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Based off of one of the words in my fic Words of Their Lives.

"Alright everyone, have a good day." Schue said as he dismissed the Glee club.

Most hurried out, having somewhere to be. Only Kurt and Mercedes lagged behind talking and messing around.

"Hey, someone dropped their iPod." Kurt said as he picked it up.

"Whose is it?"

"I don't know. Could belong to anyone from Glee. Who was sitting over here today?"

"Um… I think Matt and Mike were over here… Puck… Possibly Santana…" Mercedes said as she tried to remember, "I'm not really sure. Just ask around the club."

"Yeah, I'll do that tomorrow. Mall?"

Kurt put the iPod into his Prada bag and forgot about it until he came home, put his bag on his bed, and it tipped over spilling a few items out, including the iPod. Kurt was curious about what was on the iPod, but thought it rude to listen without permission.

'Maybe the songs will help me figure out whose it is.' Kurt tried to reason with himself when he realized he was going to listen to it no matter what.

Kurt was only going to look at the most played songs, at least that's before he saw that the most played songs included: "Omigod You Guys" from Legally Blonde, "Wonderland," "You and I," and "The Best Kept Secret" from Bare: A Pop Opera, "La Vie Boheme" from RENT, and his personal favorite "Defying Gravity." He had to know whose iPod this was, slightly hoping it belonged to a certain football player, but knowing how unlikely that was. Figuring that if he plugged it in the person who owns the iPod's name would pop up under devices, like his did; he grabbed his cord and quickly plugged in the iPod.

Kurt was in shock at what name popped up. If he was honest with himself he thought that it would have been Rachel's no matter how hard he wished it wasn't, but Noah Puckerman? Never in a million years would he though Puck listened to musicals, much less have them on his most played list. Thinking his eyes must be playing tricks on him, Kurt unplugged and replugged in the iPod, but the name was still the same. Puck.

Once the shock wore away Kurt realized he could use this to his advantage…

While Kurt was thinking about ways he could use this to get back a the jock, Puck was looking everywhere for his iPod. He didn't notice it was missing until he picked up he sister and they arrived at home. He looked through his backpack, twice and even cleaned his room trying to find hid beloved iPod. Deep down he knew he probably dropped it at school, but he just didn't want to believe that. If they saw what was on there and found out it was his... He would be dead! With his luck lately Karofsky would be the one to find it... All he could hope was that he left it in locker, someone put it into the lost and found, or (even though he would prefer this not to happen) someone from Glee found it, they might not be as harsh... at least he hoped.

[The Next Day]

"We have to wait until the world is fast asleep. I'll wipe away your doubt show you why we keep the best kept secret. The best kept secret...of all" Kurt sang as he passed Puck in the hallway. Puck tried to convince himself that it was just a coincidence because out of everyone in Glee Kurt would be the last one he would have wanted to find his iPod. But, his confidence that it was just a coincidence was fading fast because everytime Kurt passed him a different one of his favorite musical numbers was being sung. Puck had to know Kurt really knew or just found the iPod and liked the songs. He had to get him alone somehow.

Puck finally got his chance when the smaller boy was walking towards the auditorium and no one was around, he knew skipping math would work to his advantage one day. Puck grabbed the boys arm and dragged him up to the stage, ignoring all protests.

"What the hell, Puck?" Kurt yelled rubbing his arm where he'd been grabbed.

Puck just stared at Kurt trying to figure how exactly he could word this without saying anything about his iPod.

"Well? You onviously dragged me in here for a reason, so if it wasn't to beat me up, what was it?" Kurt asked trying to guess what the boy was thinking.

"I was just wondering... if you've seen my... my mom's iPod? I took it to school yesterday by accident and dropped it." Puck stubbled over his lie as he tried to make sense.

"Your mom's iPod. What makes you think I would have seen it? And why would you need to drag me in her to ask that?" Kurt smiled as he knew what it was really about. Puck was afraid he knew.

"I just... Um... I thought I dropped it in the music room and I... um... I asked everyone else and... they haven't seen and iPod..."

"Really. So why did you drag me in here?" he asked the nervous boy, amused.

"I... um... Well have you seen it?"

"I haven't seen your mom's iPod." He said as relief swept through Puck's eyes, "But," And the fear was back, "I did find yours"

Kurt pulled out Puck's iPod. Puck stood there looking from Kurt to his iPod, trying to keep the fear out of his eyes.

"I didn't know you were such a huge musical fan, Noah."

"That's... that's not mine..." Puck said trying to get out of the situation at hand.

"It's not? That's odd, because when I plugged it into my computer it said: Puckzilla under devices." the soprano said casually.

"What do you want? What do you want me to do so that this little secret stays between us?" Puck said defeated.

"Why should I keep this a secret? You tortured me. I was thrown into dumpsters, given slushie facials, had pee balloons thrown at me, had my furniture nailed to my roof, do you want me to go on?"

"Kurt I haven't thrown you in the dumpster or thrown a sluchie at you in months. I even apoligized for that. I did not know the guys were throwing pee balloons, I was just in the car with them. And I came back and helped your dad get the furniture down and offered to help him at his shop to take care of any damage!"

"You... you helped my dad take the furniture down?"

"Yes. I felt bad about it, so I went back. I know I've done a ton of shit to you, but I'm really sorry about it. I've tried to get the guys to lay off lately, but they are idiots who are just stuck in their ways. If you want to tell everyone that Noah Puckerman loves musicals go ahead. I don't even care."

Kurt thought about all of the things that Puck had just said. He did apoligize for the dives and facials, and he even helped his dad.

'Maybe,' Kurt thought, "He isn't such a bad guy..."

"Here." Kurt handed the iPod back to it's rightful owner.

"Thanks... Why did you give it back?"

"You aren't as bad as I thought you were. And if you ever feel like watching some musicals with someone I'll be around, but you know I doubt liking musicals would ruin your rep." Kurt said as he turned to leave.

"That's not what I'm afraid of..." Puck mumbled as he watched Kurt's hips sway as he exited the aduditorium.

Not where I originally planned to go with this... But I hope it turned out okay...