Chapter Eight: The SGC and Beyond

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-(December 16th 1998 | Location: Colorado Springs)-

"What just happened" General Hammond said, looking bewildered as he saw the wormhole fade away, leaving no traces of the leader to his flagship team. This was not his best day on the job. First a seemingly hostile force took over Jack's mind, and now the very same person had left the Earth somehow.

"I don't know sir" Sam replied, standing slightly behind the bald general, equally as baffled. "I have no idea what the eighth chevron was for. We can't even re-dial the address. I don't even know where to begin to understand how he created to power the gate. It should be impossible."

"We know he's going to get help" Daniel supplied, trying to sound aloof. "Everything he did once we got back had a purpose; we can only trust Jack now." Even if he did sound optimistic, Daniel was worried. He had no idea how the alien device may have affected the mind of the commander of SG-1. Jack could have been going insane for all her knew.

"Sir," the voice of a rather unimportant looking enlisted man said, walking up to the General and giving him a crisp salute.

"At ease" the General said, returning the salute, though with nowhere near as much enthusiasm. "What is it?" he asked, a bit more gruffly than he had intended. Today was not a very good day for him and he didn't need some trivial matter making it worse.

"I was ordered to deliver this sir." the airman replied as he handed the General a clipboard.

"Thank you" Hammond said with a nod of his head toward the airman. "You're dismissed."

Hammond could only give a slight sigh as he saw the airman give a salute before turning and leaving the gate room. The last thing he wanted was paperwork at a time like this. Jack may have taken joy in annoying him, but they were friends and he was important to his operation. Jack was almost singlehandedly responsible for getting the program off the ground. He couldn't even think of who would be suitable to replace him. Captain Carter was talented to be sure, but he didn't know if she was ready for the task of leading the flagship team.

As his eyes trailed down the seemingly insignificant piece of paper they widened to almost comical dimensions.

"Captain, secure the gate-room. Nobody is to use the gate until you hear otherwise." he barked our harshly towards the blond.

"Yes sir" Sam replied immediately with a salute, slightly shocked by the harsh tone of voice from the normally laidback General.

"I'm going to go to my office then" Daniel trailed off to himself as Sam and the General both walked off, failing to acknowledge him. Even Teal'c, who hadn't said a word, had left. "Yes, I'll go to my office then." He said with a nod of his head, trying not feel left out.

-(Two Hours Later | SGC Conference Room)-

"Thank you for coming" Hammond said with a nod towards the remaining members of SG-1, ignoring the fact that they couldn't really not come. Being the superior officer had its advantages.

"Sir," Sam trailed off, biting her lower lip slightly. "Why are we here?" she asked. Such a direct question was technically against protocol, but in the situation it was understandable.

Hammond gave a sigh and rubbed the bridge of his nose as he thought about the way to phrase the sentence. "I know this is a tough time" he said slowly, severely understating the issue. "But a rather unexpected circumstance has occurred."

"With all due respect sir" Daniel cut in politely, "But what could be more important than Jack..well, leaving?"

"We've lost the Antarctic gate" Hammond said bluntly, watching the jaws of his subordinate drop. If the situation was less dire he would have found it amusing. Of course, the situation was this dire…which was the problem.

"Wha...When...How sir?" Sam stammered, blinking furiously as her mind tried to process the information. How had they lost something as big and heavy and more importantly, as important as the gate?

"Apparently the gate was found in a location that's owned by a family."

"Wait a second," Daniel said, brows furrowed in confusion. "How can someone own part of Antarctica?"

"It was claimed" Hammond replied, looking at them all intensely. "In 1745"

"That's impossible" Sam exclaimed in shock. "That's more than fifty years before the first confirmed sighting of the continent."

"I'm well aware of this Captain" Hammond said with a frown. "The paperwork was sorted and approved by all major governments at the time. There is nothing that could be disputed. It is beyond strange, but the president said there was nothing that could be done. The papers are even filed here, in the US. Even the other countries aren't willing to take any action, even after the president pointing out how unprecedented the situation was."

"Who owns it?" Daniel asked curiously. His interest was piqued to be sure. To think somebody actually owned part of a continent fifty years before it was discovered would shake the core of the science community.

"It took all of the presidents sway to let me find out the name." Hammond said with a frown. "The name was, Potter."

"Potter?" Teal'c said, speaking for the first time with a raised brow. "Is it perhaps the same family of Harry Potter?"

"General" Daniel spoke up again, brows narrowed in thought, choosing his words carefully. "Just how far does their influence run? We know he had artifacts left over from the time of the Goa'uld…just what else can this family do?"

"I don't know Doctor." The general replied with frown. "The only thing the president would give me was a warning. "Don't go against them, because you can't win."

With this ominous note, he ended the meeting, and four disturbed minds exited the room.

-(December 16th 1998 | Location: Othala Galaxy Ida)-

The slightly bulky lines of the Alteran vessel Enterprise approached the Othalan system with all her stealth systems on full. It wouldn't do to get caught after all. Harry had immediately detected the Stargate activity below him and he knew O'Neill had arrived right on time. It was nice that his plan went about without any hitches. With his rather…unique exit from the SGC, he didn't really want to interact with them again, even if seeing Sam again did have its appeal.

Using some of his more passive sensors, he was able to pick up the faint signal of the repository leaving O'Neill's mind.

'The Asgard haven't been lazy over the years.' he thought to himself with a smile. 'To be able to adjust to his brain chemistry and remove such a massive amount of information in such a short time is incredible, on par with our own in that department." He felt a sense of pride well up in him. While he didn't know them, and members of their species were orders of magnitude older than he, the collective knowledge inside his mind gave him a fondness to the Asgard not unlike a parent with their child. To see them have advanced so far warmed his heart.

What happened next was what surprised Harry the most. Nothing happened. His ship detected no outgoing wormhole, which must have meant that the Earth Colonel was actually talking to the Asgard. It was an unexpected and possibly dangerous deviant from his expectations.

'If anyone could do it, it would be him though' Harry mused with a mental laugh. Jack O'Neill had some of the best and worst luck he had ever seen before. From what he could tell, his name was spoken with both reverence and hate throughout the galaxy.

"Still" he whispered out loud. "He's playing a dangerous game. The Asgard are hard to please and can be insulted easily. While they aren't the type to commit genocide, it would be child's play to make Earth miserable. I don't know if I could even willingly fire upon them if it came to that." he muttered darkly. "Besides, who knows how far their weapons technology as advanced over the years. I might not even be able to match them."

It ended up being a waiting game for him. The Earth Colonel had been down at the planet for well over five hours before Harry's ship finally detected an outgoing wormhole.

"Well, they're letting him go back." He mused with a nod of his head. It was a good sign. If he had angered them at all, the Colonel would likely have found himself in a prison cell for the rest of his life.

Closing his eyes, he concentrated on a computer function that the Asgard hadn't received for tens of thousands of years.

It was the official carrier wave of the Great Alliance, one that used extremely focused bursts of gamma rays to transmit the message. It was designed so only the most advanced of systems, which the Alterans had built, would be able to read the message. Hopefully the Asgard would be able to respond or he would have to take a more…direct approach.

Little did he know, this one meeting would change the direction of the Asgard forever.

-(December 16th 1998 | Location: Othala)-

The Asgard High Council sat on the grand council reviewing the interaction between the gate guard and the human male who had entered the stargate area. They had always been fond of the humans, their potential as a race was unmatched except by those from whom they evolved from.

"It is amazing" one of the grey beings said. "According to our estimation, it should have taken them tens if not hundreds of thousands of years before they reached the level where they could handle the amount of data in a repository, even for a limited amount of time."

"Indeed" said another, with a nod as its eyes blinked furiously. To those who knew the Asgard, it represented the frantic thoughts of the being. The fact that the humans on Earth had evolved so far represented a change for them to save their species from destruction.

"We are unable to measure such evolution in the species on other planets." The first Asgard said. "Is it possible that the key factor lies in the planet Earth?"

"It is possible" piped in a third grey being, this one with a rather high pitched voice. "The Ancients considered Earth, or Terra to be the crowning jewel of their empire. It might be possible they left some device that sped up their evolutionary development."

"We also have to consider a more natural option." The second being cut in, frowning slightly as it thought. "From what information we were able to gather, the last Ancients who remained on the mortal plane stayed on Earth. Perhaps it had taken this long for their genetics to show themselves again."

"It is a possible scenario" the third Asgard said with a nod of its head in respect of the idea. "The Ancient genome was diverse, it would be impossible to definitively determine."

"We must also look into other factors" the first Asgard added. "They have not been under Goa'uld rule for ten thousand years and their technological progression is very impressive. However, it seems unlikely that a purely environmental reason would be responsible. We must determine what makes the Humans from Earth so special."

"They have figured out the Stargate" the second Asgard said slowly. "They are venturing out into the stars, they also oppose the Goa'uld. They work to unite the Humans of their galaxy together. Such determination in the fact of such a superior enemy is amazing. I have seen them, the Goa'uld consider them a threat and they helped free the people of Cimmeria. Soon, they might be able to take up the mantle of the Fifth Race."

However, before they could discuss the issue further, the last thing they expected to occur happened.

Back in the days of the Great Alliance, the communication system gifted to them from the Ancients had been combined directly into their chamber. It was set to override all over functions in the room. Even tens of thousands of years later, the system still remained. After all, the Asgard had never felt the need to remove it. It was their last link to the glory days of the civilization they considered as parents and it wasn't something they wanted to forget.

The most important thing however, was that the system had become active, and it was transmitting a message in the language of their greatest friends and allies. A language that they had heard just hours ago from another person from Earth. This person however, had the lineage to go along with the language.

"Hello, my friends."

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