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"Noah, are you going to tell me what's bothering you? Because these silences and vague little hints are driving me insane." Kurt suddenly said, turning off the TV.

"I- I don't know what-"

Kurt just gave a look to Puck telling him not to bother finishing that sentence.

Puck thought for a moment, but chickened out. "It's nothing I can't handle."

"Noah, we're friends, sort of and we're teammates. You can tell me what's bothering you. I'll understand or at least try to." Kurt looked into Puck's eyes trying to force him to believe him.

"Promise me something first. You have to promise me you won't tell anyone. Not even Mercedes. And try not to laugh at me."

"I promise. This will just be between you and me. And I wouldn't laugh."

Puck knew Kurt wouldn't back down so he just decided to spill it out.

"Okay, well I'm-"


"One second. Mercedes, I'm fine. I will talk to you later. I swear I'm fine. Bye. Sorry about that, what were going to say?" Kurt looked at Puck expectantly.

"I'm, um… ImbiandIlikeyou" Puck mumbled out so fast no one could possibly have understood him.

"Noah, slow down."

"Okay. I'm bi and I like you…" Puck tried to look at anything but Kurt, but then he heard Kurt's musical laugh. "You said you wouldn't laugh, Hummel. Just forget it. I'll leave and we won't talk about it again. Bye."

"Noah, hehehe wait. I'm hehe I'm sorry. Just sit down and let me explain." Kurt ushered Puck back to the couch. "I'm sorry I laughed. I didn't mean to, it was just... unexpected. I've been trying to think of things that could be worrying you and that just never crossed my mind. But, I'm glad you told me."

Puck, being about the least trusting person on the planet, asked, "Why?

Kurt grabbed Puck's hand. "Because now I can do this." He leaned over, placing a chaste kiss on the taller boys' cheek. "And this." Kurt placed another innocent kiss on Puck's other cheek. "And especially this." Finally, Kurt placed his lips onto Puck's lips for a short, sweet kiss.

"I don't- Wha- I'm confused." Puck managed to mumble out after a moment. "Why would you… What?"

"I like you."

"But I thought you liked Finn…"

"I used to. But, some stuff happened, plus he's basically my brother now."

"So, when…"

"I've always thought you were cute. An asshole, but cute. Then you started being nice, and then you reminded me that you actually did apologize to me and told me about how you helped my dad and were trying to get the bullies to stop. And if you want to I would be willing to give this- US a try."

Kurt waited for Puck to say something. ANYTHING. But for what seemed like forever the football player said nothing. And then, "Hu- Kurt, you deserve someone who will walk down the hallway with you and do all the relationship stuff. I'm not ready for that and I don't know when I will be. So, I'm just gonna go."

"You may not be ready now, but one day you will be."

"I don't want you to have to hide. And I know you don't want to be anyone's dirty little secret."

"What if I don't care."

Puck stopped gathering his DVDs and glanced at the beautiful boy that was still sitting on the couch.

"I guess it's up to you then…"

"As much as I like being who I am, but I also like you. And just because we would be keeping it a secret for now, doesn't mean we always will be. And it definitely doesn't mean I will stop being who I am. I'll still be me. So, it's really up to you." By the end of his speech Kurt was standing directly in front of Puck waiting for him to choose.

They stared at each other for a few moments, Kurt trying to read the other boys eyes, Puck trying to make a decision. Puck leaned forward and gently kissed Kurt's soft lips.

"So, I guess this means you're my boyfriend." Kurt whispered, hoping that this wasn't all some cruel joke.

"I guess so."