Hi everybody! I just wanted to let you know that for this story, when the pokemon talk to each other in "poke language", I'm using a +. So, humans, for example would hear "Pikachu!" from a pikachu, but other pokemon might hear, +Hi, how are you!+. After the second chapter it might not be too confusing. I just needed to clear that up. Also, I don't own Pokemon: The T.V. series, the games, or the comic/manga or anything associated with it. I don't own Buffy the vampire slayer either. O.K., chapter one:

"PIIIIKKAAA!" Pikachu screamed as he ran, avoiding the strange sort-of human-looking thing. He yet again pondered how he had come to this unusual, cold, dark place when only about an hour ago he had been on a crowded sunny beach with Ash and his friends. Thinking back as best he could, he remembered entering the water after Misty's Psyduck to protect him from drowning. A wave had crashed on the two and had sent them farther out to sea.

Misty had gone out to help (it was her Psyduck after all) and Pikachu remembered Togepi's pokeball floating out of her pocket. Luckily, he caught it before it had sunk to the bottom. The details of what happened after that, Pikachu was unsure of. Togepi was here waiting for him, and at the moment, was a bit safer than he was.

He turned to face the thing. His little red cheeks sparked as he prepared to use Thunder, one of the most powerful attacks a Pikachu can learn. "CHHUUU!" he yelled as he let loose enough energy to light a small town directly at the creature.

The odd creature gazed back at him for a moment and its eyes met his. "PI!," The small electric rodent suddenly felt chilled to the bone. But, his Thunder attack had worked. The creature was down for the count. Then, without warning, something attacked from behind! "CHA!" Pikachu screamed again as the "something" got up and walked in front of him. "Togee Togeee !"

Pikachu was scared, and although he didn't mean to, he lashed out at the innocent baby. +Togepi, I thought I told you not to follow me! I don't have any idea where we are or what's happened to Ash and the others or even what this thing is! I need you to stay put until I figure this out! +

He regretted saying it the instant it escaped his lips. Tears began to form in the younger pokemon's eyes. +Does this mean Pika's mad at Togee? Togee sorry!"+

Pikachu instantly softened. +No Togee, I'm not mad. I'm just scared. It's already dark and we haven't found Ash or the others yet. Come here. + He sat on a rock and motioned for Togepi to sit beside him.

Drying the remainder of his tears, Togepi moved toward the rock. +Togee is hungry. + He informed the electric pokemon. "Pika!" Pikachu wasn't sure if he trusted the things in this place enough to let Togepi eat them. 'Maybe if I ask a friendly pokemon, they'll let me know what's good to eat.' he decided. To the youngster, he said +Togee, we just have to go a little farther and I'll find something, O.K.?+

+Can Togee eat this?+ Togepi held up something that resembled an apple.

+Pi?+ Pikachu took it and sniffed. It certainly smelled like an apple. He considered it a moment, then broke it open. It had 5 seeds, like an apple. He tasted it. It tasted like an apple.

+O.K.+ he said, determining that it was, it fact an apple. +But I have to break it more first and take out the seeds.+

A few minutes later, Togepi was munching happily on the apple pieces. Pikachu leaned back on a comfy patch of grass and determined the next course of action.

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