As Long as You're Mine

Alec cried so hard he couldn't speak. He buried himself in Magnus's chest, trying to immerse his whole body in him. The feel of his arms around him, the smell of his skin filling him to the brim, the sound of his voice, it was almost too much to take.

"Shh…" He stroked his hair. "It's okay, it's okay. I'm here now. Shh…"

"H-how?" He trembled. Magnus smiled gently at him, wishing he would stop crying. God, it was breaking his heart.

"Adriana saved me. She saved me for you," he said softly. He started sobbing again. Magnus held the frail and fragile boy, kissing his forehead. Alec whimpered. "Shh, shh, it's alright." The boy looked up, anger sparking in his eyes.

"You broke my heart," he hissed. "How could you leave me like that? How could you? You promised that you'd never do that to me!" He pounded his fists against his chest, sobbing. Magnus allowed the abuse, hardly affected by his blows. He was so weak…

"Hey, hey!" He gently caught his wrist in his hand.

"Ow," Alec choked, wincing. Magnus frowned, looking at his wrist, his bandaged wrist. He took Alec's face in his own hands, eyes housing stagnant tears.

"Why did you do this?" He spat. "Why would you do this to yourself for me? You promised you wouldn't do it anymore. You promised!"

"I guess we both did," Alec whimpered. Magnus looked at him, cradling his cheek. Slowly, he leaned forward, kissing him.

The tears slammed the boy all over again. He crushed their lips together, tears streaming down his face. He let the kiss linger, memorizing the feel of his lips. "I love you, Magnus. I love you so mu-huch!"

"I love you too, baby. I love you too." Another kiss. Alec sobbed openly, shaking. "Shh…shh…It's okay. I've got you, baby." The warlock looked at his weary Shadowhunter, fingers grazing the bruises on his neck. "Alec, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I left you."

"Never again," Alec gulped, rapidly shaking his head.

"No, I'll never leave you again. I swear. Shh," he combed his fingers through his hair, wincing as Alec trembled in his arms. "I missed you," he confessed.

"Where did you go?" He blinked up at him, eyes innocent and naked.

"I don't know," Magnus said, letting the tears out. "But I spent the entire time trying to find you. I just wanted to hold you again." He buried his face in his neck, holding the back of his head and gently kissing him.

"Don't let go," Alec begged, still barely able to speak. His voice was more hoarse than Magnus's was when he woke up. "Plehease, Magnus, don't let me go."

"Hey, hey," he said softly. "I won't. I'll never let you go." He squeezed his tighter as if to prove his point. He sniffed, heart aching at the sight of the deep, dark bruises on his neck.

Suddenly there was a very loud gurgling noise. Magnus frowned, looking down at him. "Was that your stomach?"

"I-I haven't eaten since…since it happened," he coughed. Magnus closed his eyes, sitting up, taking Alec with him.

"Come here, baby. Come here, come here…"

Alec wasn't sure how, but Magnus was carrying him, arms enveloping him. He inhaled slowly, breathing the soft, sweet smell of his clothes, clean ones. No blood… He buried his face in his chest, arms wrapped around his neck.

"Shh…I've got you, baby. I've got you. It's alright."

He sat him down in the kitchen, ignoring the startled gasp Isabelle gave as he passed her. "Izzy, can you reheat the soup in the fridge please?" He asked gently. She stared at him, mouth agape.

"How did- how are you-? I-?"

"Adriana brought me back, Isabelle."

"Oh," she said, awed, still not moving. She shook her head, gaining her bearings and going to the fridge.

"No!" Alec gasped as Magnus tried to pull away from him. "No, no, don't let me go!"

"Hey, hey…" the warlock soothed, rubbing the back of his head. "Shh, shh, it's alright. I'm right in front of you, okay? I'm not going anywhere. You need to eat, my love."

Alec ate, never taking his eyes off of him. He was so engrossed with making sure Magnus didn't move that he didn't notice how awful Isabelle's soup was.

"Are you full?" Magnus asked softly once the bowl had been emptied a third time. Alec nodded, his eyes swollen and almost purple, like he'd been punched. Magnus took him in his arms again, lifting him up like a child, marveling at how small he felt.

He carried him back to his room, knowing the next thing he needed was sleep. He lay beside him, holding him close and kissing his forehead. He tucked the comforters around them both, waving his hand over Alec's forehead, spreading comforting warmth through his body, making him drowsy.

"I watched the light leave your eyes," he whispered tearfully. "I felt the life leave your body and your skin get cold." Magnus looked at him, tears welling in his own eyes. "I don't know what to do without you."

"Shh…Shh, it's alright. It's alright, baby. Everything's gonna be alright," he assured. "Right now you need to sleep."

"No," he whispered, clutching onto his warlock. "What if you're gone when I wake up?" He sniffed.

"I won't be," Magnus swore, kissing him. Alec's desperate and wanton lips clung to him, milking the kiss for everything it had before he allowed it to be over. "I'll be right here when you wake up, darling. I'm not going anywhere. I'm right here for you, baby. Shh…"

They held onto each other, Alec refusing to let go out of fear that he'd disappear if he did. "I love you."

"I love you too," he said softly. "So much." He ran his fingers through his hair, kissing him softly. "Sleep, Alexander. Sleep, baby. It'll be alright. I won't leave you again, I promise."

"Could you sing to me?" He whispered, knowing when Magnus sang a certain lullabye in a soft elfin language he went right to sleep, calm and happy, no matter how upset he was. Magnus smiled a little, kissing Alec's temple. "Of course."

He sang softly, his cheek beside Alec's, running his fingers through his hair, thankful for every second. Alec's eyes drooped no matter how hard he tried to keep them open, hand clinging to his shirt.

Magnus waited for Alec to sleep, still looking at him, still singing until he was totally settled.

"Is he alright?" He looked over at Adriana, who was leaning against the doorway.

"He will be, once the initial shock is over." He still couldn't believe she looked like that. So much older.

"Maryse is having a fit," she said, rubbing her temples. He sighed, looking at Alec.

"Just keep her away from him for awhile. He doesn't need her screaming at him when he's like this," he said softly.

"Don't worry, she won't. If she knows what's good for her," she growled. "Jace talked her down for now. She just wanted me to tell you that this doesn't change anything." He sighed.

"And I understand that. Right now, though, Alec needs me," he said softly. "So when all of this settles, I'll happily leave her house for the rest of my unnatural life."

She nodded. She went to him, patting his head. "I'm glad you're back, Magnus." He smiled at her.

"I'm glad you brought me back."

He turned back to Alec, still cuddling him close. He didn't plan on sleeping tonight, he couldn't. He wanted to look at him, to touch him, to reassure his sleeping love that he was here and wasn't about to leave him.

Adriana smiled from the doorway, happy in her decision.

Warlocks were complicated creatures. She was immortal, yes, there was no doubt about it. But when she brought Magnus back she drained her life force. In laymen's terms, it weakened her powers. Not by much, but she wasn't nearly as powerful as she was. She could rebuild that power, of course, but it took a lot out of her. And standing here, watching Magnus look at Alec the way he was, seeing Alec's face light up when he saw him made it all worth it. The right decision had been made.

"I can't believe Alec behaved the way he did," Maryse spat. Jace looked up, brow furrowed.

"What are you talking about?" He asked.

"Blubbering the way he was. I thought I raised him better than that. You certainly wouldn't have spent the better part of the week crying in your room about something like this." Jace glared at her. Lately, it seemed, that he couldn't stand being in the same room with her. The way she spoke about Alec and Magnus, and now she acted as if she were disgusted at the thought of her own son.

Clary watched Jace tense, his eyes harden, fists clenching on his jeans. She touched his arm, trying to trying to calm him.

"Maryse, if I would have lost Clary the way Alec lost Magnus I would have killed myself the very same day. So I guess you're right. I wouldn't have lived long enough to die of heartbreak," he said darkly.

She had no reply to that. She simply went back to whatever she was reading, muttering softly. "I still need to talk to him. I want my son home to stay."

Isabelle scoffed and shook her head. Maryse ignored her.

"Try to actually let him talk, Maryse," Robert said, speaking for the first time in hours. She stared at him, lips pursed. "He gets to have an opinion on this."

"I know, Robert."

Alec opened his eyes and grinned. Magnus sighed, relieved at his expression. "You don't know how good it is to see you," he whispered. Magnus chuckled.

"Oh, I think I can take a guess, my darling." Alec's eyes were still swollen, and they probably would be for the next couple of days. But he was smiling. He was kissing him back. The warlock couldn't be more grateful to see dimples instead of tears.

They were kissing. Deep, soft kisses that could only lead to something else.

"Not here!" Alec said urgently, but there was a small smile on his lips. Magnus grinned wickedly.

"Why not?" He asked playfully, kissing his neck.

"Because! This is my house! Someone could hear us!" He exclaimed quietly. Magnus giggled against his neck, still kissing to make Alec squirm.

"Well, that's the best part, isn't it? The prospect of someone hearing. Like your mother, who kicked me out of your house forever? Who called me all of those nasty names?"

Alec grabbed Magnus's face, kissing him hard. "You are a manipulative son of a bitch, you know that?" They smiled at each other.

"Oh, I know."

Alec bucked into his hips into Magnus's, causing the warlock to moan. "Then manipulate me."

"As you wish."

"I wonder if they're alright," Isabelle sighed, looking at Clary. Clary opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by an outcry from the other side of the door beside them.

"Magnus, oh, Magnus, OH!"

The girls grinned, shocked.

"I think they'll be just fine," Clary giggled, rushing away fro m the door.

Alec held Magnus in his arms, a rare occurrence that he wanted to take advantage of.

"Can I ask you something?" He said softly.

"Absolutely," Magnus said lazily, cheek rested against Alec's chest.

"I…Magnus, I'm gonna get old one day. And you're not. What…what are we going to do about, about that?"

The warlock looked up at him, a deep sadness in his eyes. "Alec, I…I don't want to talk about this now," he whispered. "I want to enjoy being here with you before you have to go talk to your mother and get into a screaming match because of me."

"But…we will talk about it later, won't we?" He said softly.

"Absolutely," Magnus said immediately. He held Alec's cheek, kissing him softly. "You heard my story, my darling. You know how much I love you, you know what I did to wait for you. And now…Now I just want to be here with you. Is that alright?"

Alec smiled and kissed him. "It's perfect."

Suddenly someone pounded on the door, breaking their kiss.

"Magnus!" Jace barked. "Your cat won't leave Church alone!"

Adriana stalked down the street, angry. She'd been gone for no more than five minutes when Armand did what he did. She didn't understand his motives. Did he think killing Magnus would make it all go away?

"Adriana." She looked up, eyes murderous.

"You've got a lot of fucking nerve coming here," she growled, hands roaring to life.

"I'm not really here," Armand said, smirking. "What's wrong, Adriana? Sad I killed your pet?"

She laughed, shaking her head. "You honestly think that knife even put a nick in Magnus? He got up from that minutes after you left. He's perfectly fine." He cocked his head to the side.

"You can't lie about that, Adriana. I can see it in your face. You performed that resurrection spell, didn't you? You're weak-"

"Just because that spell drained some of my power doesn't mean I'm less powerful than you. I'm going to find you, Armand, and when I do I am going to kill you. I promise you that," she growled.

"You'd better watch your back," he warned. "I don't know if that knife will work on you, but I'm willing to try."

She grinned. "You mean this knife?" She held it up, turning it over in her hand. He stared at her, wide eyed. "You need to be more careful, Armand. You're getting sloppy." He continued to stare at her. "Sleep with one eye open. Because I will find you, and I will get vengeance for what you've done to Magnus."

"Go ahead," he grinned. "Because I believe in eye for an eye, Adriana, and I have no problem acting on that."

And he was gone.

Adriana closed her eyes, letting the fire at her fingertips die away. She turned, stalking back toward the Institute.

This was far from over.


-Well it was hard, you guys, but WE DID IT! After a YEAR of this story it's finally done, but this series is NOT over. There will be a threequel very soon and I hope to hear from you all when it is posted. Thank you all so much for reading this and coming along on this awesome ride! Thank you again and God Bless!-