There had been so many people around he had assumed a neighbor would take care of her, but now, she was nowhere to be seen.

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